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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I smell you!

From great skincare giveaways (extended to 31st December bytheway!) to promoting all things organic, handmade and environmental-friendly, to some seriously awesome Yuan soap and its soap accessories, right up to teddy bears and preventing H1N1, aaaand not forgetting their latest bid on the controversial revolutionary cloth pads -

PattyBelle is one online shop that sells
something other than clothes and the latest runway trends ...
They sell a way of life.

Organic lip balm RM33
100% non-toxic lip balms to the rescue! :D
Made of sweet almond oil, natural beeswax, vitamin E and more -
totally homemade too, so you don't have to worry 'bout
what those factory-made lip balms are doing to you! :)

Soapberry Misa Jade Soap (RM20.50)
helps remove blackheads, whiteheads, impurities and dead cells effectively.
Not only is it Empress Dowager Cixi’s Beauty Secret and daily beauty ritual,
it's for very good reasons: from reducing pigmentation and whitening skin,
to eliminating existing blemishes and preventing recurrence.

Advertisement spaces on PattyBelle RM8-RM80
With over one million page hits to their website in the past year,
no wonder they're opening up ad spaces on their site too! :P
Just click on the image or the link if you're interested in advertising there.

Handmade Wooden Soap Dish (RM15.50-RM17.50)
Handcrafted with high quality pinewood.
With ridges to allow your soap to drain (so you don't lose quality soap!)
and makes handmade soaps long-lasting. :)
Also perfect to go with your soap gifts! :D

DIY 4-in-1 toolkit (RM10) for those organic masks or powder masks
that are quite popular online. :D This looks so useful!

Yuan soap for women RM35.50 | Yuan shampoo RM75 - RM80+
Wanted to highlight this particular Yuan soap (there are many types)
because eventhough it's pricier than the others,
I read that this one combats BO (body odour) - the archenemy of many women. :)
If you buy 2, you get free Skynet courier to your doorstep!
And try the Yuan shampoo for some organic nutrients to your scalp. :)

Say no to eye bags. :D Say no to DUST!

Hairpins, brooches, and more accessories RM15 - RM20+

And they have a blog too!
For a behind-the-scenes look at the lady behind Patty Belle. ;)

It's all in one place. :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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