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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Bloom

by Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Stumbled upon these beautiful flower crown by Wonderfully Made by Vee.
Such nicely arranged flower crown in the most girlish manner. Not too overwhelming to wear, this is a perfect assemble for a Sunday stroll at Art For Grabs happening today!

Check these flower crown out at 

Happy Shopping!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Between Angels and Bling Bling

by Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

With so many online shop in the world wide web, just how do you know that you are dealing with one that will not dissapoint you when it comes to product delivery and quality. With so many options out there to choose from,
Angel N Me is a newly established website that specializes in costume jewelries.

Angel N Me

No girls can say no to accessories, especially those that glitters! :)
Besides loads of dresses that I buy over the internet, I cannot resist stalking accessories sites too =D
Accessories - costume jewelries to be exact, makes a great difference to our dressing when done the right way. Personally I have an affection towards elaborate and 'datin'-ish types of necklaces (not hard to guess why)

Tada! This is how I store some of my accessories ;)

Angel N Me carries lots of these fine pieces of accessories with a very affordable price starting from RM5.90 onwards. From necklaces to bracelets, these are ready stock items picked based on the latest in trend.
The plenty of choice simply make your browsing so addictive! From simple small pendant to an elaborate piece of necklace or a cute bow for your hair, there'something for everyone regardless of your fashion sense.

Welcome to a variety of ready stock accessories from necklaces to bangles and many more stored in Angel N Me, ready to ship out anytime

Seen too many online picture of products and not convinced? There are some precautions sometimes when buying online as we may not be convinced of the quaility of the actual product compared to the nicely enhanced online images. Here's some pictures of the real deal.

Here's some of my pick

I absolutely love the Double Pearl Necklace which has been a hit recently, being spotted in celebrities and on the runway. It is only RM16.90 for this inspired version! :)

How the celebs and models  wear it

Inspired version from Angel N Me
You can bend the soft metal loop slightly to insert in your neck. This, fits those with long neck best. If you have too short a neck, you may have the faux pearl brushing on your chin.
I normally match my accessories with my Malay traditional wear for that hint of datin-ny feel =P 

The catalogue picture and the real deal.

This is my next favourite piece - the Hollow Wing Bracelet
I would match this with long flowy chiffon top (again part of my Malay traditional wear) or a maxi. Because this is only available in metal silver or metal gold, it may not go well with your daily workwear, but it works well on flowy clothes the ala-Olsen sisters.

The cuffed hollow wing bracelet would go well with these flowy dresses and make a pretty bold statement

Also gotten myself the signature metal collar necklace. This is a must-have in the wardrobe for that instant glam-up of your look. Totally a life-saver if you need to attend any night event and do not have any expensive jewelries to glam up. For just RM17.90, you get to look like a warrior queen! =D

Looks great on a plain outfit, don't you think so?

This is how I wore mine :)

Also gotten myself this feather earring for that weekend outings ;)

Besides accessories, they also carries a range of Metoo Angel dolls for you dolls collectors. The dolls are cute!! Priced at RM44.90 from Angel N Me.
I don't think you can get this easily in Malaysia. The last I saw was only a very mini selection in one of the Toys R Us in Klang Valley. 

Want to start shopping already?
Make sure your register your details and get 5% off from your first purchase.
Want to share the excitement with your friends too? Start sharing as you will be entitled to a RM3 shopping voucher for your next purchases. More sharing, more saving!!

Check out their website here : Angel N Me website
Also check for updates in their Facebook : Angel N me Facebook

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a. YSK Guest Blogger) 
Edited By YourShoppingKaki

Monday, August 11, 2014

Supermodels Secrets Guide to Hot Style : Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk

by Cynthia Lee

Remember my dip dye once upon a time which ain't too long ago?

And this  

The style of colored hair can never fade. I love them so much that I even had it for my wedding do! On the first occasion, as I did not bring any of my own hair accessories like tiara, bling-bling clips (how would I even know we have to bring own!?), so the make-up artist decided to grow a big bud of flower using my naturally dip-dyed hair.

Ta-da!! The 'flower' on my head!
Make-up and hair-do done by LB Photography

The Moroccan look-alike flower theme seems odd to me and is pretty heavy, but everyone said it's nice :3 I guess it's pretty unique. 

For the KL reception I have decided to bring along my colored extension from Supermodels Secrets and see if the make up and hairstylist can do anything with it. There's a plenty of colors to choose from and I picked Color 05- the greenish to turquoise green one since I have bits of green dip dye left on my own hair color. 

ombre curly hair extension 01
Go ga-ga with these gorgeous extension!
Click here to check them out : Dip Dye Extension

And this is what the Rainne the make-up cum hair stylists came up with!
For someone who doesn't have a very good facial feature, like yours truly, the colorful hair does great to divert the attention to something more attention seeking - the colorful dip-dye!

Of salon, hair extension and chalks
If going to the saloon and spending above RM200 is not your option for the sake of maintaining the condition of your hair and wallet, there's more option if you are planning to have some color on your tresses! Go for the hair extension if you need to add volume to your hair. And for newbies who can only take a minimum color at any one time, why not start small with Hot Huez.

What Is It?
Hot Huez is a set of 4 colors of temporary hair chalk packaged in a very easy-to-use way. Unlike most hair chal that comes exactly like a piece if chalk, the Hot Huez hair chalk is way cleaner when using. The colored chalk is made like a compact powder form, all compacted and stored in a round enclosure. 

A set of 4 comes with the following colors ; green, blue, pink and purple

The color is compacted on one end and there's a cushion applicator on the other

See the pigmented color?

This is how you use it, hold it in a closed motion and press on the hair

Just 3 simple steps!


Why Hot Huez?
This is a great kit for those of you who needed a cheap and quick fix for a change of style. It is definitely easy and way cleaner to use than a hair chalk. Unlike when using hair chalk where you have to twist your hair and brush the chalk against your hair, you only need to comb straight your hair and slide the compact container along it while pressing it firmly. 
I love the outcome! A soft hue with minimal 'powdery' residue on your hair. 
Once you are done for the day parading your style, simply wash off the color with shampoo.

How much?
The Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk with a set of 4 colors retails at RM29 from Supermodels Secrets.
Click on link to purchase : Hot Huez by Supermodels Secrets

If you are a Maybank2u account user, also check out some exciting deals that is currently happening : Maybank2u Exclusive Deals

A must-visit store for all beauty-holics :
Supermodels Secrets

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Addicted to Pleather!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Being able to get connected to the world wide web is every girls's fastest connection to the world of trends. While we get inspiration from what the celebrities wear, the amount of money needed to get the exact look is not inspiring at all. While a minority of us can afford the bag the rice of a month salary, the rest of us most probaby am not that lucky to do so.
Which is why people like GlossyAddiction gives us hope! Gorgeous inspired bags at affordable price!
Probably one of the longest standing bag-site that continues to serve our local online fashion community, feeding us with gorgeous bags below RM100.

Here's some of my personal fave!

DOT - solid looking bucket tote for those who cannot live without their entire househould to carry along. Clicke here to check out more colors : DOT
RL - Laser cut sling cum clutch inspired from Ralph Lauren Vachetta Scroll series. Click here for more info : RL

bag online shopping
Need I say more? The BB Birk inspired from Birkin is so pretty in blue! Click here for more colors : BB Birk

bag online shopping
Can never go wrong with these quilted design ala Chanel. They call it the Juice! Check 'em Juice here : Juice

This is one of my favourite but I don't see it anymore. Think this is sold off completely. The details is lovely!

Mostly made out of synthetic leather, these good looking bags are priced between RM50-RM99 depending on types. With it's sturdy outlook, they make a very good piece of accessory to complement your looks be it for the casual weekend meet up with friends or to go with your daily work wear. For me, I would totally make 'em my basics for work :)

Personally I have gotten a few bags from GlossyAddiction. Of of it which I uses frequently is Darcy - a solid tan hobo bag with bottom studs. It's probably no longer available since I can't locate it in the revamped website. It's big enough for everything. It's also a great size to hide those flabs when you pass by a handsome bloke =P
The hints of sturdy studs at the bottom of the bag adds in the details to this simple hobo bag.

I hope you are as addicted as me with the collection from GlossyAddiction


Check them out here :
Hashtag them at #glossyaddiction 

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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