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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've got you covered, babe.

One of my favourite things about shopping online, is the chance to have something more than a new lace dress, or a new pair of studded shoes, or a stack of stackable bangles that'll make my presence heard as well as seen ...

... More meaningful than all that, is to experience beauty - the beauty of photography (that mere two-dimensional pictures can compel in you this deep desire to OWN what you're seeing on the screen), the beauty of doing something you love (i.e. shopping!), and the beauty of friendship. I can't even begin to name the number of good friends I've made online in the past 18 months, from my pre-YSK days or YSK days or (hopefully) post-YSK days. The wonderful people I otherwise would never have gotten the chance to know - readers, fellow shoppers, blogshop owners, event organisers, bloggers - I mean, it's been an incredible journey since the day I first discovered that we could actually buy things online. Just ... wow. For once, I'm pretty darn speechless.

I guess what I'm trying to say is ... everything starts with good customer service. :) Without good customer service, there isn't much of a chance of developing that budding friendship - who knows, you may be the only two people in Malaysia who like to eat currypuffs with cookies - but how will you ever know if your email lacks patience and smileyfaces, right? :P

Well, there are so many good ones out there, but here's a model blogshop who also happens to be having some majorly respectable Boxing Day Sales ...

Tip 1: Photographs Matter. A lot.
If you can't see what you're selling, nobody can see what they're buying. Clear photographs are the basic foundation of what makes a successful blogshop. You don't always need an expensive camera - steady hands and good lighting (if in doubt, go outdoors!) are more important. Once you have that, you can work on presentation and effects. :)

Tip 2: Both sides of the story.
If you don't show me a picture of what the back of a dress looks like, I might suspect that there's a giant apoplectic blotch of purple paint there. :P

Tip 3: There's no such thing as bad versatility.
Having a flexible outfit is always safe. Versatility is like publicity - whether you're being picked apart in the tabloids or being praised as a hero who rescued five babies from a burning building, when you're competing for attention from a limited pool of buyers, having plus points is always a plus point! :D

See below: whether it's drawstrings at the waist for that perfect fit, or a detachable cardigan sold with a gorgeous tank dress (both for only RM45), consumers always love getting the best bargain!

Tip 4:
I've got you covered, babe.

Unless you're sure that people only look at you from the front, the back of your dress or top could potentially matter even more than the front. :D You never know who's looking, so given the chance to look dazzling from the front and the back - Mizu Closet's absolutely gifted in bringing these gorgeous-backed dresses to their collections. :)

Tip 5: Reward your customers!
Whether it's through point-redemption plans or awesome-possum sales, being generous is a long-term investment that'll have your customers coming back to you for more! :) For example, Mizu Closet's unbelievable Boxing Day sales - necklaces for RM10 including shipping, plus lace dresses and floral jumpsuits, tunics, peplum zipper skirts and more - all at RM25 and RM26 including shipping. I don't know why you're not click-click-clicking here already! :P

Tip 6: That 360-degree effect.
We're back to where we started - showing all the possible angles, showing the details, showing the front and back - and most importantly, setting an affordable price tag. :D It's not a problem to shop for below RM50 in Mizu Closet. :) Get your first taste today!

Mizu Closet
For that shopping experience everyone deserves :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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