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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That aisle in the hypermarket.

There's an aisle at the hypermarket that men don't usually walk into. The "lady aisle". No, I'm not talking about the lingerie department. I'm talking about the three-lettered-word that I never thought would see daylight on this blog ...

Sanitary pad.

While I stick my chin out and brave the embarassment of actually blogging about sanitary pads for 2000 readers to read, I'm going to assume that most of you are female - or at least, guys who care about your girlfriends, wives, etc. :)

Most women use sanitary pads, but do we actually think about the effect of sanity pads on ourselves and on the environment? Well, I gotta admit, I never did - until I got hired to write this advertorial for PattyBelle. :P

Being your average wilfully ignorant Y-Generation youth, I didn't believe that something as small and as ordinary as sanitary pads deserved a second thought - until I found out more. Here's what you need to know - minus all the scientific terminology that kept me up preparing for this article for two hours. :P
  • Health: Apparently, conventional sanitary pads (the disposable ones) contain chemicals from all the processing - and as you already know, chemicals have negative long-term effects. These chemical-laden plastics can cause skin irritation in "sensitive areas". Not cool! :(
  • Environment: Millions of tampons, billions of pads, and the trillions of packaging are sent to the landfill every year. These items aren't exactly biodegradable. In short, this is a whole lot of waste - taking up space, poisoning the ground ... basically: think pollution! :(

Now, what if I told you that fun and colourful cloth pads
could be the solution to those problems? :D

Picture credits to CynthiaTheGuestBlogger's cousin :)

After all, Christmas is the best season for giving
- including giving back to Mother Earth! :D

PattyBelle has basically launched a collection of Cloth Sanitary Pads -
environmental-friendly, reusable, biodegradable, comfy, fun & affordable!

Perfect for the stylish and eco-conscious modern babe ;)

Five quick reasons why you should switch to cloth pads:
  • Many cloth pads are made from natural materials, which means you won't be supporting the production of plastics and chemicals, which adds to pollution. Bamboo and hemp are two of the most environmentally sound crops that can be produced - no pesticides! These popular materials for cloth pads are not used in any known disposable pads.
  • When you finally wear out your cloth menstrual pads, they are completely biodegradable and will decompose in 1-5 years. Beat that, plastics!
  • In the long run, it's cheaper! PattyBelle's cloth pads cost about RM24.50 each, but if you consider it the initial investment ... a stash of cloth pads can be used for 5-10 years without replacement, so it's much cheaper in the long-run.
  • According to PattyBelle, these environmental-friendly cloth pads can even help reduce period pain, and it commonly makes periods shorter and lighter.
  • There's no reason that one week out of every month should be any less fun than the other three - cloth pads come in many colours, prints, and lush fabrics to put a smile on your face! :D
Reversible pads - different sides for different moods! :P

Visit PattyBelle now to pick out your favourite patterns! :D

Besides cloth sanitary pads ...
check out these hemp and cotton terry cloth wipes!

This is my first time reading about these cool things and blogging about them for you, too. :P
These cloths can be used as washcloths, drying cloths,
or folded to add into the cloth pads for extra absorbency. :)
Again - very environmentally-friendly, and perfectly reusable after washing!

All this and more cool stuff available
immediately at
PattyBelle. :)

Oh, and if you wanna check out this stuff for yourself, or to ask Patty herself -
do drop by their booth at Pick & Grab this weekend at Hartamas Square! ;)

Do note that PattyBelle is one of the sponsors for The Big Bang! ;)
The first contest will be launched tomorrow - so stay tuned! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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