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Thursday, December 10, 2009

8 Rules For Mistletoe Moments: For Boys & Girls!

It's that time of the year!

Season's greetings and Christmas pudding aside,
the end of the year is a time for some serious shopping!
With the YES (Year End Sales) stalking you like a follower on Twitter,
you've got to shop for Christmas & New Year gifts - plus outfits for those parties!

Have no fear - YourShoppingKaki™ is here to help you with some ideas,
in the form of 8 rules I just made up to guide you in your shopping! :D

Rule 1: There's nothing like something handmade with love.

Ideas as blogged on My Chocolate Muffins | Their blogshop here
If the person you're shopping for already has everything - especially when they're online-shopping pros! -
it becomes inconceivably difficult to buy them presents!
So here's where handmade, one-of-a-kind goodies come in. :D
And the best part is that handmade gifts are really affordable!
Whether cards, photo frames, accessories, clothing, shoes (yes, shoes!), or other knick-knacks,
you can either buy them from blogshops specialising in handmade goodies
or make 'em yourself with some raw materials! :)

Rule 2: Boys clean up well too!

From Wearever U Like RM66 | RM56
Dear male readers, don't think you can escape the inevitable fact of year end events:
Men must shop too! :D
And just in case you're clueless about where and what to buy and wear,
this is one blogshop you can bookmark - from smart to casual to smart-casual,
they've got everything in the book. ;)

Rule 3: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Whether as gifts for friends, girlfriends, family members or as adornments for yourself -
don't forget to pile on those accessories!
Apart from the stackable bangles that're all the rage this season,
it's always fun to go a little for festive for a change! :D
Perhaps with Christmas-tree inspired earrings, bright vintage earrings
or a Christmas pearl necklace? :) All perfect for parties and events!

Rule 4: Some gifts don't fit into Christmas stockings.

From Sweet Florist Prices starting at RM10
I feel like we've forgotten about flowers! Most girls love receiving flowers, after all. :D
A bouquet of multicoloured flowers, soft toys, long-forgotten helium balloons,
or an edgy floral corsage to complete that Christmas outfit -
why not buy them online if you don't have time to go to a florist? :)
But if buying flowers online aren't your cuppa tea, then head over to one of Sweet Florist's
four offline branches in Petaling Jaya (including 1-Utama) or the one in Penang!
Just click here for more info! :)

From Victoria's Secret Heaven RM125 | RM50
A universal gift for women of all ages and statures - authentic Victoria's Secret goodies!
My personal favourite would be vanilla-scented body mist, yum! :D
Take your pick from an entire range of VSH products, from body lotion to lingerie -
and they're on massive year-end sales! Carpe diem, people!

Rule 5: Some gifts do fit, but don't crumple it!

From Beautiful Disaster RM25 each
Feathered hairbands make both great gifts and great accessories
to set you apart from everyone else this season
(unless, of course, everyone else is wearing one too :P).
But every piece is so uniquely different, it's hard to bump into someone wearing
the exact same headgear! :D

From Tutu Workshop RM19.90 | RM89.90 | RM19.90
These tutus made me smile. :)
If you've got little ones to shop for, tutu them up! :DDD
I'm just bummed that I have no girl cousins that're young enough for this!
I wonder if my three little boy cousins will mind some tutus this Christmas ...

Rule 6: Bring on that Christmas-y feeling!

From The Tiny Space RM29 | From Ancient Orchids RM45
Red beanies or sexy red Christmas dresses -
pull on the Christmas funk with some truly festive wear! :D
Wear a plain tank dress under that sheer one, pull on a white or black blazer,
and you'll find it an outfit that you can even wear to Christmas Eve at the office! ;)

From The Sticker Monster RM4 | RM60
BLING! Bling and bedazzle your locker, your laptop, your cellphone, your kid brother!
Funky stickers are totally not childish, they're beyond cool! :D Totally old school edgy. ;)
What about using those stickers to bedazzle Christmas trees on cards or gifts?

Rule 7: Bag those necessities for X'mas partying!

From Elly.K RM56 | RM65
This blogshop is one that deserves a pat on the back -
they go the extra mile in providing mini style guides with every item on sale! :)
These gorgeous bags don't need to look any more tempting than they do already,
but just look at how perfectly they go with the rest of the outfit!
Makes me wanna buy the whole outfits along with the bags. :P

Rule 8: There's no such thing as too many dresses for Christmas.

From Indie--go RM39 | From PrettyClothesToGo RM45 including postage
Haha, a Christmas coincidence in terms of names and cute dresses!
Besides the "go" at the end of these two blogshops' names, these are identical dresses I spot!
Price is around the same too - and yes, all the dresses are brand new from suppliers.
Only difference: Three funky prints at Indie--go, three plain colours at PrettyClothesToGo! :)

From Tic Tac Toe RM48
What's this I see? The perfect outfit! :D
It's got lace, it's got florals, and it's a 2-in-1 for the price of 1!
Truly worth skipping Christmas dessert to fit into. Sigh.

From Modello RM50 | From Shopaholics Unite! RM75
The insanely popular fully-studded bodycon tube dress is now restockable on Modello,
and Shopaholics Unite! is back from a too-long hiatus - with a self-designed dress!

From Blissfully Beautiful RM58 each
Bodycon dresses! :) We had a review request for these,
so here's one blogshop bodycon-lovers should bookmark! :D
Dresses that hug every curve, and show off gorgeous stems.

From Fashion Barrage RM80
From the blogshop that brings us affordable imported shoes from the U.S. of A,
comes celebrity-inspired bodycon dresses that come in sizes - from UK8 to UK16!
I've never seen plus-sized bodycon dresses at this considerably affordable price before,
so this is a must-review to share with all the shopping kakis out there! :D

What are YOU wearing for Christmas? ;)
And what're some Do's & Don'ts for gift ideas YOU would like to share? :D
Feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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