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Friday, December 4, 2009


Just the other day, I realised that the word "cool" is pretty incredible - not because of the stamp of approval you get when you're called "cool" - but because of how flexible it is.

When I was a tot going on a kid, the coolest things around were Sailormoon (I still don't have Books 1-7 if anyone can help complete my dusty-yet-beloved comic book collection :P), Dragon Ball and Enid Blyton. And maybe Dahl's imaginary chocolate factory too.

When I was a kid going on a tween (and then maybe a teen), there was the Sweet Valley series. I didn't even buy these, we actually rented them from bookstores - gosh, those were the days, haha!

And then came Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, LOTR (not such a big fan) and the Twilight Saga. And now, I'm wondering what "Kids These Days" are reading or watching as part of your pop culture diet. :P Care to leave a comment? :D

Apart from the fact that I've just revealed to my entire Friday morning reader base that I'm an overgrown geek, every post has its purpose - and today, we're looking at how the meaning of "cool" can mean so many different things to different people. :D Cool gadgets, for instance, are definitely one of the coolest things in the crowd these days! ;)

So the other day when I had that dramatically epiphanic childhood/teenagehood-flash-before-my-eyes thing, I was actually standing in front of a bazaar booth, staring at Jelly Lenses. :P THEY ARE TOO COOL. I was, like, physically upset that I couldn't use them because both my cellphone and camera didn't have the right sort of shape or something to fix the jelly lens on! :(

But for those of you who do have the right cameras and/or cellphones, these Jelly Lens things are seriously frikkin COOL. :D Only RM15.90 at Kawaii Store. Current promo: Buy 1 set of 12 lenses and enjoy 10% discount! Valid until 11 December 2009.

Coolness is not lost on Kawaii Store, of course! They sell a variety of LOMO cameras.
One of the many on promotion now: Korean LOMO 3 Lens Robot Camera
Buy it for RM109 only, and get 1 roll of My Heart Lomo Film (worth RM18) absolutely FREE!
Valid until: 11 December 2009.

And if any of you are planning scuba-diving trips to the beach this summer break,
do think about buying an Aqua Pix LOMO Waterproof Camera! :D
It's a diving camera that can "dive" in 3 meters. So cool!
They are ready-stock and available for RM69 only
(except for the limited edition white colour, RM89).

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


ast3 the little azaleas said...

oh oh oh.
i loveeee sailormoon!!
i remembered my complete collection of books.. hohohohoh..
sailormoon and dragonball.
oh. such memories. kids these days all more to gadgets T__T, makes me poor when it's their bdae. aiyo.

Anna said...

from what i know, boys these days are crazy about ben 10 :P

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