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Monday, December 14, 2009

Must read: The skinny on The Big Bang!

What you're about to see has been months in planning.
Brace yourselves ... for The Big Bang.

As you may (or may not) know ...
My name is Sha-Lene, and I am the blogger behind YSK. :)
Your Shopping Kaki (The Blog) has been my pet project for the past eleven months,
ever since I started it in the beginning of February this year as a personal challenge to myself -
to see if I could build a blog and make it grow, while being a full-time university student. :)

I told myself that YourShoppingKaki would be my project and job for 2009,
and like all things in life, it would have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

I love that this blog has turned out to be so much more than I've ever imagined -
the friends I've made, the lessons I've learnt, the experiences I've had! :)
And now, 2009 is drawing to an end, and I will take this moment to announce
that I will be going on hiatus starting 1st January 2010.

This hiatus is indefinite. :P
I don't know when - or if - I will be back, but if it is meant to be,
YourShoppingKaki will be back, bigger and better than ever! :D
I wish to explore other creative projects in my time away from YSK,
and perhaps I will be able to bring to YSK things that I've learnt elsewhere! ;)

And, as my way of saying Thank You! to every one of you,
every person reading this blog, every one who has supported me and YSK,
I present to you ...
The Big Bang.

I organised The Big Bang with one purpose:
To reward my readers as best I can! :)

With that said, take note of the dates - mark them on your calendars if you like! -
and here's the skinny on each explosive event I've come up with for you! :D
Just click on any image to enlarge it. :)

Important Note
These are not the full instructions on each event!
The following information is just a brief overview, so you have an idea of what each event is about! :)
The full information will be posted on each event's starting date.

Contest period: 16 - 23 December 2009

About "The Wishlist"
For Christmas, we wish to make one of your Christmas wishes come true! :) Choose any 3 products from How2Shop, put it on your "Wishlist", and we'll grant one lucky winner's wish with one of the 3 items shipped to your doorstep. :D

Why join this contest?
You'll find that there are authentic designer bags in-store! Worth hundreds of ringgit - be excited! :D

Contest period: 17 - 27 December 2009

About "The Shopaholic Star Search"
This is the online shopaholic's chance to dress up and take photos of herself (or himself)! :D Maybe you've bought those maxi dresses or studded leather jackets but never wore them, right? Don't shy shy, pile on any or all of your online purchases, take a picture of yourself, and the photo that blows us away (whether creative, funny, beautiful, memorable) will be the winner!

Why join this contest?
The winner wins a pair of shoes from The Kooky Thing, a bag from Agape Boutique, lingerie from Arabian Nites, a LOMO camera or a set of jelly lens from Kawaii Store, an original high-street dress from Mia And Mika, an accessory from Itsy Beadsy, beauty products from PattyBelle, a pair of leggings from Pebbles, a Muslim Chic top/dress from Chaz Boutique, AND custom-make a handmade item with I Love Wonderland! To top it all off, you get to choose which shoes, which bag, etc! :) The runner-up wins 50% discount vouchers from each of the 10 sponsors, to use on any one item from each blogshop! You can't say this isn't worth getting dressed up for! :D *Psst... you don't even have to show your face in the pic if you don't want to (although you're encouraged to)!*

Contest period: 19 - 26 December 2009

About "Follower's Luck"
Because YourShoppingKaki may be back with an equally big BANG! after my hiatus, you can stay tuned by signing up as a "Follower" (bottom of the sidebar) of www.yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com! :) That way, you'll automatically be alerted on your Blogger Dashboard if I'm back! :D

Why join this contest?
As my way of saying thanks for signing up as a "Follower", 8 blogshops will be giving out RM40-RM50 cash vouchers for you to spend in each of their websites! 3 lucky winners will be selected by yours truly via a lucky draw (more details will be up on December 19th!). Special thanks to Ouch!, Simplicious, I Want Bags, Fabulisue'z, D-Mask, Sachi Mieko, Oops Treat and Dresswich for sponsoring this contest! :)

Contest period: 21 - 29 December 2009

About "Lifetime Free Postage Pass & Victoria's Secret Giveaway"
I think the name says it all for this one! :P With 22 blogshops to shop at with free postage privileges for life, 3 lucky winners will be at a virtual bazaar in the comfort of their own home! :)
Why join this contest?
The rewards are great, and it's so easy to participate in this contest! All you have to do is tell me which is your favourite blog post on YSK ever, and why! :) Like I said, The Big Bang is all about rewarding beloved YSK readers. :D

Contest period: 16 - 29 Dec

About "Most Enthusiastic Contestant Award"
Now, what if you've joined all the four contests above but still haven't won anything? :( Don't worry, I'll try to reward you for your enthusiasm alone! :D Blissfully Beautiful will be sponsoring a black maxi dress (highly in-demand, and valued at RM99!) to the Big Bang contestant we think has shown the most excitement and enthusiasm for The Big Bang! :D

Why join this contest?
You don't even have to do anything extra! ;) Just drop me an e-mail to let me know that you've joined all the other 4 contests (The Wishlist, Shopaholic Star Search, Follower's Luck, Lifetimes Free Postage Pass & Victoria's Secret Giveaway) and you'll be automatically eligible to win! :D

Contest period: 31 December 2009
24 hours only | 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

About "The Shopping Kaki Sale"
Basically, this could be The Last Review you'll ever see on YSK! ;) Contests are one thing, but a 24-hour lockdown sale - strictly for YSK readers with the password "I'm a YSK reader, let me in on The Shopping Kaki Sale!" - is for everyone. :D Fifteen blogshops will be dramatically slashing their prices for 24 hours, with discounts up to 80%! At least 8 items per blogshop, because we all know my fondness for my "8" reviews. ;) We're going full circle!

Which blogshops are a part of the private sale?
The Cute Closet, Shoe Sanctuary, Meylle, Victoria's Secret Heaven, How2Shop, I Want Bags, Merry Berry, Miss Shopaholic's Closet, JP Beads, PattyBelle, Ouch!, glossyaddiction, Bags Bodega, Kawaii Store and Dresswich.

What can I say? :D
Be excited!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anna said...

"And now, 2009 is drawing to an end, and I will take this moment to announce
that I will be going on hiatus starting 1st January 2009."

I think you meant 1st January 2010 :)

Anna said...

"I don't know when - or if - I will be back, but if it is meant to be,
YourShoppingKaki will be back, bigger than better than ever"

"bigger AND better than ever"?

hzq said...

i have been reading ysk for quite sometime, and ysk in also in my bookmarks list!

going on hiatus will definitely put an 'ALAAAA' reaction in everybody!

i practically bukak ysk everyday, just in case as i dont want to miss anything.

yes, im a guy, but i really admire the way u write. it feels warm, jovial and friendly. it feels like hearing stories from a friend. :'(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


and i was just getting the hang of being in the midst of your organized mess!


Our Mutual Passion said...

`Hzq: I totally agree with you! :D

Lydia said...

do we still get to go shopping together with datin n mechell?
would u go on hiatus and hilang forever and ever and ever?
no more blog chats loh?
how how how?? :(

so EMO one ur post.. it's only 15/12/09..
but i love ur creative banners!! haha.. dont forget bout the 5 one..

Your Avid Reader said...

excited already!
*dances around in hyper mode*

Shia Lynn said...

But i was just about to start a blogshop myself, and i was thinking to tell you about it.. sobs sobs... you must impart your wisdom to moi then comrade. hehehe.. teach me o wise one how you create traffic to your blog.

Anonymous said...

is it possible for a person to win more than 1 of the contests?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous, yes it is possible! :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

And to Shia Lynn, YourAvidReader, Lydia, Mechell, Miranda & HZQ -

thank you so so much for your support!! :)

Anonymous said...

how do we notify you about the wishlist & shopaholic star search? send you mail?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous :) Hey this blog post isn't the full instructions on the contests ya! These are just teasers to give you an idea of the upcoming contests!

The contests will be launched one by one at this link:

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