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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Big Bang: Star Search Entries

Just eleven days ago, I launched a hunt for the biggest star shopaholic
in the online shopping community (you can click HERE to read more).

At midnight just now, the contest has ended. :D
The number of accepted entries: 74.

Judging begins now, using these photos below. :)

The judges consist of the sponsors and YourShoppingKaki,
but we welcome all comments in the form of "Comments" below this post :D
We are looking for the best photograph in terms of promoting online shopping.
The results will be released as soon as possible (when judges reach a consensus).

Some reminders:
There will be only ONE winner, who will receive 10 prizes.
There will be ONE runner-up, who will receive 50% discount passes from the 10 sponsors.
The categories below are for easy viewing purposes only. :)

Those Cool Special Effects

1 | 2


How much they love online shopping

4 | 5

6 | 7

8 | 9 | 10 [will be sealed into 1 photo]

11 | 12

That Cover Girl Shot

13 | 14 | 15

16 | 17 | 18

That Style Shot

19 | 20

21 | 22

23 | 24

25 | 26

27 | 28

29 | 30

31 | 32

33 | 34

35 | 36 | 37

38 | 39

40 | 41

42 | 43

44 | 45

46 |47

48 | 49

50 | 51

52 | 53

54 | 55 | 56

57 | 58

Just to show you can buy anything online

59 | 60

That outfit you wore out

61 | 62

63 | 64

65 | 66

67 | 68

69 | 70

71 | 72

73 | 74

For more information on the rules of this contest,
please visit this webpage. :)

I'm so excited to see who wins! :D
Do leave a comment below on who YOU think deserves to win! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anonymous said...

eh.. there are two picture "5"..

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Oh gosh, thanks so much for the correction! Haha! :)

Anonymous said...

1, 13, 15, 27 & 31! :D :D

Layla said...

@ no. 2: brilliant caption! lol

Anonymous said...


Your Shopping Kaki said...

Sponsor votes at 2.12pm:

Sponsor 1
- 6
- 3
- 23

- 4
- 5
- 6

Anonymous said...

1 / 16 / 25 / 59

then down to 2 entries:
16 & 59... :)

Anonymous said...

1, 4, 10, 16, 31, 46, 50.

fav : 1, 10, 46 :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

4pm update:
Sponsor 3
- 1
- 4
- 19

Anonymous said...

Will the commenter's likes and preferences affect the judges' decisions?
And likewise, will revealing the results bit by bit impair objectivity?

Anonymous said...

13, 47 (:

Anonymous said...

50,32,13,47 :D

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous :) Thanks for your feedback! Anything can affect the objectivity of the judges' decisions. But the whole point is to make the most informed decision of all - taking into account the comments from readers and sponsor judges, I make the final decision. :)

5pm update:
Sponsor 4
- 27
- 1
- 16

flo said...

oohh.. me likey #6
got label summore! =)

Anonymous said...

oh... so the pic with the most votes from the sponsors does not mean a conclusive win?

So your vote is the final decision and not just one of the votes?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous! :) Yup, but I'm making the final decision in discussion with the sponsors. It's not like everyone votes Number 126 and then I name Number 150 the winner, lol! I'm trying to get a winner that the majority is shouting for! :D

Anonymous said...

I vote

she rox! awesome!!
I like the different characters she is portraying in picture 1. super cool!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hmm.. 1,13,15,47 are nice... I vote for them. =D

Anonymous said...

When will the final results be out?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous :) Hopefully tomorrow. Waiting for Sponsors 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 to make their choices :)

KittyC said...

most pictures the sponsors chose dont even reflect love for online shopping! they're just pictures taken with canggih cameras

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi KittyC :) Haha I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion! :D You are too, so do pop a comment about who you think should win! ;)

Sponsor 5
- 4
- 6
- 1

Sponsor 6
- 52
- 1
- 21

rachel said...

i vote for 13 and 47.
i think both of them are stunning. :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Sponsor 5 (for extra consideration)
- 2

Lily said...

Kitty C... agreed :(

Ezzy said...

Picture 6 totally stands out. It has all the categories of online blogshops. Pity the picture is so small u can't see the labels.
Cool how your shopping kaki group the entries =D you rock.

Our Mutual Passion said...

i Vote 3 and 4!

KyeeeeeeeLi! said...

kitty, ya! think so too! dun un y sponsors like no. 1?? nice pix using nice cam but no meanings??

me likes 2, n mebbe 7?

Anonymous said...

well it never stated that the pictures has to show ur love towards online shopping. Its says may the best picture win. So i think picture 1,16, 50, 32 is great!

Melody Tan Joe Ee said...

anonymous, "Take a photo and blow me away with how much you love online shopping"

u're obviously the girl in those pictures, they're the same people! the hair, the background, the style of photography - duhhh.

let's hope the sponsors make the right choice.

okay sleep tight peeps!

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi everyone! :) Hey let's not argue, this contest is supposed to be for fun only - not to worry or fight over. Shopping is supposed to be about having fun and releasing stress, not adding to it. ;) Every one of the photos has pros and cons!

And just to clarify - Photos 1 & 16 are the same person, but 50 is a different person and so is 32. :)

Anonymous said...

i voted for 50,33,19 and 15

faveret 50,15

Nizar said...

I love 15,18,33,and 50. She looks so beautiful and cheerful....

AC said...

wow... things are getting pretty intense here...

kay the bunny said...

ysk is right . why fight, girls ? this contest is supposed to be fun ! altho i did not join, it's still fun to look at the pictures ^^ some are really creative !

hmm i like:
- 17 (tho not what contest wanted, nice one. luv the purpleness !)
- 38 (quirky)
- 2 (luv the caption - go go shopaholics !)
- 46 (like that shade of turqoise)

haha look at 25, 28 - same pose :P

good luck girls !

<3, bunny

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Sponsor 7
- 6
- 11
- 12

Sponsor 8
- 33
- 19
- 26

Sponsor 9
- 4
- 30
- 41

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hello excited people! :D

I have a feeling that Sponsor 10 is tied down with some post-Xmas/New Year partying to do - thus has been unreachable :(

I'll be tallying the votes now and announcing the final results shortly - and I will NOT be casting a vote (I love ALL the photos too much to pick only one favourite!).

Laila said...

i vote for picture 4 and 6. simply becoz they stick to the theme and they're just brilliant :)

Debra the honest critic said...

I'd narrow it down to 1,2,4,6,31
1 and 31 are very very nice pictures, VERY fashionable, but doesn't really say anything about online shopping. It does show them wearing online apparel, but nothing about online shopping.

31 seems to be borrowing the idea from one of the examples given in the Shopaholic Starsearch post (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_T6aPvpV8Q0o/SylB3ypF-MI/AAAAAAAAKAs/0ywDUD7tC24/s1600-h/lookbook-14.jpg), so it seems kind of unoriginal...

4, on the other hand, seems pretty original and fun! while it does promote "shopping", I'm not sure where the "online" comes in. Probably in that she's wearing online purchases?

2 and 6 are very witty! 2 directly promotes online shopping and has an excellent caption. Having said that, i don't really think it's a good/nice picture.

However, i thought 6 was ingenious! It labeled the drawers according to how YSK categorizes online blogshops (I actually compared to check, cos they seemed all too familiar :p). That itself talks about online shopping, and the caption just shows the love for shopping and the many purchases she's already made online (because she's categorized stuff/purchases accordingly).
Taking into account that we're looking for the best photograph in terms of promoting online shopping, my vote goes to 6 too ;) and probably 2 or 4 for runner-up.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Wah! After doing some math I haven't done in over 3 years, I've found a winner and a runner-up! :D

Just to let you know on how I calculated it:
- Sponsors' picks: First place got 6 points, second place got 4 points, third place got 2 points.
- Readers' picks: Each vote carries 1 point.

Maybe you can calculate the answers faster than I can blog about the winners! ;)

Anonymous said...

i vote 4,2 and 6

A.C said...

are reader's votes counted as well?

to be fair, i don't think they should be. cos no one knows who's behind annonymous and the 'name' :/

A.C said...

what happens if an annonymous posted more than 1 post (and there4voting more than 1 time) for the same picture? you can't tell :/

Gahhh said...

1.13.47. Rocking awesome(:

casey said...

i think 13, 19 32 are nice.

Anonymous said...

what DOES #5 mean anyway..?
did she buy the laptop..
partially covered top/jeans
or the toilet seat/bowl? SRSLY!

angir said...

1-doesnt make sense at all
2-good effort but tackyly photoshopped
6-pretty ok
others...are just pretty desperate to get hold of the gifts by sending way too much of photos of themselves

Anonymous said...

AC's totally right. if these ppl can actually send ENDLESS self pose pics of themselves fr the contest,u bet they can type a gazillion times with diff names to vote for themselves!

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi everyone - LOL the sudden flooding of comments is a little unnerving! A few points of clarification:

1) The readers' votes have not affected the outcome of the contest at all.
2) The 9 sponsors' votes were weighed at 6pts for a 1st place ranking, 4pts for a 2nd place ranking, 2 pts for a 3rd place ranking.
3) Adding on the readers' votes have sort of matched the ranking of the 9 sponsors' votes! :P So it's like totally meant to be.

But the result will still be a surpriiise! :D Stay tuned. And voting ends now ya! Votes left in comments are this are not going to be taken into consideration.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

*correction: left in comments AFTER this :P

Anonymous said...

I vote for 13 and 47 ! She's fabulous ! Whooootss . Vote for her !

Anonymous said...


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