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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Outfits that walk into your wardrobe

Sometimes, clothes talk to me.

Well, not actually talk to me - but I can almost hear them calling out, "Buy me, buy me! I belong in your wardrobe!" :D Talking clothes are one thing, but what about clothes that are so gorgeous that they just walk into your wardrobe? ;D

I love this purple draped dress! A great piece for accessorizing :D
One length of draped cloth puts a whole different spin on a simple outfit :)

And these are so gorgeous too! :D

The best part is, all these clothes that just wanna walk into your wardrobes ...
are on SALE! :D

Let's hear from the people who bring these clothes to you! ;)

Q&A with Kath
Owner of Walking Wardrobe

  • YSK: When and why did Walking Wardrobe begin? :)
  • Kath: Walking Wardrobe started since July 2009. It all started when the courage in me to live out my little girl’s dream started to flame like never before (especially in the midst of the frustration getting stuck in the corporate rat race, utterly meaningless)! I was thinking to myself, why dream on the little dream? Let’s start living out the dream instead and tada! That’s how Walking Wardrobe began.
  • YSK: Tell us about the people behind Walking Wardrobe!
  • Kath: I basically run the show in Walking Wardrobe ... from getting the supplies to customer servicing. Yet, I must acknowledge a very important backbone of Walking Wardrobe, which is my boyfriend, Bob (soon to be fiancé, i foresee..but shh :P) whom has been an awesome encourager to me to live out this dream. He is also the investor cum shareholder, my personal assistance, my personal driver, my personal kuli and so on and so forth. Hehe. I couldn’t have been able to go on running this business, especially with the many challenges faced and still facing this business without him standing by supporting me. Totally thank God for someone like him!

Kath, Bob & other helpers behind Walking Wardrobe
  • YSK: What kind of items do you sell on Walking Wardrobe?
  • Kath: In Walking Wardrobe, we sell mainly ladies clothing and at a smaller scale, accessories, clinchers, handbags with one simple concept in mind : “simple and elegant” price range of our products are mostly RM20+ to below RM60. Our fashion are mainly evergreen – do not go out of style within weeks/months/years. Hence, bye bye to the problem faced by many: out-of-style. We also usually bring in “versatile” clothing, of which can be wore for various occasions, from casual to dinner event to work as well! So we most likely would have something for you, no matter who you are and for whatever occasion ! : )

  • YSK: What can we expect from Walking Wardrobe in future?
  • Kath: We’re planning to have a physical boutique as soon as our budget allows us to. That doesn’t mean we will cease catering to the usual online market! As a matter of fact, we strive to provide for both walk-in and online customers in the future!
  • YSK: Why "Walking Wardrobe"? Any reason behind the name? :P
  • Kath: Walking Wardrobe simply means that the fashion clothings and accessories made to you by us will be so attractive yet so affordable, that you can practically see a fast movement/changing of your clothings in the wardrobe . Which means to say, with us around, all your previous gloomy-looking-oldish clothes in your wardrobe shall make way to the walking of new fashionable clothings and accessories into your wardrobe.

Tap into this season's trend of studded dresses with these timeless pieces.
Subtle and classy enough to walk into your wardrobe and never leave! ;)

  • YSK: We're impressed with the wonderful customer feedback on your sidebar! :) What would you say sets Walking Wardrobe apart from other blogshops?
  • Kath: In Walking Wardrobe, we place huge emphasis on the quality of the products we bring in. Each item brought in will be hand-picked by me which would then be scrutinized in every manner after purchase and another round before shipment to ensure no defects. Believe it or not, we’ve actually rejected orders when we found defect that we’ve missed during the first round of scrutinization but found out upon order.. that shows how far we’ll go in ensuring the quality of our products. You can tell also by many feedbacks given by our customers, which are mainly satisfaction in terms of the quality in relation to the affordable price that they’re paying. Because we are confident of our quality, we photograph the actual product itself as accurate as we can and even provide close-up photos for your further examination. We don’t use stock photography.

  • YSK: Are you having a promotion right now? :D
  • Kath: Yes, of course! We are currently throwing a huge promotion for this Christmas & Year End Sales. And free gifts for our customers with every purchase! :)

Free gifts with any purchase! :D
All in the Christmas spirit of giving :)

Click HERE to start shopping
at Walking Wardrobe!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

CeLeBritY MuM said...

Cool clothes! Great job Walking Wardrobe!

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