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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A cornucopia. But not the corny kind.

"Murni or Nasi Kandar?"
"Milo or Horlicks?"
"This white lace bodycon or that electric blue panel skirt?"

In life, we love having choices.
And when a blogshop is offering SO many choices that
they need to actually branch out to THREE sister blogs ...
you know you've found a one-stop catalogue system to bookmark. :D

Introducing ...
Pre-Order Boutique!

The Skinny on Pre-Order Boutique?
It once was a pre-order blogshop only, but now it has branched out to four different shopping options for you! :D Quick links for your easy browsing:

YSK readers are special to them too!
A special offer for YSK readers from now until 31st December 2009! :D
5% discount
for all items you see in this blog post :)

Password: "I'm a YSK reader!"

Q&A with Marie Wong
Owner of Pre-Order Boutique, Ready Stock Bags & Ready Stock Accessories
You may remember this three-branched from our Love Letter from Mollywood, but here's to getting to know this promising blogshop better before year's end! ;D
  • YSK: When did Pre-Order Boutique begin, and why?
  • Marie: It started in June. At first I started off with just selling preorder clothings - then I thought, "Why not create a hub where I can sell everything under the sun for my future customers' convenience?" I even asked some of my customers if they think I should venture into accessories and bags and I have received many positive feedbacks. Thus, it was during my long summer break and I needed something to keep my hands busy ... so what better than to start my own fashion e-boutique? Get some business experience and indulge myself in the world of fashion (it's like a 2-in-1 deal!) :P
  • YSK: Pre-Order Boutique is actually made up of 3 branch blogs. Tell us more about this! :)
  • Marie: Yea is like a hub, a preorder hub was my main intention but i guess not everybody can endure the long wait. So i thought why not reward my customers with some ready stock goodies to choose from.
  • YSK: Wow, I'm sure most of us would find it really hard to manage just one blogshop - how do you do it? :)
  • Marie: A lot of time, effort and consistency is involve in these. But thanx to my customers, friends and family, it kept me going :) To my customers and review blogs (YSK especially) - Thank you so much for your continuous support. To my Family: Love you guys for the morale support, especially in terms of transportations and delivering the items for me. To my friend: you know who you are, thank you for introducing your friends about my blog!
  • YSK: Tell us about the people behind Pre-Order Boutique. :) Who are we shopping from?
  • Marie: Initially they were two people behind Pre-order Boutique but now is just me as my partner was too caught up with uni works :( So now is just me who has been replying your mails, updating the blog and advertising, a uni student as well who is doing her final year in Chemical Engineering and god knows why i chose this rocket science course. Also i get help from friends to do my postage once in a while :) Yeap some of my frens are very helpful when it comes to that:P
  • YSK: So the items on Pre-Order Boutique consists of ready stocks & pre-orders, whereas the bags and accessories are totally ready stock?
  • Marie: Yeap i have clothings of pre-order items and also some ready stock (those that i have labelled them with ready stock), some of the ready stock bags can be preordered but it would be a lil more costly as the bags were bought in bulk so we are entitled to some discounts and hence sell them at the cheapest price i can. I believe we do not need to burn a hole in our pocket to just look fab, is all about making the right choice :P
  • YSK: What are some of the bestselling items on your blogshops now?
  • Marie: Here are my bestselling clothes, accessories and bags! :)

RM36 | RM34 | RM42

RM23 | RM20 | RM17

RM46 | RM45 | RM42
  • YSK: Are you having any promotions now? :D
  • Marie: My current offer for this festive season will be 5% discount on items reviewed by YSK. Also i have a few jusco vouchers to be handed out to the first few customers who spent over RM250 :) just a simple present from Pre- Order Boutique to show how much i appreciate the continuous support from my customer :)
So what choices do you have at Pre-Order Boutique? :D

From the latest and trendiest clothes ...

To Marie's own books (RM15 each only!) ...

To more dresses and tops that're so gorgeous, you don't know which to pick!
Some are ready-stocked, but some are for pre-ordering!

Funky accessories to die for! :)

And bags, bags, and more bags! :D

Including them Chanel-inspired bags at only RM41! :)

Click HERE to visit Pre-Order Boutique and its branch sites! :)
Remember, 5% discount for YSK readers for items in this blog post! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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