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Monday, December 21, 2009

Shop & Save: The Idea of Bulk-Buying

You know how when you're a kid, and you run around the house looking for toys to play with? Then you start pulling open cupboards expecting to find Transformers or Barbie dolls, but instead you find ...

... lots and LOTS of toilet paper? Then you ask your mum, why does your entire cupboard need to be filled with toilet paper?

And she goes, "Aiya, don't ask stupid questions ... it's cheaper when you buy in bulk!"

Mother knows best, people. :D
Let's use that same bulk-buying concept for online shopping! ;)

Q&A with Grace of Lush Serendipity Enterprise
Owner of Wholesale At A Click

  • YSK: What is Wholesale At A Click (WAAC) about?
  • Grace: There are lots of shopaholics out there who are always looking around for good bargains without burning huge holes in their pockets! And, I'm trying to overcome this problem by sourcing overseas. However, in doing so, as usual, the more you buy, the more discounts you are entitled to. So, shopaholics, help me help you! hehe
Buy these slashed leggings for around RM21 only!
Imagine if you bought a few pairs ... how much each pair will only cost you!
Tell your friends & you can share!

  • YSK: What would you say sets WAAC apart from the conventional blogshop?
  • Grace: We offer a wide range of clothes for both the working society and the youths these days at prices you don't even have to think twice about =P

  • YSK: What are the advantages of buying in bulk?
  • Grace: Say you purchase this gorgeous dress from a boutique (eg: RM79), a blogshop (eg: RM50), imagine how much you'll be spending! However, with us, each piece ranges from RM20-RM35 only! Your wardrobe selection will grow without feeling that much of a pinch and guilt!=P

  • YSK: Can an ordinary individual shopper buy from WAAC? How?
  • Grace: Yes,we do entertain individual buyers. Lots do get confused as to the requirements. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to shop at WAAC!
Step 1: List down all the codes of items and colors that you are interested in (8 pieces of MIXED designs yea!)
Step 2: Email them to me at wholesaleataclick@gmail.com and I will calculate the total cost inclusive of postage cost
Step 3: For individuals who purchase more than 8 items per order, I will offer a small discount on the total receipt! tee-hee!
Step 4: Make payment to my Maybank account which I will provide in the emails/sms-es
Step 5: I will inform you when the batch order closes, when the goods are estimated to arrive, when goods actually arrive ,and the date when I post out the orders. Any out-of-stock items too will be informed - and in the event your order is OOS, any replacement items and refunds are allowed (:
Step 6: Wait at your doorstep for your purchases to arrive!

  • YSK: Do you have a promotion for YSK readers? :D
  • Grace: Purchase any 6 pieces of mixed designs, and YSK readers are entitled to 5% discount off the total bill! (excluding postage loves!) All you have to do is email me with the title "YSK-WAAC Special Order!". This promotion is valid for the whole month of December!

  • YSK: Can blogshop owners buy from you and sell the items on their blogs? This would be helpful to those who wish to start online businesses but don't have access to wholesalers.
  • Grace: Yes, of course I do allow. But those new blogshop owners should be well aware that I cater to the public as well, so the price comparisons that will be made and might be a little problem for them in sales (: Nonetheless, I will offer discounts to interested blogshop owners so that it is a win-win situation for all! (: Do email me to enquire the rates (:

  • YSK: What is the price range of your items?
  • Grace: Cheapest would be RM19 only! Most expensive would be RM50 (winter jackets: due to the weight. Winter jackets retails at RM200++ so imagine how much you would save!) For purchases above 20 pieces, you are entitled to 20% discount!! So,shopaholics out there, I advice you to combine orders with all your shopaholic friends =P

  • YSK: What is the waiting period? How does someone know when each batch is opened and closed? :)
  • Grace: Here,we do not make our buyers wait for 4 weeks like other pre-order sites. Here, our supplier has been extremely efficient where I receive goods within 3 days after I've made payment! So, buyers can expect to receive their goods at their doorsteps within a week after the batch order closes (: how convenient!=P I will inform all buyers personally when the current batch closes as I have to collect enough orders first (please understand dears!). But fret not, I place orders once every week!

Buy in bulk, get awesome discounts! :D
Click HERE to start shopping at Wholesale At A Click (WAAC)!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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