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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best Friends Forever.

I have this drawer in my room that I call "The Bag Drawer". Sometimes, I wonder if the bags talk to each other after I close the drawer. They probably gossip about how an entire family of Chanel-inspired bags have migrated into the drawer ... and how Drawer Regulations should have tighter immigration laws. :P And the floral bucket bag probably bickers with the yellow weaved bag about which one I love more - florals, or the colour yellow.

But looking into The Bag Drawer, there are two bags that are so ridiculously different - yet I feel like if they were alive, they'd be BFFs.

From glossyaddiction RM69 | RM69
When my back is turned, they probably sing Vitamin C's Graduation Song together.

Studded bucket bag | Hermes Birkin-inspired bag with faux ostrich skin

Maybe it's because I bought both of them from the same place. With these bags ... I get excited just knowing I'm going to use them. The Hermes-inspired bag is going to be my First Bag For Work. Confirm! The studded bucket bag is the Miracle Cure to jazz up boring outfits.

But you know what?
This level of enthusiasm that I now have for bags ... I wasn't always like this. Not so long ago, I really didn't care about my bags. At all. Then one day, I stumbled upon glossyaddiction. And everything changed. :D

Maybe if you visited their website and followed their weekly updates to the T, you'll understand why I love buying my bags from them! :) After the pleasant and glitch-free experience of buying the studded bucket bag from Charmin, I've always kept an eye on their updates every Thursday/Friday. :) And for my 21st birthday this past November, the Hermes-inspired bag was my birthday present to myself! :P

Remember, darlings, 10% discount for YSK readers for every item I review from glossyaddiction! ;) And even if the item you've fallen in love with is sold out, e-mail them anyway to see if a restock is possible - sometimes it is!

I sleep better knowing that if I ever need bags for work (in future), glossyaddiction has impeccable taste for executive chic bags of all degrees!

Oh, and they sell clothes too. :D

Before we wrap up YSK's last advertorial for glossyaddiction, here's a sneak 3-day privilege preview and a special offer exclusively for YSK readers! :D Vintage-inspired bags, complete with versatile slings. Dreaaaamy! I love the one in maroon red the most. :D

From glossyaddiction RM59
For YSK readers: Free Pos Laju!
This offer is only valid for orders that can be paid by Friday 9pm.
Normal price would be RM59 without postage. :)
*Additional 10% discount not applicable*

Give your wardrobe a new best friend. :D
Shop at glossyaddiction!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

glossyad said...

Hey Sha-Lene,

Sobs. I am moved beyond words. Truly the best i've seen so far. Kudos!

BFF, Charmin

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