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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bazaar Review: Pick & Grab 8

Bazaar Review of Pick & Grab 8 @ Hartamas
By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

As true to the title, yes, this is a review on a bazaar. Guess where I am heading to? =)

Have been planning to attend days before with some fellow friends, but none wanted to tag along. Yeah, maybe due to age factor, none of my acquaintances attends bazaar. To most of us (phased out genre), a bazaar is a pasar? With middle-aged women selling soya bean, papaya, strawberries maybe and generic sponge cakes of different designs. And maybe some hawaiian bermudas too =P Yeah, we are THAT shallow.

Alas!! I managed to get a freeloader friend to attend and it took me 5 minutes to ask and half an hour later to reach =P

Welcome to Pick n Grab Series Part 8!

Where people give no concern if it's raining or not. All they want to do is to grab! grab! grab! As this is my first time being into a bazaar, I can only tell you what I see and what are my thoughts.

Whatever that you can see online is whatever you can see offline. And whatever you can see off line, sometimes you may not get in online. But most of the time, whoever who is selling on ine, will attempt an offline event. As this will be a very good platform for the buyers to get to know, get to touch and get to judge both the products and the seller whom they loved so much on ine but never know if they do exist offline =D

And definitely a good platform for sellers to practise their selling skills offine and hopefully foster more relationship with both existing and potential buyers.

Hungry sellers and hungry buyers

Selling, Marketing and Branding 101:
Signage & Smiles!

Yeah I know this is a review but I can't resist not to talk about the topic =P As a sales personnel myself, I stress very much on the ability to open the mouth to at least smile, if you are not conversant =)

Do you know that there are people who buy because a seller is nice and treats her clients with much enthusiasm? Well, I am one of those nimrod who will buy because I think they did a good job on customer servicing despite knowing I will have minimal usage of the ugliest product that I am about to buy.

Don't you think nice people deserve some sales? Nice people who do not mind to share a smile.

FAME OF COTTON - visible SIGNAGE | Won't harm you to give a complimentary welcoming smile =)

No, I did not buy anything from them. Because I forgot to make a turn back to her stall =( I should have make a note about the leopard print top I saw!

LAWA-LAWA - VISIBLE sign for Branding purposes

While some have their signages hidden among the cluster of their goodies, many do make it a point to make themselves visible with decent signages. After all, how do you expect buyers to recognise who you are and most probably shy buyers will just shy away from the stall without further question.

The biggest banner on the bazaar I noticed, so far. To cater for the semi-blind, short-sighted, far-sighted, short or shorter people =P

The enterprising lot

I toured the entire bazaar but couldn't remember much except for Lawa-Lawa (because she said Hello), Fame of Cotton (because she smiled and said Hello and shoved me an angpau!), Eff-Bombs (because she yelled my name - I think, and said Hello), Nakalicious (think she yelled my name too - "Cynthiaaa!"), Patty Belle (because she shoved her card to me) and Vintage Biri-Biri (because her signage is obvious).

Oh!! I also recalled Us Us Us Clothings. Simply because someone sent me their link before and quite rare to be seeing boys trying to coax women into buying bags! =D

Would love to mention the rest of the people whom I met, but your signages were somewhere out of the reach of my sight. =( Yeah, sometimes impression counts. So do signages. I can't even remember whom I bought my top from.

Yeah, I am married to the cult of Branding in retailing, hence the yapping! Sorry! >_<

Enough of my yada-yada!
Let's savour some hot items in the bazaar!

The bigger version of the quilted bag!
Can store a nu-bra, a nippie set, a phone, a wallet, a make make-up ensemble,
a bottle of perfume... I don't know! It is nice! And big! =D

worth considering if you will be performing onstage
or joining some reality show that requires on-stage glam

From a non online seller. Gorgeous!
Friend bought the fully sequined dress - far right for RM60!

the neighbourhood studs supplier who created a cult in stud-all-you-can-at-home culture.
Oohh! I love the long top with a deep thought lady! And it's going for RM20 only!

Oh! On another note, I thought maybe I should share you a thought on what I deemed very rude in customer servicing (not that it happens here) - to have sellers/sales assistants standing next to the clothes rack with one hand clinging onto the rack and another hand with a bunch of nuts which is constantly shoved into the mouth and it goes nom-nom-nom, while waiting for the buyer to perhaps say "OK, I will take this dress here despite you thinking that I do not deserve more attention than your nuts."

Kuaci too is not acceptable, please.

I would love to illustrate this situation out for the better understanding of all, but let's just leave it here for your imagination. And also sales assistant who comes following from the back with no Hello greetings and ask you a "YES?" Which normally I would reply nicely a "NO". -__-

Yeah, I am a tough customer to handle =)

My Purchase for the Day (One)

No idea what is this top called. I am naming it the Beggar Top, because it looked like..like.. something that people wear and not wash for an entire year? =P Shoes are not from the bazaar. Merely my undying fascination to another of my online purchases - the Bandage heels from Fashion Barrage.

I hope you got yourself some real bargain in Pick n Grab Generation Part 8!

Check out more pictures (not a lot though, I was busy buying =P) in my alter ego's site. Bye!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
This blog post is edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

Additional comments & photos by Sha-Lene (YourShoppingKaki)

While CynthiaTheGuestBlogger was lepak-ing at Pick & Grab for this entire weekend (yesterday and today! :D), I was there today as well! :D I helped my friends Mei and Rena set up their bazaar booths (thanks to Mei for giving me a ride to Hartamas and back too!) and just hung out there throughout the event today as well. :)

This being my third bazaar adventure on "the other side", learning what the vendors go through and not just from the shopper's point of view, it's really changed my perception of each bazaar. :) And I've discovered how much hard work goes into being a bazaar vendor!

Some behind-the-scenes pics to share (sorry no pics during setting up, was too busy fixing up racks and stuff! Haha!) Totally physically exhausted now - eventhough it feels like butterfingered, inexperienced me couldn't help much! :P

Vendors having breakfast tea party after setting up | Cynthia and Mei

The bazaar :) Not much crowd when I took the pics, more crowd in the late afternoon!

Thanks to Lah'Lah'Land for yet another commendable event! :D And for helping us carry the stocks back to the car in the pouring rain in the evening!

PS: I've never shopped so much at a bazaar since... since 2008! Haha! Just because I feel itchy to share: I bought a zebra-printed slashed-and-studded cropped top (with complimentary inner tank) from Lah'Lah'Land, a funky rainbow tie-dye tube dress from Lawa-Lawa, and a grey acid-washed-ish dress from Lawa-Lawa (again!). Golly gee, I'm such a shopping kaki - truly living up to my name. :P Btw, I also really LOVED this floral vest from Lawa-Lawa, but I couldn't fit into it - so if you can, BUY IT! Superrrrr gorgeous.

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Fame Of Cotton said...

hi, thanks for review us with the bazaar post :) nice to meet you guys in the bazaar :) wish YSK keep it up with the great job !

zetty said...

may i know where is the actual name of this place..i would like to go there this week..


ya ya good work!!...we really appreciated our collections in u guys post!! tq....

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi zetty! :)

The name of the place is Hartamas Square, the food court. :) You can find more info at the organiser's website, here: http://lahlahlandkl.blogspot.com.

This bazaar is not every day or every week, maybe just a few times a year. You can drop the organisers an email to ask when is the next one! :)

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