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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Big Bang's Star Search: Who is the biggest online shopaholic of all?

It's been a controversial and intense 30 hours! ;)
I hope that everyone remembers what we're all here for -
to have fun and enjoy ourselves, making friends not foes,
escaping from the stressful world out there by doing what we love ...

3831 page hits, 74 entries and a lot of votes and comments later, we have our winners! :D
Check out the prizes here and all the contest entries here.

And the winner is ...

Anna Chieng
She sent in two wonderful photos that are both tied for first place! :)
She'll be sharing the 10 prizes with ... herself! Haha! :D
Congratulations, Anna! Your effort and creativity really shows in the photos!

Winning Photo 1 ("I love online shopping") by Anna Chieng (L-R)
Butterfly top: Phat Culture | Lace dress: Sugar Jude
England flag top: Pre-Order Boutique | Hooded dress: Lovely Closet
Paisley maxi dress: Pre-Order Boutique | Gingham off-shoulder top: Angel Boutique
White maxi dress: Heaven for Angels | Blue chiffon top: Angel Boutique
Blue dress: Dorfbury | Pink layered dress: Pre-Order Boutique
Black vest: Pre-Order Boutique | Pink eyelet bustier dress: Room8008
Blue floral smocked top: Pre-Order Boutique | Checkered shirt: Pre-Order Boutique
Navy blue dress: Wonder Wardrobe

Winning Photo 2 ("This ain't all of it yet") by Anna Chieng
Top: The It Girl
Suspender skirt: Heaven For Angels
Shoes: The Kooky Thing

And we have one runner-up who wins those 50% discount coupons
to buy any one item from each of the 10 sponsors! :D

The runner-up is ...
Ng Shwu Yi

Stunning special effects with some of the trendiest fashion available online -
who says you can't be three different people at once, right? ;)

Runner-up Photo ("Polaroid Personalities") by Ng Shwu Yi (L-R)
Dress: Nunfish boutique | Bracelet: Style Influx | Belt: Snow Blossom | Shoes: Angelfashionista
"What I wanted to convey was that clothes bought online are cheap and offers many varieties - I can be any person I wanna be just by dressing differently with the clothes I bought online. :) And with just the little budget that I have! I can be the fashionable nerd one day, or feminine me, or just the glammed up me ready for a night out. And that's really why I love online shopping, I can dress for any ocassion under a tight budget! :)" - Ng Shwu Yi, runner-up Star Shopaholic

Thank you for all your contest entries, comments and votes! :)
I think all the photos were gorgeous, and thank you for your sports(wo)manship in trying! :D

Our last contest - Victoria's Secret & Lifetime Free Postage Pass Giveaway - ends tonight,
and tomorrow night, be excited for The Shopping Kaki Sale (sponsored by 20 blogshops)!

PLUS, The Most Enthusiastic Contestant for The Big Bang will be named very soon! :D
Yes, she wins a gorgeous black maxi dress worth RM99 - click HERE! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


SuatMay said...

Congrats, girls! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you YSK for the lovely prizes! I wanna congratulate the winner who truly is the biggest shopaholic, great job girl! And to those who din really understand my picture though, do read the winner's announcement post. Hope u guys understand what i wanted to convey :)

Runner-up :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to the winner~ I should look at the title carefully, i didn't express how much i love and make use of online shopping...will try again in the future contest! Thanks for organizing this contest!

one of the contestant

Anna said...

Thanks girls!

Hee.. to be honest, i'm not sure whether being a shopaholic is such a good thing :P But i guess it did me justice here :)

First and foremost, a big big BIG thanks to Sha-Lene for going through the trouble to organise this contest just for her readers. It must have REALLY been stressful! But a big thank you! *hugs* I really appreciate it ^^

And next, to all the sponsors, thanks for your generosity in sponsoring the prizes and for agreeing to be a part of this contest behind the judging tables. And a big thank you to those who voted for my photos! It couldn't have made it this far without you guys! :D

And a big shoutout to those who saw something in my pictures! Your support have been amazing and i couldn't have done it without you! :)

To all the other contestants, I commend all of you for the effort! You guys did a great job! And to runner-up Shwu Yi, I honestly love your photo ;)

With much love and gratitude,
Anna :)

P/S: Your imagination is your limit ;)

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