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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Advertorial 7: "Patty Belle - Let Your Beauty Out!"

Fashion and lifestyle is more than just about
gorgeous clothes, to-die-for bags, or killer shoes...

It's also about skincare, accessories, health, and a whole range of other goodies found on
a whole other side of local online shopping - blogshops like Patty Belle! :)

Patricia (better known as Patty) from Patty Belle says "Let Your Beauty Out!" :D

The ongoing promo:

What can you find on Patty Belle?

Datura le fleur lilac RM48 | Violet dreamy duchess RM42

Handmade headpieces are all the rage these days! :)
The feather headbands above are only two of many designs found on Patty Belle,
so do visit her site to check all of them out!

And the Lilac Feather Headband is exclusive
(so you can be sure you won't bump into someone else wearing the same piece at a party!)
and handmade with love - be loving this whimsical headband already. :D

Organic Lemon RM21.50 | Organic Mung Bean & Job's Tears RM22.50

In a world that has largely gone organic, these A-Yuan handmade soaps
are really starting to invade bathrooms across Malaysia! :D

Patty Belle hosts an entire collection of A-Yuan handmade Taiwanese soap, from RM17.50 laundry soap, to RM20+ body and hair soap - and each soap serves a different purpose, and are suited for different people! :)

For example, Mung Bean Soap works better than even Vitamins C and E in improving the condition of pigmentation, freckles, and spots on the skin - especially suitable for people who always wear make-up. It's extremely popular as an affordable face cleanser, and is 100% organic (Mung bean, Job's tears, cinnamon oil, clove oil, beeswax, olive oil, grape seed oil). :D

Your Shopping Kaki's advice?
Discuss with Patty about your skin condition (oily, dry, sensitive, etc) and she'll advise you! :)
Organic Soap + Personal Consultant = So Value For Money!

A-Yuan Limited Set RM128 (originally RM148)

Consists of Camellia ("Bitter Tea") Soap, Cypress Soap and Liquorice Hair Soap -
comes with free Eco bag and brown paper box (as shown above)!

The properties of these soaps are practically magical, seriously, you can find all the information you need at Patty Belle (including full details) - but to give you a (very) brief idea of how useful these soaps are:

Camellia Soap: loved by pregnant women & also prevents further hair greying.
Cypress Soap: Heals wounds, good to combat acne and pimples (and many more things!).
Liquorice Hair Soap: Fights dandruff & reverses balding process.

Don't you want your perfect soap already? :D
They're having a promotion too! Yay!

What else handmade can you find on Patty Belle?

Handmade plushie dolls RM38 each | Handmade cellphone charm RM15

Adorable handmade dollies that come in various colours and designs! :D
Here's a comment about the handmade plushies:

"The lavender dolls can also be put in babies', children's, and parents' beds to help aid a restful sleep. My kids had so much fun playing with these when I was taking the photos and have claimed a few as their own!"
-Beaky, maker of the Big Babushka & Lavender Matryoshka dolls, UK

Mandarin RM33 | Lavender RM33 | Cafe Latte RM33

Momo's handmade flavoured lipbalms! :)
Three different flavours for you to choose from,
and once again, made from mostly natural ingredients! :D

"I Want More! What's Coming Up Next?"
Register as a member at Patty Belle today and receive a monthly newsletter!
Be the first to read about their updates and promotions. :D

Better still...
Visit Patty Belle's booth at the Monash Music Festival/Retail Therapy Bazaar
this weekend (Saturday, 25 April)!

Your chance to meet Patty, check out those awesome Yuan Soaps for yourself,
as well as all her other handmade goodies! :)

*See more details about the bazaar under
"Events & Bazaar Announcements" column above*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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