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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The last Big Bang results: Released!

Nine days ago, I asked readers to email me with their answer to:
"Which is your favourite blog post on YSK ever, and why?"

I'm so happy to have received nearly 40 emails with the answers! :)
Thank you to everyone who joined this contest, I really appreciate your time and effort!
And now, some of you will be receiving prizes! :D Yay!

The Lifetime Free Postage Pass sponsors are:
Ouch!, Simplicious, I Want Bags, Fabulisue'z, Sachi Mieko, Dresswich,
Itsy Beadsy, PattyBelle, Chaz Boutique, glossyaddiction,
Percy Lady Online Boutique, Glitzy Bra Straps, Merry Berry,
Grazioso Boutique, Adornment Alley, PrettyDaze, Emily Laurine,
DeMythz, Meylle, I Love Wonderland,
Snazzy Sally and Sha Stylo Chic

The Grand Prize winner,
who wins a Lifetime Free Postage Pass from 22 blogshops PLUS
five items from Victoria's Secret Heaven's Secret Garden Collection ...


Because you sent in, like, four really colourful and visually vibrant entries! :D
We can see that you really put in a lot of hard work - so you're a deserving winner! ;)

And the two contestants who will be winning the
Lifetime Free Postage Passes

Valerie Lee:
Favourite Post on YSK: http://yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com/2009/10/kindness-needed.html
That post was very memorable for me because it changed my perspective towards YSK. From that post, I learned that the circle of hospitable shopping blogsphere is truly welcoming. I thought a review site was only about review of latest and chic fashion. It’s not only about fashion but also about many real life situations faced in the shopping blogsphere. YSK reach out to different people from all walks of life, as long as you shop online, you’re part of YSK. I came across many review sites and YSK exerted my greatest admiration. Some might think I’m exaggerating but it’s true, from the bottom of my heart.

Veronica Yeo:

My favourite blog post on YSK ever............
Is the chanel-inspired post.
I got into the trend of chanel-inspired a little late; when everyone was running around with chanel-inspired(s), I was clutching my old handbag and I couldn't care less about the lunch-box-looking bag. Alas, the more I looked at it, the more I fell in love with it..and so I went on a chanel-inspired hunting spree. I was on the hunt for the cheapest of them all, and of course, without having to compensate too much on the quality. I jumped from blogshops to blogshops, and I noticed one thing, the price range was big..and I thought that all the bags seemed to differ from one another! This gave me a major headache and I was confused, as I'm one fussy buyer and I really don't want a bag that I wouldn't use. When I saw that you were going to write a post of chanel-inspired, boy was I happy. And when the post was out after much anticipation, I must say that I was totally blown away with it! I liked how you compared those different bags in so much detail (size, strap length, individual reviews), and I could really see the amount of effort you put in. I cannot express how thankful I was! I know I would definitely not see a post like this in any other review blog. In that one post, I really felt that you were indeed 'my shopping kaki'. =)
p.s. do come back soon haha.

But of course, being Your Shopping Kaki,
I couldn't stand the thought of not rewarding the other entries
which I found so touching and heartfelt, coming from YSK's dearest readers ...
so here are some SURPRISE BONUS PRIZES! :D

Bonus Prize #1:
From Eff-Bombs, who sell studs for DIY (they sell clothes and accessories too!) ...
a bonus prize for Leong Ai Leng! :D

5 packets of studs - exact pictures below - shipped to your doorstep! :)

Leong Ai Leng's contest entry:
Honestly, there are so many posts on YSK which i absolutely love and appreciate as it helped me in many ways. I guess I'm just going to write all my comments for each post in this mail so as not to flood your inbox. Hope you don't mind Sha-Lene :)

One of my favourites to date is none other than "Product Review: Chanel-inspired bags". I must say that this post has got to be one of your best. Just like all the other readers who adore this posts, I truly think that your effort in aggregating all these information is highly commendable as I believe it takes a lot of effort to compare each and every item. I can just imagine what a hassle it is to take the pictures of each bag from different angles so that we're able to appreciate what you're trying to say. Besides that. I feel that you have been very professional in your review by rationalizing the pros and cons of getting the bags from different blogshops. I'm definitely one of the many people out there who heeded your advice in getting the yummylicious chanel-inspired bag which I think suits me the most :) Personally, I have wanted to get one of those bags but just like you said, I had concerns regarding the quality of the pre-order bags but with your advice, I have finally made up my mind :) I believe that these are what review blogs should be about. Although it was a rather lengthy post, i really enjoyed whatever you have written and it was really pleasurable reading them. Thanks so much for your effort :)

Besides that, I also loved your "8 things from Gossip Girl: Wear what they wore!". Well, I guess that this series is no stranger to any girls out there who adore nice and fashionable clothes. For me, they are definitely one of the trendsetter in the fashion world including the Malaysian blogshops. I think this is clearly seen as many of them use the clothings in gossip girl as a guideline for them to bring in new clothes and I believe that there are a lot of girls out there who go gaga over GG (including myself.. hehe). As such, I truly find your post very informative as it gives me all the info I need to look for Gossip Girl-inspired clothings. Rather clicking the blogshops one by one like searching for needle in a stack of hay, I can easily refer to your post to get whatever I'm looking for :) Sweet.. Absolutely love your fashion sense and comment :)

Moreover, I also find "Why 7th January is Maxi Dress Day" a very special post. To be frank with you, I'm actually a very petite girl who loves Maxi Dresses but have no courage to wear them as they make me look even shorter than i already am :( However, what I think is great about this post is that there has not been any fashion reviewers out there who has done what you did in declaring one day as a day to wear a specific type of dress!!! (at least not that I know of) I think what you have done here has indirectly shaped the Malaysian online fashion world into something different and to a certain extent, revolutionizing it. I might have sounded like I'm exaggerating but this is what i sincerely think :) I can just imagine how great it is, seeing everyone on the streets wearing maxi dresses On 7th January and be comfortable in it because i personally feel that a lot of people are not so used to wearing maxis. Perhaps, with your campaign, more people will be more encouraged to do so (at least on that day). I think it would definitely be helpful to those who have kept their maxi dresses behind their wardrobe for a very long time. Perhaps it's time to bring them out?? :) Oh and not forgetting, all your tips as to how to where these lovelies and where to get them are great too :)

Last but not least, another one of my favourite posts is "8 Vocabulary Lessons for Shopping Online". I really wished that you have written this review earlier. Should I have the chance to have this vocabulary lessons earlier, I don't think I would have learned everything the hard way as I had. I can still recall vividly how it was when I first started online shopping about 3 years ago. I was definitely one of those crazy online shopaholics who will not miss the chance to check out all the online boutiques and reviewers every single day no matter how late I reach home. It was one of my daily routines. However, I struggles a lot initially as being a newbie, there were so many terms which sounded so foreign to me. I had to ask the sellers so many silly questions that i eventually feel so stupid for asking. Lol.. I also love the way you injected humour into the post (COD is not a type of fish!! Lol.. It was hilarious) Anyway, I'm sure a lot of newcomers of the online shopping will benefit from this post of yours ;)

I think I have come to an end to what I wanted to write. Sorry to have bore you with such a long mail and thanks so much for your time :) Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot :) xoxo....

Bonus Prize #2:
From glossyaddiction, who specialises in gorgeous bags but also sells clothes and accessories, 10% discount vouchers for the following 10 contest entries!
  • The 10% discount voucher can be used once only, on a total bill.
  • The vouchers expire on 31st March 2010.

My favourite blog post will be the first ever YSK's giveaway contest Studded Belt Giveaway Contest! I was so anxious to own a studded belt at that time and then I saw this contest!~ It is custom made too!! It would be great if I can own one~~~~~But then the clue said that it will be trivia.....I never come across with any trivia before?? "Nevermind, I still can GOOGLE it", I said to myself. I even searched through all the website to answer different kind of trivia questions a night before the contest, just to make myself be prepared for the contest.
While I'm so nervous waiting for the questions to be revealed at 10pm on 27th of April..around 9:45pm my phone suddenly rang!!! I answered the phone, gosh, it is my best friend calling me from HK, she wanna talk to me over the phone, we have not talked to each other almost two years since the year of 2007 that we last met in our graduation in UK. I was so surprised but yet I said to myself "I can't hang up her phone just like that?"
So I talked to her patiently but my eyes still focusing on the clock, until the time come to 9:58pm, I told her I need to join a contest which will be held at 10pm and asking that if I can hold the phone for like 10 minutes time....poor thing... my friend just waited over the phone for 10 minutes, it was an oversea phone calling, I felt so sorry to her~ hahah~
The questions finally revealed, I was so happy that I knew the answers for Question 1 and 3 but not 2! "Which facial attribute is missing on Mona Lisa's face????" I searched for a pic of Monalisa's face...I can't figured out what is missing out? my bf said loudly behind me that....she got no eyebrows! OMG I quickly sent my answers to YSK's email then I looked at the time, it was 10:02pm....thinking that I'm fast enough....2 minutes...I think I can be the winner.....The result is out on the second day, the winner managed to send the entry at 10:01pm and she got all the answers correct!! Wow...I truly salute her..in 1 minute time and she can managed to answer all the question correctly~ She really did a wonderful job, she really deserved to own the custom made studded belt...Of course I'm bit disappointed that I didn't win the contest, but this is the first online contest that I've joined so far, I'll make it as a good experience, at least I earned some knowledge...from then I know what is missing out on Mona Lisa's face...right? hahaa

This is my favourite post on your blog ever! Because it's a really worth reading post for all of the online shoppers out there. It taught us lots of stuffs to do when we're online shopping. I have nothing to say anymore..haha. I just love that post very much! And of course YSK too! >:) Btw, MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

Elora Ng:

My favorite blog post on YSK is 8 Vocabulary Lessons For Shopping Online. I first learn to online shop through a friend 2 months ago. Since then i've been searching and searching for blog shops and browse through all the stuffs they sale. But one thing i don't get is how the banking and posting system works, so i usually do COD with the blog shop owner. Till yesterday i browsed on your reviews and found this post, i read finish the whole thing and it make me felt like i've just learned a new knowledge. XD Thanks also for the post, it helped me alot. (:

Yong Hui Li:
Hi, I've been following your blog for i guess about 6 or 7 months now. so yea. quite a long time. but i guess there have been posts that stood out more than others. I generally love reading your how tos post but i guess the one that i appreciated the most is the one about tights, "How to: Leggings, Tights and Pantyhose". Like you i share a love for tights. I think wei li from mca tights can attest to that. My friends and i combined probably bought more than 20 pairs. Reading your tips have been really helpful and i really enjoyed reading them. And of course, knowing that there are others out there with more tights/leggings/pantyhose than me made me feel more normal. Haha. My mum has constantly been nagging at me for owning too many pairs so it felt great knowing that i'm not alone. Anyway, i've really enjoyed reading your blog, have known about loads of great offers from it and have discovered many blogshops that i otherwise would never have known about. Really sad that you're giving the blog up soon but hey, here's to hoping that you really go out with a BANG.

My favourite post: Guest Blogger: Your Highness! I don't really like my long legs until saw this review. I am 170cm tall. I like using flat shoes only as i am taller for sure. and my skinny body make it worst i think. but everyone says it was awesome to be tall and skinny but not for me. last week, when my sister's wedding comes, i have to wearing heels and its was 4 inches tall. haha. i am the tallest girl( i'm 7teen :) ) there. when i was walking to my sister's wedding, everyone pay attention to me. i feel stylish, gorgeous and more matured. people thinks i am the bride. haha. my sister said to me that i am walking like those who was used to wear heels but need to practice more since i am not comfortable to my sister's heels. haha. since then, i was trying hard to find a review about heels that suitable for me, and anything about stilettos (i love stilettos). i found this review. thanks a bunch ya :) love this review a lot! now, i always wearing heels wherever i go :)

Henrietta Albela:
My most favourite blog post on your blog has got to be the one on "7th January is Maxi Dress Day". Firstly, the information you gave on maxi dresses was super interesting and very helpful indeed. I would have never worn a maxi dress simply because, like you said, in Malaysia it turns heads. Only after your post that I started noticing people wearing maxi dresses to shopping malls and not looking awkward or stick out like a sore thumb at all and now, thanks to your post, a maxi dress is in my Christmas wishlist! Oh, but that's not the real reason this is my favourite post. The real reason is the fact that you actually declared January 7th as Maxi Dress Day. All on your own! Talk about being empowered! First thing in my mind- You go girl!!! Keep up the good work. Really love your blog :)

Carmen Chuah:
What is my favourite blogpost on YSK ever? Why 7th January is Maxi Dress Day. Why? YSK totally inspired me to have more confidence in myself when it comes to wearing maxi dresses. I mean, it is so true that in Malaysia, maxi dresses turns heads. All this time, I secretly wish to have a closet full of maxi dresses because I totally adore them! But sad to say, I didn't really have the guts to wear any out in fear that people would brand me weird. Well..that was until that post of yours was published and I'm happy to say that I am now an avid wearer of maxi dresses. So, kudos to YSK and kudos to 7th January for being Maxi Dress Day!

Joyce Ting:
I would say that my favourite post would be "Product Review: Chanel-inspired bags". I personally just love these bags because it never goes off trend and it's simply gorgeous! (No words can describe my love towards this bag) Thus, this blog post is what I've been longing for.
I really admire you that you own 6 different types of Chanel- Inspired Bags and I think every one of them are lovely and special in its own way. I also like the way you wrote on the comparison of them and mention specific details like height of the strap, material, thickness, interior view and price. My dear, you also did a wonderful job in photo taking the bags! You really took so much effort to snap photos of each angle *respect!*.
From all the useful details and pictures of the Chanel- Inspired Bags, it became a great guidance of information for me and surely for the other Chanel- Inspired lovers as well. Your personal review together with your own 6 lovely bags makes this product review blog post a total success! Great job babe!

Cynthia Lee:
"Which is your favourite blog post on YSK?" That would be the Why 7th January is Maxi Dress Day post, as I am a total convert of maxi! Seeing so many pictures of maxi makes me wanna contribute more to the economy of the local online community by getting more maxi to add into my collection!! =D Oh, I have derived some terms that can be used for maxi's fans
  • maxi-holic - eat maxi, sleep maxi, THINK maxi
  • maxi-whore - addicted fans of maxi dresses
  • maxies - many maxi dresses
  • maxi-miser - maxi dress weare who prefers deep plunging neck maxi
  • maxi-rama - people who wears maxi and make a drama out of it
  • maximus - angry people in maxi ( not a very pleasant scene)
  • maxi-min - amateur in wearing maxi, still a bit shy but getting there
And I am looking forward to the Maxi Dress Day. Let's hope there will be a bazaar goin on on that day and we can all meet up in the bazaar in our maxi, as a recognition to online shopper who have a thing with maxi dresses!!! Muah!!

Anna Chieng:
8 Vocabulary Lessons For Shopping Online
8 Vocabulary lessons for shopping online
Something that'll save us plenty of time
Drawing from her experience, 18 months worth
Now resulting in this topic's birth

Many wished it was earlier made
So lesser would be the shopping mistakes
But from now till its redundancy
An online shopping guide this will be

An informative manual, short and sweet
About which the readers might probably tweet
If on facebook, many would fight
To label it with a resounding 'like'

Kudos, YSK, for writing this post
This is the one I like the most
"Good riddance!" I'll say to my shopping woes
And to you, my friend, I give a toast!

Cheers to YSK! And cheers to a year
Of pouring into this blog much blood, sweat and tears
I wish you well, I wish you good
We await your return to the neighbourhood :)

Bonus Prize #3:
Last but not least - from Blissfully Beautiful, and you've already seen this one coming - The Big Bang's Most Enthusiastic Contestant Award! We had seven wonderful, wonderful contenders for this award, but in the end, we could choose only one! :)

Congratulations to ...
Lee Suat May!

Lee Suat May:
Fave post: The Why 7th January is Maxi Dress Day post!
Why I like it: When I read it I was like, 'huh, didn't know there was such a thing as Maxi Dress Day' and when you said you were the one who declared it as so, I totally LAUGHED OUT LOUD! What you said was totally true though, that maxi dresses in Malaysia turn heads. That's the reason why I have yet to get a maxi dress of my own; I totally relate to that!
Another reason I haven't given maxi dresses a peek at my wardrobe is because I don't know what to pair them with, let alone the fact that there are different types of maxi dresses available. If I didn't read your guide and did get one, I'll probably look like a walking, talking fashion disaster. Your tips will definitely help me avoid a fashion faux pas the day I decide to get a maxi of my own. Hey, maybe I can get my very first one on Jan 7 too! :D

Her Follower's Luck contest entry:
Why I visit YSK: I think I may have mentioned it in previous contest entries and my blogpost for the Wishlist contest, but hey, good things are meant to be shared (again!). Basically I love YSK because of the little extras you put in your blog: FYI posts, seeing the face behind the reviews (I'm as curious about reviewers as I bet most online shoppers are about blogshop owners), posts that are more personal (like sharing what you know about tights and maxi dresses and your own collection). Oh, and the giveaways as well, 'cause they always come with awesome prizes! :D

View her Wishlist contest entry here.
View her Star Search contest entries here and here. :)

Enjoy your prizes, shopping kakis! :D
And Suat May, looks like you don't even have to wait til 7th January after all! ;D

Just when you thought this means The Big Bang is over ...
At midnight tonight (30/31 Dec), brace yourself for the explosive online event of the year!
The Shopping Kaki Sale

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Joyce Ting said...

wow! You're soooo nice babe. There's even bonus prizes which was totally unexpected.. and I'm one of the winner for the 2nd one. thanks soooo much YSK! I really appreciate it dear =)

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