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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Big Bang Results: Who are the 3 lucky Followers?

Update (29 December 2009): One of the winners, Wai Yi,
has decided to auction off her vouchers in the name of charity! :)
Support her HERE.

It's midnight! :D

57 contest entries and three lucky draws later,
we have our 3 winners for The Big Bang's "Follower's Luck" giveaway!

Click HERE to read about the contest!

Congratulations to ...

Wai Yi (#20)
Cynthia (#22) [Our very own Guest Blogger's lucky day!]
Deb (#26)

You have each won RM370 worth of online shopping from our 8 sponsors! :)
Hope you enjoy your virtual cash vouchers! :D

To everyone else - thank you from the bottom of my heart for your entries,
I enjoyed reading them and all of you are very sweet! :)
I wish I had 57 prizes to give away so that everyone who participated could have something!
Thank You So Much!
to everyone who has supported YourShoppingKaki
and kept our dreams alive by visiting our website :)

Every reader makes a difference :)
If you haven't signed in as a Follower yet, please do so today
so that you'll be automatically updated if and when YSK makes a comeback! :)
Just scroll down to the bottom of this website and sign in, takes less than a minute!
I look forward to doing more wonderful giveaways for my Followers in future! ;D

To be a winner in YourShoppingKaki's The Big Bang contests,
click HERE for all the info you need! :)

And don't forget to mark your calenders for
the biggest sale the online shopping community has ever seen before -
20 blogshops, 8 dramatically-slashed price tags per blogshop, all in ONE place.
This blog. This Wednesday night.
31st December.
A 24-hour sale just for YSK readers. ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


The Soul said...

you sure or not? don't play a fool on me.. do i need to pay any fees in order to win? I don't recall myself having any luck.. How come I don't feel like WOW!! WOW!! WEE!! ?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Just for keeps, here's what the contest entries said to the question "Why do you visit YourShoppingKaki?"
5 entries per comment :)

Anna Chieng:
To see which blogshops have recently updated. YSK is like the connecting factor between online buyers and sellers. Without YSK, the online shopping community in Malaysia is dead.

Wirda Aqmi (http://dieheartfashion.blogspot.com):
As I'm a blog owner and also addicted to online shopping, I guess it's obvious that YourShoppingKaki gives me the latest rundown on what's in & trendy in the fashionista blogsphere. With a witty review on my very own line of clothing I too have become your number one fan :)

Nina Skutik:
The first time i came across YourShoppingKaki was when i saw your link on one of the blogshops i came across (it was earlier this year, couldn't remember which blogshop). And since then, i never regretted clicking on your link cos from not a SHOPPING PERSON, after reading your reviews and lessons and advises, i've addicted to ONLINE SHOPPING and not forgetting all the bazaars too! Being a night person, the first thing i always look forward to appear on the blogs i follow on my dashboard, is to hope that would've updated your blog! And i noticed that you always update after midnite! Your blog has taught me a lot about fashion. From the latest style to vintage to innerwear and plus sizes!!! U name it, we surely get it! I hope u won't stop blogging, cos i love your writings!!!

Nurul Nazihah:
I like YSK because you guys made my life a lot easier when it comes to online shopping because you guys update the blog very often with great discounts and offer. Not that i got the best bargains, the info are always useful rather that dreadful. :)

Wan Ping:
Reasons For Visiting YourShoppingKaki: I've actually come across yourshoppingkaki through another blogshop few months ago, and have been visiting yourshoppingkaki daily since that. I love the reviews and information for good deals that are posted on the blog. The "FYI" articles are also very useful, especially the recent "8 Vocabulary Lessons for Shopping Online" are extremely useful for someone which is still a online shopping newbie , like me. Yourshoppingkaki is more then a normal blog to me, it feels like a friend because it does what friends do, share all the shopping deals, knowledge and info. I'll like to say thank you and keep up the good work.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Cheryl Tan:
Well, i love your updates obviously! Simply because it attracts my attention! seriously, i used to not like the chanel bag until i read your post on your chanel bags! I just purchased one and hoping to be on it's way before Xmas! :) Also, i like how you advertise on promotions for various blogshops so it makes it easier for me to know which blogshop is having great bargains. save time=save cost! :) The best part of all is, i love reading on your shopping experience! it's not something which other blogshop reviewers do, that's why you're my Shopping Kaki! Thanks for having this lucky contest! Hope i'm the lucky one! :)

Because it a place where I can search which blogspot that sell the things that I want to buy..

i love fashion and ysk provide me info on fashion and blog shop selling nice stuff, but most of all, 1 thing that only ysk offer other than other reviewer is special discount for ysk reader.. thats y i never fail to read ysk blog everyday

the reason that i visit the shopping kaki : it provides me with whole of new things in fashion from all the shopping blog that i visit.tho i cannot afford to buy it, i still enjoy to see others wear it beautifully :)

Rachel Loh:
I do not need to visit any offline boutiques or keep on clicking on shout boxes links to see the latest trends and bargains anymore because of YourShoppingKaki.com.
With just one click from my google tab I can just keep myself updated with the joy of getting the best bargain. Especially SALES time! YourShoppingKaki always let me know the latest and cheapest SALE online. YSK used to update inconsistent due to tight schedule. Boy, I'm glad that you girls are blogging full time now because YSK has become part of my breakfast every morning at 9am! Inspired by YSK I just started a new blog with my boyfriend (http://glenchel.blogspot.com). Still empty but will keep blogging about all the goodies. Thanks.
Keep blogging girls!

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Izzati Jamal:
YSK is my starting point in the online shopping world! Because of you, Im soooooooooo addicted to online shopping! I always visit YSK(as in every single day!) to see wheter is there any new updates because I really love how you write up your reviews telling people how to shop, in other word, guiding people on how to be a good consumer in this online shopping world. And also due to the reason that you guys provide sooo may pictures when writing up a review compared to other online shopping reviews, and I love pictures . As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but I dont how Ill apply that in this case haha anyway but it does attract my attention to go to that specific blog.
Other than that, I visit YSK to check out the latest bazaar because I just love bazaars! And I assume you guys have the most updated dates and places of upcoming bazaars. Keep up your good work for the love of your readers! Thank you.

Angeline See:
Because unlike most review blog, everytime you blog there's always a hint of humour or sarcasm. Which is really fun to read instead of the boring ol' typical reviews. Plus there are always some special tips or something new to be learn from your blog, not to mention the special discounts! So what's not to love about YSK? :D

The reason why i visit www.yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com it is because, this blog is the very first blog review that i found online through google when i typed "shopping review" and also through a blogshop links. I have been reading www.yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com everyonce when i online without fail, because it this blog gives me precise information about shopping online and review on other online blogshops. If this blog doesnt exist, guess i will be purchasing online blindly without any guidance and information regarding about items materials and postage fees. Really great job for creating this blog on reviews where it boost up the trust of mine to purchase products online. And besides that, a really good listing on bazaars and shopping events happened around the town, and i tracked them one by one. Will always keep an eye one this blog. A very friendly and direct link without any confusion! Really love it!

Leong Ai Leng:
I visit YourShoppingKaki because of the the funky and intriguing reviews which you write all the time :) As a matter of fact, most of the reviewers merely put the pictures and a simple link to the blogshops concerned but YourShoppingKaki is totally different in that you start of everything with a story related to that blogshops and let everything go with the flow. It's indeed a pleasure reading all your reviews :) Besides that, I also love the fact that you often incorporate your knowledge about the online fashion world into your reviews which definitely benefits the buyers. The different themes you have for each week makes me wonder how a person is able to have so much of creative juices flowing in her mind. The initiative taken in interviewing some of the blogshop owners should also be applauded as we, buyers often wonder from who we are buying those items and this indirectly gives us an insight into how the blogshop owners operate their businesses. Your effort definitely save us a lot of time and not to mention, helps to disseminate information about all the great things happening in the online fashion world which knows no boundaries. Reading YourShoppingKaki is absolutely an enjoyment for me that slowly grows into a hobby and builds up my love for online shopping. Last but not least, how can I resist all the special readers’ privileges that you gets for us ??? Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the great work, Sha-Lene. Really hope that you'll be back with more in the future :) All the best !!! You rock !!!
Really hope that I'm that lucky follower dear :) Thanks a lot :)

Cos you give great reviews and host superb contests like this one! :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

I read yourshoppingkaki everyday just cause im such a shopaholic, i always wanna know which blogshop has new updates, and accurately what time do they update the blog. I love that you update your blog everyday or almost as often as you can, unlike some other review blogs that i have read before that rarely updates therefore information being very outdated already. Another thing is that i love the clothes and accessories that you do reviews on. All great stuff!

Sze Yun:
Why do I visit yourshoppingkaki? :) All because I'm a shopping kaki myself! Where else to find such quirky updates about blogshops all around the globe if not for yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com? :D Furthermore, this is the site on where to get awesomely great bargains together with great quality goods, be it pre-order or pre-loved. Thank you for being my shoppingkaki! :)

# I really enjoy your writing. Looks professional but not boring :)
# Very informative. You shared lotsa infos in your blogposts.
# Blogshops review. Items on sales and all those nice things :D
# Last but not least, I just LOVE YSK!. XD

Lee Wai Yi:
Because of the special discounts that YSK readers can get! and for the shopping grapevine so i can see what's on sale :P haha. And oh, also because I asked you about back-out buying after you launched the anti backout buyer campaign and you were so nice and clear with the explanation :)
*crosses fingers*,
wai yi

Lydia Tong:
Cuz that where i get the updates from. :P

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Cynthia Lee:
One stop solution centre to all fashion woes. speedy search for blogshop updates, and a cbox which serves as a customer service centre to attend to enquiries!

Suat May:
I think I may have mentioned it in previous contest entries and my blogpost for the Wishlist contest, but hey, good things are meant to be shared (again!). Basically I love YSK because of the little extras you put in your blog: FYI posts, seeing the face behind the reviews (I'm as curious about reviewers as I bet most online shoppers are about blogshop owners), posts that are more personal (like sharing what you know about tights and maxi dresses and your own collection). Oh, and the giveaways as well, 'cause they always come with awesome prizes! :D

Vancy Wong:
YourShoppingKaki is definitely the platform for me to seek for everything ONLINE! & what i mean is EVERYTHING! From clothes to dresses, t-shirt, blouses, skirts, contact lens, fragrances, accessories, gifts and even beauty products from A to Z.

Shazarina Tan:
I visit YourShoppingKaki everyday to know the latest fashion and
events in malaysia. Everyday I log in, there always new stuff to see
and some interesting contest to join but i never won any of them
I should really thank YourShoppingKaki owner of blog because the
blog save my day when im desperately looking for my prom dress. I cant
find any prom dress that I really like in our local store so I decided
to search in YourShoppingKaki blog. There I go, I found this dress at
some blog called (erm... i 4got la so sorry). Thank u thank u & thank
u But sometimes I am not very happy when i log in because there's
always something that i wanted to buy so badly but i do not have
enough $$$. Basically all my saving goes to online shopping.
So i really hope i can win this contest to save some money for my
saving or some future use. Hahahah!!! :)

Shazarina Tan:
I visit YourShoppingaKaki to kill my boredness when I have
nothing to do in the office.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Deborah TJH:
I visit YSK simply because I'm addicted to it! Every day, I wake up to new interesting fresh and light post to read.
The best part is, YSK is all about fashion, clothes and EVERYTHING and a shopaholic loves! I must say, Sha-lene's got some
great fashion taste too, so its a plus factor because I get to learn from her :P For now, I'm visiting YSK double or triple times a day,
or maybe more because of all the exciting contests! I hope to win!>.<

Shan Lyn:
Becoz it's the most entertaining review blog ever!

Shan Lyn:
Becoz it's a all-in-one blog. Updates, grapevines (SALES!!!!), reviews of what is the in-fashion, etc :)

Shan Lyn:
Becoz of its generous giveaways! :)

# Becoz of quirky guest blogger (Cynthia)! Haha! :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Becoz it has the most user-friendly layout :)

Bcoz I love the entertaining, yet educational post - such as of
leggings, maxi dresses, etc! :)

Hui Wearn:
For the great deals and fantastic reviews of course!

Chris Kam (http://itsy-beadsy.blogspot.com):
Hey sha-lene, those contests are too fun to miss...hehe.. trying my luck ;) I visit because YSK always never fail to come up with all these awesome reviews & interesting articles !! can't find another fashion reviewer that comes close to what you are doing in yr blog :D


Your Shopping Kaki said...

My frequent daily visits to YourShoppingKaki always surprised me with wonderful reviews and useful tips shopping online and there is always isomething for everyone here.

Farah Hanis:
i love to visit yourshoppingkaki because i love ONLINESHOPPING :) and at yourshoppingkaki there were so many blogshop :) and i love to join all the contest in yourshoppingkaki :) i hope yourshoppingkaki will review more about fashion and maybe giving some fashion tips to all the readers :) wanna join this contest :) hope i am the lucky one :) wishing a lot :)

Farah Hanis:
i always visit yourshoppingkaki because i love too see the latest sale from the blogshop that yourshoppingkaki had link :) i love shopping and love to window shopping too :) i hope your shopping kaki will review more about sale or contest that have been done by the blogshops :) really wanted to join this contest :)

Farah Hanis:
i love to visit yourshoppingkaki website because it is so colourful and it has so many blogshops link that i can go and S H O P P I N G~ love shopping :) btw yourshoppingkaki also a place for malaysian people like me to go and take a look about review on blogshops :) love ur blog :) i hope u guys will review more about other blogshops for school teenager like me :) :) love this contest :) i hope i have the luck :)

I honestly think that your review site is one of the best I have read, and the only one that I follow via livefeed, because I look forward to every one of your post. One thing for sure, I'm a fussy reader, i.e. I cannot stand silly grammatical mistakes and I have to say that your english is just perfect. I am really sad that YSK is gona end soon, and I do hope to see your comeback soon! =)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Err...here's entry no 2 cuz i have more reasons..and erm..i'm kiasu =D
Reason no 2: I really like the clothes you review, because you seem to be able to find all the nice stuff that I would never have come across by myself. And..I must say I totally love your chanel review..and great thanks for kindly emailing me back and forth when I was so confused about those many chanel-inspired bags out there. What more can I say, Thank you!! =D

Yi Peng:
I visit YourShoppingKaki to get my fix in the world of online shopping. It's really informative and interesting. Plus, we get discounts!

~ Why wouldn't i? YSK is like the BEST reviewer ever. And the stuffs reviewed are usually pretty cool and trendy. I ♥ it. (:

Su Ann:
Because of the superbly lengthy and interesting reviews! :)

To lepak , coz im online in office whole day.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

easy viewing of blogshop updates..

Noor Elisa:
hye~!!! becoz i wanna know what's
the hottest in town...

I visit YSK because there's hardly any review blogs that writes with good English. Besides, I like that you are proud of being a plus size =)

Charmin (http://glossyaddiction.blogspot.com):
For obvious reasons lol! Love her features, in depth and with a dash of personal touch. Her advertorials actually make you wanna buy :)

I am a very "kipas susah mati" / "die hard fan" to YourShoppingKaki. Even in my office, owez sneaking time to open yourshoppingkaki's blog. Hope you Shalene owez success in finding/reviewing new
item for me and of course helping me financing my shopaholic $$$ by giving me the
virtual cash vouchers from 8 blogshops. OMG! I was thrilled!!

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Noor Afienna:
i visit YSK for the spanking new updates on sale item and up-to-date trends. i just love shopping more than anything

Nurul Adlynna:
becauz at YSK i can find may beauty of dress...also can window shoping in the blog...;)

I visit YourShoppingKaki almost everyday to find out good promotions for YSK's readers. And to know more about blogshops owners. I like how neat is the blog & easy to find what I'm looking for. And I absolutely love the way you type/blog! You're not like other blogshops, you're special in your own special way! I like YSK! :)

Suit May:
- I came to find out about this link through, some other blog's website XD but not only why i visit this blog, the reason why i stayed tuned is obviously only for one reason!
- Amazing clothes, awesome reviews, unbelievable discounts and giveaways, splendid informations, effecient updates and an outstanding BLOG!
- There, all in one sentence! :)
<3 silently screaming,*pick me, pick me!* :D

1st, i found this page from how2shop.com . since i am her happy costumer so i interested to participate your contest featuring with how2shop.com . then, everyday when you update new entries, immediately i'll visit your page to see what's hot stuffs offered.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Pek Mun:
I love visiting YSK because of all of the fantastic reviews!! From nice and affordable clothes to behind the scene of the blogshop owner. This let us knows that who is the master mind of the blogshop and let us get to know them more. Some blogshop owners are not very patient so by interviewing them, we'll get the idea of how the blogshop owners are. Sometimes if i needed to find something online, i'll just post at the comment box and surely there's people or even you, sha lene will help me. This makes me shop easier! I love your blog posts as they are very very detail like the one on types of leggings. This makes me understand better of the different types of leggings. Which to wear and which one is the see through kind. I'm very very happy that you're making contests for us (sonline shoppers) to have a chance to win clothes, bags, lifetime postage and many many more! As now is the Christmas season, my pocket also burnt with VERY VERY BIG hole! Now i see clothes online also cannot buy becasue no money. But now with all these contest! I have chance to win vouchers to shop for free online! Thanks Sha Lene! Some of your posts are humourous and that made my day! The reviews on bazaar are so nice that it makes me regret for not going there to shop and missed it. Sha Lene please let me win this so i can have the vouchers!!!! XD

Sabrina Aziz:
# Why I visit: How can I not? Seriously though, I just love your style of writing! It's so creative and such an enjoyable read that it is an absolute must in my daily activity. Wake up, roll over groggily, click on my google reader tab and click on YSK in my "A list" list. Yes you're in my A list LOL. Even if it's advertisements I soak it up anyway because the way you write reminds me just so much of how I used to back when I actually did write. And speaking of which, I actually found a folder of my writings and musings back in those days and smiled to myself. I should really pick up the pen again, even if for nothing but myself :) So I guess if I were to be honest that's the main reason, really. The promotions and contests are wonderful of course but that isn't the main attraction for me personally. Oh though I do love the reviews! How can I not! I waited AGES for the chanel-inspired bag review (and now that I think of it I haven't even gotten one yet LOL- I should hunt for one now) because it was so useful! Having someone do the trial-and-error for you hehe.
# PS: I have been stalking you forever. Always felt like dropping a line or two except that I wasn't sure that the mail wouldn't just menyemak in your surely bursting inbox. And I bought that red picnic maxi from you. ;p Loving it btw, it's the comfiest one I own.

U reviewed everything! There's no reviewers review from luxury bags, ordinary stuffs, men things, preloved to maternity wear?! I never thought there's blog selling maternity wears, I asked my sister take a look at it and she's surprised too! huhu. U're great la Shalene, going to miss your review. u're very creative, listing down all kind of blogs, different items, prices varies, creative way to review product, seducing others to advertise with u! haha. I'm owner of cheapprettythings btw :P Why are u stopping anyway?

You got very nice feature there! U know u're good, and everyone likes u *theehee* so lots of people came and advertise their online shop with you. It's my reference too, looking for bazaars, current sales and updates from blogs. Do u plan to do something like, letting lots of people can advertise in your blog when u're not there anymore. Like, what if there are new blogs? huhu. Oh btw, i guess there's one thing u have to do in your blog - a list of what others are looking for i.e dresses etc. Its not convenient listing it in comment boxes. Just an opinion :D

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Because of the colorful socks! hahahahha. I visited YSK as reference. Guides to see what competitor's prices, my target market, what shopaholics looking for, and the most important thing is, to know the latest trend. I'm a little behind when talking bout fashion, then! Now I'm telling my friends what are the latest trends, on9 fashion trends. hee

Actually there's a reason why i send u lots of emails for this contest.
1. There's like lotss of shopaholics emailing u righttttt? There' so little chance for me to win. uwaaaa
2. If I dont win this, I wanna win enthusiastic award. hahaha
3. I know I'm going to miss u. I use your page for reference, so now.hurm maybe I have to refer to lots of reviewers. When they're combined, its called YourShoppingKaki :)
This is going to be my last entry for this contest. So, just wanna say..wishing u lots of luck in your future :)

Carolyn Levins:
Your Shopping Kaki is my one-stop fashion updates for everything new and exciting

Joyce Ting:
I love reading YSK. To me, it's the best blogshop review ever and the best source to find what I'm looking for in online shopping. Your advertorial posts on blogshops are great! It's beneficial to both the seller and buyer. By promoting blogshops, sellers (blogshop owners) earn popularity among customers and we (customers) would acknowledge the blogshops. You, Sha-Lene also write all the advertorial in a creative manner that really lights up YSK. Futhermore, an online shopping addict like me just LOVES it when the advertorial comes together with a little surprise at the very end. I feel so happy to get many wonderful promotions in the end of the post like discounts and free postage instantly with just a simple secret password.
Not only do I love reading YSK for its advertorial posts, but also for the best guideline in online shopping. You talk about useful tips that helps me when I purchase items online. For example, "8 vocabulary Lessons for Shopping Online". It's really helpful and a big thumbs up from me.
Last but not least, your Big Bang contest really makes me go "WOW"! (Another reason why I just truly adore YSK). Coming up with contests like this makes YSK more lively than ever! But it's really sad that you'll be leaving soon. I wish you don't have to. *sob*
If I'm lucky to win this contest, it would be the happiest moment of my life! Even if I don't win, I'll still be a loyal follower of YSK!
Sorry that I send my entry like so near the closing of the contest. There were just sooooo many reasons why I visit YSK until I had to try my best to summarize it to a shorter version (although I still think that it still end up quite long. Haha!)
Anyways, that my dear... are my reasons why I just LOVE visiting YSK.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

i visit YourShoppingKaki because i'm addicted to fashion and shopping. YourShoppingKaki is the most happening and most updated review than other review blogs. it's simply easy to shop and stay updated with YourShoppingKaki. and their contest is so awesome. i get a lot of info about fashion, lifestyle, and many more from YourShoppingKaki. without YourShoppingKaki, I will be "katak dibawah tempurung"(u know what i mean) :)

I think that's all! :) Hope I haven't missed anyone out - thank you to all of you for sending in all those entries!! <3

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