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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The doctor's diagnosis.

The first time I saw these bags, my jaw dropped open.
I was speechless with longing for the bag.
So the doctor diagnosed me as INODP.

Baffled, I asked the good doctor what INODP meant.
And she said, "In need of Dr. Pizzicato!"

The bags were sold out before I could even get to them, but they've got regular updates
and so many more jaw-droppingly gorgeous goodies in store - so please!
Do what the doctor prescribed, and get yourself a second opinion at Dr.Pizzicato! ;D

Q&A with Abby
Owner of Dr. Pizzicato

  • YSK: Why "Dr. Pizzicato"? What's the story behind the name?
  • Abby: Initially I was contemplating on a lot of interesting names such as ‘Fashion Mansion’, 'Fashion Odyssey’ etc. Even quirky ones such as ‘Otto Motto’. It seemed workable at first, but I realized it was too forgettable in a way. So I decided to hunt for names that would actually stick in people’s head. I was asking around and suddenly one of my friend gave me this idea of using Pizzicato. And I was like, "Hey! Why not right?" It sounds very cute and unusual. Haha. Plus, I learnt about this word, 'Pizzicato’ while I was still taking lessons in violin. (Pizzicato is a special way of plucking the violin strings.) So it was not without its reasons, it has a significance. :) Finally, I decided to add the ‘DR’ word to it cuz again, it sticks you know. If people forget about Pizzicato .. they might still be able to remember the ‘doctor’ word in front. Haha. Plus, doctors are known to give medicines as remedies for sicknesses. Likewise, my aim is to be a doctor in fashion; giving people remedies for their fashion cravings! :)

  • YSK: How did Dr. Pizzicato first begin? Why did you decide to start a blogshop?
  • Abby: Dr.P began in January 2009. So come next month, we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary! Hehe. Do look forward to the surprises ya. We’re almost a year old now. Gosh, time seriously flies. Believe it or not, I wasn’t very fashion conscious before... I was mostly a T-shirt and jeans kinda person. Sure, like every girl, I love to dress up but I still prefer comfort over style. But I got this part-time job stint at Topshop for about a month, and that was when I started observing the trends and the types of clothes they bring in. It was a pretty enriching experience. After that, I somehow realized I had a knack for fashion, especially in choosing clothes. Haha. And I actually got this idea of starting an e-shop while I was still doing STPM (not to mention wearing school uniforms as a sixth former. Haha.) I came across an article in The Star about this growing trend called e-boutiques and I suddenly got so interested in it. In fact, I wanted to start one right away! But with crazy exams going on, and with no capital or any idea about how it works, I could only wait till the right time came. In fact, my parents thought I was joking when I told them I wanted to start an e-shop myself after my major exam. But thank God they are very supportive of me since the beginning. Without them, I honestly couldn’t have come this far. :)
  • YSK: Tell us about the people behind Dr. Pizzicato! :)
  • Abby: Dr.Pizzicato consists of mainly me, Abigail. You can call me Abby as well. :) I used to do almost everything myself, but ever since I got posted to study in a local university in Johore mid this year, I get a lot of help from my bf who does the restocking of repeat items for me. But of course, I choose the new stocks when im back in KL. hehe. And he is also the one fetching me for CODs with customers since im pretty much ‘’immobile’’ at this point. It can be quite hectic since I only have Saturdays to complete everything. From restocking to picture-taking to posting up the items on my blog. I'm usually back on Friday nights and on Sunday evening, I travel back to Johor. So you can imagine! haha. Oh and definitely, not forgetting my mum who helps me with the parcel wrapping and posting of items during my absence. I seriously owe a lot to the both of them in running this business. Really very thankful for them.

  • YSK: What kind of items do you sell on Dr. Pizzicato?
  • Abby: I sell loads of items ranging from trendy, high-street inspired clothes, bags to shoes and accessories like waist clinchers. But currently, am focusing more on clothes and bags. But when I come across really nice shoes, I will bring them in. :) Prices can range from RM30 to RM70. Most of it are very reasonably priced cuz I normally go according to the cost price. If cost price is higher then naturally the item will be priced slightly higher. And I do my utmost best to keep up with the trends in fashion by checking out fashion magazines. Like for example, the trend this season is lacey stuffs, power shoulders, the glossy wet-look, military/MJ inspired pieces, etc … Hence, you can see a lot of those kind of items in Dr.Pizzicato’s latest updates which are all imported goods from one of our overseas shopping trip. :)
  • YSK: Walk us through a day in the shoes of Dr. Pizzicato!
  • Abby: Haha this is the fun part. Normally I would set a day to get the stocks from my suppliers. After choosing the items from them, I would go home, get a rest. This can take up to 3-4 hours. After which I would be exhausted already! Haha. And the photoshoot would usually be done the day after. Or if I am too busy, then a few days later. I try not to have too much time interval in between. You would never guess that the photoshoots are done by my maid. Hehe. She seems to be getting better each time. But also because I’m rather particular about taking good photos. heee. The photoshoot process is quite tedious cuz I normally do it under the hot sun in order to capture the true colour of the items. But everything comes with a sacrifice right. :) After the photoshoot, I will proceed to post the pics up and get them uploaded on my blog. This entire process can take one whole day or up to 2 days! So now you know how much work goes into it *smiles*

  • YSK: What's your favourite item that you've ever sold on Dr.Pizzicato, and why?
  • Abby: Wow that’s a lot to choose from. Haha. I have a few in mind actually but if I really have to choose then I would pick the Work and Play cardi which was a hit with my customers as well. I have one in grey myself cuz I honestly love the cutting of the cardi. Very figure hugging. And please allow me also to state another of my fav item which is Sky High, the quintessential high waist pencil skirt which is a wardrobe must have! I am still taking orders for this skirt even after so long, which proves that its simply superb. And it's only RM39 which is so worth it. :) And due to the demand, my supplier always remakes this particular skirt as well. I personally love how the skirt hugs my curves nicely and the length is just right. By the way, its available in 3 sizes: S, M, L! hehe
  • YSK: What's your most memorable memory of running Dr P?
  • Abby: Hmm I would say that the best part of running Dr.Pizzicato is when customers come to me saying how satisfied they are with the items they’ve bought and receiving compliments about good customer service really puts a smile on my face. I seriously take pride in Dr.P’s customer service cuz I believe that is the epitome of running a good business. However, I also have to share about this part where certain customers take advantage of your good service and patience. Hence the many back out cases or they going ‘’missing’’ by not replying your smses or emails. There was once where I reserved this item for a customer for almost 2 weeks just because she says she really wants the item, so okay, being the person I am, I would take your word for it. Unfortunately, she kept giving excuses about how she was broke and could not pay up even after almost a month. Lol. And now she has gone on a trip abroad. So I have no choice but to sell the item off. :P But I believe I’m not the only blog owner facing this. That’s why recently I have to implement a stricter system and I do expect a soonest reply possible. Hope you gals understand its for the betterment of both parties yea. :) If you don’t back out, you won’t need to worry about this issue at all. It’s as simple as that. :)

  • YSK: Your blogshop has seen a lack of updates over the past few months, but we notice that you're coming back stronger than ever! :D Tell us what we can soon expect to see on Dr P! ;)
  • Abby: Yea that’s right! I truly apologize for the lack of updates cuz running an e-boutique while studying in another state altogether is really difficult. But I really, really want to keep it going. After all, its all my ‘sweat and blood.’ All the hard work and effort put in you know... and all the travelling from north to south, back and forth, just to keep the updates going. Do be patient with us okies? Cuz I seriously have so much in store for my customers. That is why I went for a trip abroad recently just to get fresh new stocks for Dr.Pizzicato. Exclusive stuffs that you can’t get here! (And im planning to go for another trip abroad in 3-6 months time to get news stocks again. hehe.)
Doing some shopping abroad. ;) | Goofing around during the latest photoshoot. :p
  • YSK: And you have teasers to share with YSK readers, yes? :D
  • Abby: Yes! :D My semester is starting soon, so please be patient with Dr.P while I do my best to juggle everything yea. Thanks so very much for all of your support thus far and keep looking forward to new goodies from us! Know that each and every items is carefully handpicked for you gals with lotsa, lotsa LOVE. :) Am now in the midst of preparing for Batch III of the overseas/imported goodies. A teaser for you gals!

Teasers for what's coming up NEXT on Dr.Pizzicato! Be excited! :D

And some customer testimonials that caught my eye ;)
  • "Dear Abigail, It was great dealing with you too. such a patient, sweet girl. Still in smiley face although i've made u waited for almost an hour! Sorry bout that.." -EeVone-
  • "i received my parcel today...it was in good condition and it was a lil bit more than i expected of the quality for the little amount i paid...m really happy....thank u!... n i really like ur friendly n fast services....thanks again....=)" -sue lyn-
  • "Hi, i've gotten my parcel this morning. thanks a lot. nicest blog owner i would say. So far u r the most polite blog owner. keep it up. =) will definitely purchase from you again. Btw, i like the quality of the skirt. do let me know if it's re-stockable in white for dawn. thanks! =)" -Wendy-
Listen to what the Dr prescribed! ;)
Your daily dose of fashion at Dr.Pizzicato, please!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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