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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Second Bang!: "The Shopaholic Star Search"

(Edited, 5.06pm 18 December)

Wow, the entries for The First Bang! are sure exciting to read! :D
While "The Wishlist" contest (still ongoing: click HERE to join) has kick-started The Big Bang,
we're going to give you the details you need to join "The Shopaholic Star Search" now -
so you have more time to prepare and submit as many entries as you can! :D

Lo and behold ... The Second Bang!

Contest period: 17-27 December 2009

What is "The Shopaholic Star Search"?
YourShoppingKaki is on the hunt for the biggest online shopaholic out there! :D Style shots are one thing (and you can do this too) but capturing your love for online shopping on film is quite something else!

Take a photo and blow me away with how much you love online shopping - whether it's posing in your best pose with your best head-to-toe outfit (at least one item of which must have been bought online) or being buried in your online purchases while being dressed in something you've bought online, or chewing on your hat or whatever - anything goes! :) What I'm looking for is that one winning photograph that will show the world how much you love online shopping!

In that sense, it's very easy to join this contest - just dress up and take a photo - you don't even have to show your face in the pic if you don't want to (although you're encouraged to!). :D Group photos/pair photos/couple photos, all acceptable too!

How to join this contest?
Step 1: Take a photo!
Take a picture of yourself, wearing something/anything/everything you've bought online! :) You can do anything you want to it (e.g. Photoshop penguins into it) or leave it unmodified, it's up to you! :)

Step 2: Email me!
Attach the picture to an e-mail titled "STAR SEARCH CONTEST ENTRY" and send it to me at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com with your:
  • Name:
  • Contact number:
  • The names (and URLs, if possible) of the blogshops you bought the items in the photo from:

Pictures I Googled for you as examples :)

What are the prizes?
There will be one winner and one runner-up!

The winner wins TEN prizes for an entire wardrobe treat:
The runner-up wins 50% discount vouchers from each of the 10 sponsors, to use on any one item from each blogshop!

You can't say this isn't worth getting dressed up for! :D

To get you in the mood ...
Let's check out some of the goodies that could be YOURS! ;D
There are kinda a LOT of options, so I just picked 3 from each sponsor to picture here -
tonnes more at their website alright! ;) And who knows what they might update in future? :D

A pair of shoes from The Kooky Thing

A bag from Agape Boutique

Lingerie from Arabian Nites

Any Lomo Aqua Pix camera (including 2 rolls of My Heart Lomo Films)
OR a set of Jelly Lens from Kawaii Store

An original high street dress from this link at Mia And Mika Online Store

An accessory from Itsy Beadsy (I love their new humour magnets!)

The three beauty products above are yours, courtesy of PattyBelle.
The DIY-mask set is especially precious! :D

A pair of leggings from Pebbles.com.my - this link :)

A Muslim chic-friendly piece of clothing from Chaz Boutique

I LOVE I Love Wonderland! :D
Here's hoping to share my joy for all things clay and handmade with love with you :)
Custom-make a charmbracelet or necklace, or clay cake or lollipop, etc - it's up to you! :D

Terms & Conditions
1. You can start sending in your contest entries NOW.
2. Contest ends at 11.59pm, 27 December 2009.
3. One photo constitutes one entry. If you send in 5 photos in the same email, it means you've sent in 5 entries. You can send in as many entries as you like! :)
4. In the event of multiple pics in one email, in the part where you're supposed to say which blogshop(s) you bought the items from (just so we can verify you've bought it online), just write "Photo 1 - Bag from MashiMoro Store, hat from Hello Kitty Wonderland", "Photo 2 - ...", etc.
5. Winner: Your prizes will be posted to you free of charge. You must choose your prizes by 31st December 2010.
6. Runner-up: Your 50% discount will be off your total bill for that item, including postage. Your discount voucher expires when 2010 ends.
7. YourShoppingKaki reserves the right to appropriate the photographs submitted as part of this contest and use them for purposes deemed reasonable.
8. This contest is open to anyone with a Malaysian postal address.

Want more of The Big Bang? ;)
We've got plenty - we're talking five explosive events from 16-31 December!
Click on the images below to check out the overview and ongoing contests. :)
More coming your way this weekend and next week.

Don't forget, you need to join all the first four contests to be eligible
for the "Most Enthusiastic Contestant Award"!
Submission details for this bonus maxi dress giveaway will be posted up on 21st December :)

And just keep visiting this webpage to stay glued to The Big Bang! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

are offline/bazaar purchases from online blogshops considered as online purchases?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous, yes we will consider those as online purchases too! :) Main point is that the item(s) can be found online. :D

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