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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guest Blogger: So Hooked!

A Product Review on Pursehooks
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

I'm Cynthia from that humble lil' blog. Suhana is my alter ego, Suetha would be my name when I go for my Indian classical dance session, and hooks will be the topic that I will be babbling about today! Sha-Lene wanted me to make a lengthy intro of myself, but I am not here to find the other half of my life partner, so I guess I won't be telling you much about the physical stature of guys that I like and what is my favourite food and such =) I do enjoy writing though =)

Oh, that metal thing!

I am very excited to share with you the story of the hook! I was introduced to the peculiar ornament during a visit to the National Craft Day exhibition 2 years back and was gawking at one of the best invention ever for the communities of ladies. I was so astonished looking at it and so wanted to own a piece till the lady told me it will cost me a mere RM80 to RM120 only. ONLY? I paused and took a glance at the bag that I am holding. It cost me only RM40 and i got to accesorise it with a RM120 hook the size of ONE finger? Kinda ridiculous rite... But owning a hook would so fit my diva status =P

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Before I go on further and bore you, be tempted with some pictures of my newly owned hooks! Pursehooks to be exact! =P

Can you spot those hot pieces of accessories?
Courtesy of none other than AliceWonders.com

Being fashionable does not only confine you to the clothes that you wear on. It's an entire package to include the accesories and of course the character of the person. I can't help you with the self persona (like if you are evil/selfish/stingy/ego), but I can say that you will immediately elevate your fashion sense when you not only don the latest of all trends, but also have the right accessories to complement.

Can you imagine clinging onto your bag like this? So not cool!

Bad habits for those who splurge on expensive handbags and be abusive!
(My bags are below RM40, so it's OK =P)

No way am I gonna look like a cuckoo carrying my bag like this! *__*
Psstt! My Jane Birkin bag from THAT shop which also sells the pursehooks =)

More pictures of the hooks to make you drool with envy!

Wear it like a diva

Wear it to the village wedding. I personally love this to bits! So luxe! An LV-inspired piece!
How I wish I can have an original LV Neverful bag to go with it =P

Attending Chinese wedding

Attend the Anugerah Industri Muzik 2009 perhaps?

Or maybe attend a pajama's party. The pursehook so cute! The Pooh also so cute!
(Pic courtesy of Kath)

Head over to AliceWonders to view the rest of the designs. So nice!

By far, this is the most economical pursehooks I've ever seen before! Go get one and give your bag a break from lying onto the dirty floor. Better still, go get yourself a nice bag from AliceWonders and stand the chance to be surprised that maybe she will drop a piece as a free gift! You never know =)

Oohh... new year is coming soon and time to get some gifts for the loved one (and not so loved, perhaps?). Spread some love by getting the hooks for your mum, your grandma, the aunties or maybe bribe the neighbourhood friendly auntie with these idealistic hooks! Ohhh... before any of u misinterpret that the hooks are only for older/matured/aged/ripened people, they are not!

You can use it almost everywhere. Compact and flat, it can fit into any clutch, tote and who knows maybe coin pouches too! I have one pursehook each in each of my bags (not like I have a 100 bags, I only have 3 bags =)) for convenience. I use it when I go for hi-tea in Hilton (with style), when I go for dinner in Daorae (table so small!) and during times when I meet customers for appointment in the conference room too. Next, I intend to bring it along when I go clubbing - my friends have the tendency to leave my clutch next to the ice barrel and wet it. =(

The Many Ways To ...

AliceWonders.com does provide a rather comprehensive write-up on what you can do with the hooks. I seldom read instructions. I prefer to surprise myself with my own ways of doing things. =P

Mechell and her inventive ways. She is such diva. With taste!
(Pic courtesy of Mechell Lee)

Hook your bf toys

My collection of hand-drawn shawls so funky, hence they deserve a funky hook too!

I love my eyelet Charles&Keith shoes.
They deserve to have an elevated status compared to the rest of the shoes =)

Page separator? Why buy separate one when your hook can do the job?

Spot the hook!
Best to segregate important stuff from the junks =)

The typical usage of the purse hook. In style.

Hook it!


Err.. Did I really say anywhere? That's Kath's brother's muscle.
He volunteered to pose with the hook as a testament that ...
... the hooks and boys too can blend in well =D
(Pic courtesy of Kath)

All I Want for Christmas ...

... are some pursehooks to share with friends! If you share the same idea too, let's chant TWEEDLEDUM TWEEDLEDEE!! AliceWonders is running a promotion in conjunction with Christmas and the current economy slowdown by making it so worthwhile for you to get 3 hooks at the price of 2 hooks and with postage inclusive!

What more can you ask? If you buy 10 pieces, means you can get 15 pieces with the price of 10 pieces and do not be concerned if the 15 pieces of metal hooks is worth a kilo - because it is free postage! And you can give it away to 15 people at the price of 10 gifts. I think it's such a savvy li'l trinket to get as a Christmas gift. I mean, if you can't afford to get each of your friend a nice bag, at least give a baghook! =D

Tempted to know more? Click HERE!
There's FAQ for you to get to know more about the purse hooks.
Saves you the time for enquiring.


Can you see it clearly now? O.o

I am so jealous of Kath's hook! She got it for her post on GOT BOOBIES?.

I think AliceWonders.com is ...

... simply wonderful! True to it's name, it's simply a great platform for serious buyers who prefer to go straight to the point to view, check on measurement and click BUY. The clean display (with no reflections of people's feet or camera's edge) and the information provided ensure that you waste no time and brain cells in analysing if the bag you wanted is actually a red, orange or deep brown. Pictures and details are clear enough that it saves a lot of time to email and enquire further.

Normally, I hate having to register in any site before purchasing because it is a lengthy procedure with lots of questionnaires. By the time I finish, most probably lunch time would be over. Hesitantly I registered in AliceWonders since I am buying a bag and you know what? Took me a mere 3 minutes to register (6 minutes if u have a PC which does not refresh/upload/download in good horsepower rate) because there are no irritating questions to fill in =P

The best thing is, there are always great rebates and gifts for your purchases. Yes - "BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT" for AliceWonders to reward you as a client who has acquired high taste in bags =D

I can go on and on about how wonderfully reasonable is my purchase of the Jane Birkin bag, but I reckon you give a click at AliceWonders to prove that :
  • I am not sucking up
  • I have a high taste
  • You are about to make the right choice
  • You too got taste
  • The pursehooks are really COOL!! =P

And of course her bags are gorgeous too!
I can't stop showing off my Jane Birkin! =P

It's a surprise each time to receive parcel from AliceWonders. The packaging is an assurance that your nice bags' purchase are not folded or rolled like egg rolls before being compressed (like Ikea's unassembled furniture) into the local posting envelope. And of course, besides the many different ways to get rebates for your purchases (surveys, promos etcs), look forward too to be receiving coupons for you to use on the next purchase. Which you can also share with your friends! Wow ... it is like a chain of never-ending goodness ... I think I must stop writing already!

As hot as a freshly delivered pizza!

Guess how much discount I got this time? =D

You can stop wondering. This is not a paid ad. Merely my fascination towards nice bags, nice hooks and nice surprises! Head on over to AliceWonders and browse, browse, browse!

Although ... sometimes I do wonder, what is Alice wondering? =P

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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