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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Third Bang!: "Follower's Luck"


The third explosive event is a cash voucher giveaway we're calling
"Follower's Luck"! :D

Contest period: 19 - 26 December 2009

What is "Follower's Luck"?
While YourShoppingKaki™ may appear to be going out with a Bang! with The Big Bang, there's also a chance that the shopping kaki in me may make a comeback! :D So, I'd love it if you could sign in and "Follow" this blog as a "Follower" so that you'll see my comeback updates on your Blogger Dashboard! :) The place you can do this is at the BOTTOM of this website! :)

As a thank you for being a YSK "Follower", I'll be having a lucky draw to select 3 lucky winners to receive RM40 and RM50 virtual cash vouchers from 8 blogshops! :)

This is where you can sign in as a "Follower":

How to join this contest?
Step 1:
"Follow" www.yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com.

It's very easy and takes less than half a minute - scroll to the bottom of this website, click "FOLLOW", and then select "Follow Publicly" (so that I can verify with your contest entry that you're a Follower! :D). If you're already a Follower, you can just jump to Step 2! :D

Step 2: Email me at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com.
Your email title should be "LUCKY CONTEST ENTRY". In the email, please include your:
  • Name:
  • Contact number:
  • Follower's username:
  • Tell me - why do you visit YourShoppingKaki? :)

And that's it! :D
It's a very simple contest - and it's a lucky draw, so everyone stands a chance of winning! :)
I'm going to write down three numbers and then
pick the contest entry that comes in at those numbers! :D

What're you waiting for? Follow me! :D
Cash vouchers are cash vouchers - who doesn't wanna shop for FREE? ;D

What are the prizes?
3 winners, 8 virtual cash vouchers for each winner! :D
Special thanks to Ouch!, Simplicious, I Want Bags, Fabulisue'z, D-Mask,
Sachi Mieko, Oops Treat and Dresswich for sponsoring this contest! :)
(and I've also picked a few items from their websites to highlight here.)

RM50 cash voucher from Ouch!
In this blogshop: Top quality apparel and more! :) Very strong emphasis on high quality.

RM50 cash voucher from Dresswich
In this blogshop: All things pretty! Accessories, dresses, tops, and skirts.

RM50 cash voucher from Oops Treat
In this blogshop: Clothes and more clothes! :D Lots of lace, zippers, latex, bling.

RM50 cash voucher from I Want Bags
In this blogshop: Authentic designer bags at reduced prices!

RM50 cash voucher from Simpli-cious Online Boutique
In this blogshop: Clothes, bags, cinchers, jackets, leggings, jeans, and more!

RM40 cash voucher from D-Mask
In this blogshop: Skincare and beauty products. A reputable cosmetics blogshop. :D

RM40 cash voucher from Fabulisue'z
In this blogshop: Funky jackets, fun dresses, and many Muslim chic-friendly clothing.

RM40 cash voucher from Sachi Mieko
In this blogshop: The latest trends for the wardrobe!

Yay! :D Submit your contest entry now! :D
You never know ... you just might get lucky! ;)

Terms & Conditions
1. You can start sending in your contest entries NOW.
2. This contest ends at 11.59pm, 23rd December 2009.
3. You can send in as many entries as you like - as long as each entry as a different answer to the "Why do you visit YSK?" question! :) The more entries, the higher your chances of winning.
4. The cash vouchers expire on 31st December 2010.
5. The vouchers are not exchangeable for cash, but you can transfer them to a friend (perhaps as a gift).
6. The lucky draw decisions are final. The winners will be contacted by YSK and the blogshops! :)

Want more of The Big Bang? ;)
We've got plenty - we're talking five explosive events from 16-31 December!
Click on the images below to check out the overview and the other two ongoing contests. :)
The last two events will be coming your way next week!

Don't forget, you need to join all the first four contests to be eligible
for the "Most Enthusiastic Contestant Award"!
Submission details for this bonus maxi dress giveaway will be posted up on 21st December :)

And just keep visiting this webpage to stay glued to The Big Bang! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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