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Monday, February 23, 2015

NEWS : adidas Film Series Sport 15

by Cynthia Lee

Here's for the sport enthusiast.
If you have been following on the news from adidas, they have recently launched the Sport Film Series which I believe is part of the marketing campaign throughout 2015.

All films are based on the insight that sport happens in moments. adidas celebrates the fact that every moment in sport is a chance to redefine yourself and create something new for you or your team.

The series of films in the first wave of Sport 15 are adidas NBA stars Damian Lillard, Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose, John Wall and adidas football icons Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez and Luis Suarez.

(I can't understand why is it labeled Sport 15, though. It could be the short of Sport 2015, or 15 Sports athletes to feature, but the poster seems to have more than 15 athletes. Perhaps it's 15 types of Sports?)

Here's a snippet of the campaign.

In sport, no one owns today – every minute of every game is up for grabs and yours for taking. 

About adidas Malaysia 
adidas was incorporated in Germany in 1949 by Adolf Dassler in Herzogenaurach, Germany – a name that stands for competence in all sectors of sports around the globe. The permanent passion for innovation, to give athletes the best products to support their ambitions, has turned adidas into a global powerhouse and market leader, making us one of the world’s most widely recognized brand symbols, the three stripes of adidas. With the incorporation of adidas Malaysia in 1994, and over the years, the adidas brand continued to go through major product introductions, technological advancements and on enhanced brand positioning, making the three stripes brand a credible and premiere sports brand in the world. The brand attitude of “All In or Nothing” encapsulates the vision and goal of adidas Malaysia in continuing to capture the essence of being the leader in the sporting goods market in Malaysia. 

Join adidas by following:

*(information provided as part of press release from Roots Asia)

by Cynthia Lee
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Supermodels Secrets to a Fabulous Makeover

by Cynthia Lee

Oh yes!! A brand new year to look forward to.
Happy 2015 girls! What is your resolution for this new year which has just begun?
This year, I am determined to lead a healthier lifestyle, shed some pounds off and of course hoping to maintain being fabulous and all =D

Health aside, being beautiful inside and outside is essential!
I can't do or write much about the inner beauty, but there's loads to talk about enhancing the outer part =P

Like any other year, one of my all-time resolution is to constantly remind myself that image is everything! Especially when you are in the sales and marketing line. I shall not deny my reliance on cosmetics. And lots of them actually =D

Welcome to the world of Supemodels' Secrets. In this case, welcome to My Secrets - of looking better than my 'natural' self.

Essentials. Recognise that logo?

So, what do you think that these products can do?
Don't you just love the eye shadow palette?

With lots of hard work, sheer determination and practices to improve your artistic skills, these products can do wonders to give you a perk to your not-so-glamour look!

As much as I advocate Being Yourself and Loving Who You Are, there really is nothing wrong in giving yourself that much needed help when you are not able to shine bright (like a diamond) in your natural skin. And there are times when we just lack that certain features, like sparse eyebrow that just needed alil' bit of help in the make up department to help you open up your eyes (so you can shine bright like a diamond!)

Here's some Before and After picture that may scare ya!
I have had better 'Before' picture, but little can I deny that the stress of work have taken a toll on my oh-so-beautiful skin. And no, it's no longer oh-so-beautiful.

Which ya prefer? Before or After?

Makeup. You either love it - because it's gonna enhance your features like a Kim K or hate it because of the amount of time you need to invest on it before stepping out of the house and still not perfecting your Picasso skills.
Me? I love it. I need it. 

I am going to share some of my favourite which I have picked up from my all time favourite online stores. And yes, why bother to go out and get jammed up in a mall when you can attain the supermodels' secrets to hotness from a click at home? 

Prime your eye with ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (RM29.00)
Why is a primer important?
Like it's name, it's basically a primary step before you divulge your effort into any form of make up. It is especially important for those with combination and oily skin to prime their skin properly before applying makeup. Primer helps to ensure that your makeup application stay longer and smudge lesser compared to a non-primed skin.
In this case, an eye primer gets the skin around your eyes to be ready for any colors application. For those with oily eyelids, there is a tendency to have the eye shadow smudged after 2 hours of application. Hence it's really important to set a good base for your eye shadow by applying a layer of primer for the color to sit on and this prolongs the eye shadow application.

This ELF Mineral Eyeshadow primer comes with an applicator which to me isn't that important as I normally will blend it in with my finger. With the mineral components, you can expect the texture to be silky smooth, and allows your eyeshadow to glides on smoothly. 

88 color Eyeshadow make up Palette88 color Eyeshadow make up Palette
The 88 colors makeup eye shadow palette is the only palette you will need to invest as the amount of colors it has is more than enough to paint your eyes throughout the year, you can even paint some pictures on art papers! For RM59 this is a great deal!
I am a fan of brown, brown and more brown. When I do wear black then I actually match that with black eyeshadow for that more 'mystically mysterious' look. LOL!
Occasionally I do have some streaks of lilac or orange for that out-of-the ordinary look. So, it's always good to have a complete palette that comes with all colors instead of the regularly used ones :)

This.... dear girls, is the secret to my thick and lush brows!
I actually got to tried this out before I knew Supermodels Secrets were selling it too.
Got mine direct from US. But why bother when you can get the supply direct from a Malaysia shopping site?

It consist of 2 mini palette with one side of it in cream form (they call it gel though), and another side in powder from (like eye shadow in texture, but fluffier). The trend now is thick and intense brow, and this is the perfect tools to achieve the look. Of course, if you are very used to lean and slim eyebrow, you can do so too. You just need to spend less time drawing strokes to get a leaner shape.

Start with the cream part using the definer brush with hard bristle. I guess it is hard as you need to define your shape before filling it in. 
The cream is light when applied on and doesn't stain you like a magic pen. All you need is to intensify your strokes to achieve whichever thickness preferred. It's great to be used to draw the sharper edges at the end of your brow.

Use the softer side of the brush and dab on the brown powder and apply throughout the brow where you have earlier drawn. The addition of the brow powder helps to tone down the hard edges created from the cream application. At the same time, it helps a lot to set the brow.

All of the above brows are achieved with the wonder ELF Eyebrow Kit (RM25.00)

I wish I could do a video based make up tutorial (and shot up to fame!) but my lacking of editing skills is not going to make that happen. Here's some pictures to sum up why why why I cannot live without these magical invention!

Half the face done up. See how make up can enhance and bring out your feature and give life!
I actually used a contour palette too, which I did not talk about here because I wanted to do a separate one about CONTOURING. Omg! The greatest invention!

On the left : bareface people must always compliment with a smile, else you will look horrible ok!
On the right : with layers of Missha BB cream loose powder, contour powder, eyeshadow, eyebrow liner, eyeliner and a smirk ;)

Here's a closer look at how the ELF Eyebrow Kit is oh-so-natural. Yes! My favourite item from the entire loots!

You may disagree with me and my reliance on these aesthetic products, but it sure is part of my life that I can't live without. While at the same time I do wish to have a better complexion that can go au-naturel, I personally feels that makeups are equally as important. It is not necessarily sued to alter your look, but instead use it to define your personality and bringing out whatever feature that you want to world to see. I mean, you can have great skin and all but sparse eyebrow almost to none. So it really doesn't do any harm for one to want to frame that bright pair of eyes with some defined brows.

Where we live in this world full of expectation, sometimes the reality does hurt (a lil' bit). 
Where the world expect you to bring out your very best, there are times when we are more comfortable to go lean. Whichever and whatever is expected from you, I would advise that you be yourself.

80% of my time comes loaded with lots of products. And I use the 20% on days when I just couldn''t be bothered. Whichever way it is, I am Me.

While you go soul-searching, I would suggest you to go browse my all time favourite site - the heaven for all girls!

Supermodels Secrets

Happy Getting Beautiful!
by Cynthia Lee
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Your CNY Fashion Finds!

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and if you're like us I'm pretty sure you haven't quite gotten your CNY shopping done quite yet! We're terribly indecisive and always wait till the last minute to get a selection of our favourite RED pieces! :)

This time we will also be featuring some of our favourite PINK styles, just because Valentine's Day is coming up and we were feeling girly in pink. ;)

Strictly a shopping post, so get your bank accounts & credit cards ready, because we are in for a delightful shopping spree! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Click on the images or the text links to be redirected to each item. :)

Starting from the Top! 

On to Bottoms. 

When we're too lazy to pair things up, there are always Dresses & Rompers! 

Adorn your feet with Shoes.

Keep your flowers, gifts & angpows secure in Bags! 

Show off pretty Polish when you're accepting gifts. 

Let your Hair do the talking! 

Phewwwwww! That was quite a list. We hope that you found something in our selection of reds & pinks. Let us know in the comments below which of these items are your favourites, and which of them you'd be adding into your cart! ;)

Till next time,
Wei Ni out! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)
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