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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guest Blogger: Why Are Mannequins Headless?

... Because they can't afford skin care regimes of their own? =D

A Product Review
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

I'm Cynthia from that humble lil' blog. Suhana is my alter ego, Suetha would be my name when I go for my Indian classical dance session, and I have a new topic to babble today!

Fashion aside, today we are drilling into the world of making our face pretty / gorgeous / fabulous / silky smooth / forever young and whatever greatness you wish! I visit the neighbourhood friendly beautician once or twice a month for a session of facial cleansing and another session of non-surgical facelift. And no, it is not botox that I am undergoing when I mention 'facelift'. Did I mention my beautician is 72 years old and still going strong? =P

Part of how much the beautician has earned from me =P

As much as I try to defy aging, I can't stop slathering inches of make-ups!

I have been using the saloon specially concocted herbal mask powder since 2007. It's some home-processed natural ingredients, so says them. And since it's natural and organic, it means that one can use it as often as possible. Of course she is trying to indicate me to come more often! But constant visits to the saloon would mean you need to earn more to contribute to the world of saloon business. Not many can afford to do so =(

And I found something similar to the organic powder that the beautician has been slathering on my face for the past 3 years when I was introduced to D-Mask by Sha-Lene.

Some of the stuff I got from D-Mask

The Thing About Masking Yourself From Home ...

It lacks the pampering of an extra hands to massage you. But hey! The massage services ain't free! There is a price to pay for it. Those who frequent spa and saloon knows that a session cost you nothing less than RM80 and above.

By doing it at home, it does looked a bit tricky especially if you have to concoct it on your own. Of course you can get those hydrating mask available in the pharmacy for 5 bucks, where you only need to peel the packing and put the face mask on. A more complex mask does more than just wetting your face with some complex ingredients derived from the oxymoron co-annihilation and co-agulation of some polysaccharides and monomers and stuff (I made up the scientific phrase!). A natural herbal mask does the same too, and maybe with more positive effect.

Now, when I said making a mask from home, it does not mean that you have to stock up on lettuce, potatoes, carrots and cabbage, chop them into pieces, grind it, let it dry and grind it more into powder. D-Mask has it all sorted for you! And there are a few Generations of masks to suit different skin requirement. It's really easy to use minus all the grinding. Only mixing required!
She did indicate the How-To-Do-It stuff, but me being me never do read instruction and prefer my own way =P

There are possibility it may drip or appear too thick like a dough. Practise! If all fails, then I suggest be inventive and pre-cut some tissue paper and slap it on top of the wet mixture on your face. (Do not forget to leave a room for your eyes to see, of course!) If that is too much of a hassle, fret not. D-Mask do sell the paper mask that you can use on top of the wet paste on your face for only RM1.50 a capsule! (Maybe I sound abit cheapo to even teach you to use toilet tissue paper)

I got no spatula or facial brush! What would you have expected me to do?!

For RM2.50 a packet, you can definitely give it a try almost every day and not getting poorer by day while turning more radiant after every session. And at RM2.50 a packet which can last for many session, I am thinking of pampering my knees with the mask as well! Maybe it will turn smoother as well =D

Read about the the First Generation Mask HERE and proceed to the Second Generation HERE and create a youthful you later on by giving it a try!

(picture courtesy of Chindi)
So you are a guy? Fret not, the mask is not gender bias.
Get a pack for yourself and do it in the privacy of your room
if you are afraid to be labeled as metrosexually prone!

Besides The Mask ...

There are also a range of other products you can add in to your skincare regime, like the eye mask. A very essential item for students who burn midnight oil and looked like they are deprived of life. And of course for the working class, this is a must to your daily regime if you have been trying hard to conceal dark circles derived under pressure of nagging bosses =D

Oohh, I especially like the hair spa item! It smells nice and the lingering scent actually last quite long! I don't actually know what does the rough particle (like those found in scrubs) does, but it helps to loosen up the tangles when you rub your hair while washing it. I think it also melts away and most probably oozes some vitamins into the hair =D

You can do a quick browse on what D-Mask has in their line of products in past posts on this blog!

(Picture courtesy of Chindi )
Oohh.. girls with nice hair smell aroma are appealing don't you think so?

Drop Me a Penny ...

Head on over to D-Mask and discover some cheaper way to a more radiant you! And if you do it in this month of giving and forgiving, you are actually creating some good karma for yourself when you make a purchase. Whatever items that you are getting from D-Mask, all ka-chings will go to the World Vision Gifts Of Hope projects. Read more about it HERE. Time to show that you care not only about your face, but about the less fortunate people =)

Feedback ...

For those of you who have been a long time consumer of the products, do leave a comment so that D-Mask knows if you have now transformed to a gorgeous-silky smooth-acne free-worry free lass. Unless there's any comments, it's hard to start improving. Feel free to touch base with them at dmaskteam@gmail.com. Otherwise, share some of the goodness story with us here by leaving a comment below! =) Good or bad, D-Mask welcomes all =)

On Another Note ...

Remember what I said about being inventive and thinking out of the box?
I always wonder ...

If I can put the nippie pad in the freezer,
slather on some hydrating gel onto it
and use as eye mask and knee-cap mask? =P

Thank you very much for your reading time! =D

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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