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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It looks like I'm not the only one having a birthday this week! ;)
While the blogger behind YourShoppingKaki turned legal 21 yesterday,
our friendly neighbourhood online beauty parlour turns ONE today! :D

Happy Birthday, PattyBelle!

As part of their 1st Anniversary celebrations, here is their rockin' promo:
Skynet courier postage to West Malaysia = RM5 only
Purchase of 2 or more Yuan Soap = Free postage
Purchase 3 or more Yuan Soap = Free postage + Free bathing companion (Unbleached Face Cloth ( 無染方巾) worth RM6 - pictured below)

And as part of the kinship I have with birthday buddies worldwide,
I'm going to share with you exactly why I love shopping at PattyBelle. :D

Besides praiseworthy customer service and tonnes of cool stuff - from skincare to beauty products to handmade goodies - they have something of a niche market online for Yuan Soap!

I mean, I generally am not interested in conversations about soaps and suds, but this is one paragraph you have to read (or regret missing out on!). There's a lot of information about Yuan Soap - and if you're serious about changing your soap habits for life, you should definitely read more - but if you're lazy to hit those search engines, here's the skinny in its skinniest form: Yuan Soap is basically all-natural handmade soap, created by a Taiwanese man (pictured below) with sensitive skin. Basically, it's really good for you. :)

Picture credits to The Star

In a world that knows going organic is the ONLY way to go, Yuan Soap fits perfectly into the washing habits of tomorrow. ;) From soaps designed for laundry to soaps that work as chemical-free alternative shampoos - and of course, hand soaps - each type of Yuan Soap fills a different need. And each type of skin or skin condition meets its match in a different type of Yuan Soap. :)

These soaps ... they know no gender. They know no boundaries (considering how internationally-acclaimed they are!), and they know no flaws. :) Prices range from RM17.50 to a little under RM50, and PattyBelle is a licensed Yuan Soap seller.

Buy these wonder soaps from the comfort and convenience of your home - buy more than one and you'll have them delivered to your doorstep with free shipping thrown in! :) From skin-calming properties to improving dry skin or helping women who have just given birth (hormonal changes affect skin), making skin less oily, and so many more different properties and uses - I just can't summarise them here - so if you're interested, it's worth the effort of clicking HERE and reading more! :)

And for those of you who are already familiar with Yuan Soap, here are PattyBelle's latest soaps! :) Nine new soaps just in - click more on the picture below for the full information! :)

In an interview with The Star, Chiang Jung-Yuan, the creator of Yuan Soap, says that he made Yuan Soap for his mum because her hands were sensitive to the common detergents. I'm so glad he did, because I love giving Yuan Soap to my mum too! :) Seriously, I think Yuan Soap is one of the best presents you could get for your mum - whether for Mother's Day, her birthday, Christmas, or just an ordinary day (we don't need occasions to give gifts to our loved ones!), these soaps make cool and useful gifts. :)

This one below is my personal favourite, and I think it could be useful for most of us:

Mandarin Orange Soap RM29.50
Calming, great for relieving stress, prevents formation of cellulite,
gentle whitening effect and antibacterial properties. :)

Honestly, it's really worth giving Yuan Soap a try! My family wasn't sure at first either, so we bought one and tried it - plus it came with miniature samples of a couple of other types - and we found that we like it, so we regularly buy more. :) Also, ask Patty about which type of soap you should buy, because different types are better-suited for different types of skin and conditions. :)

Click HERE to start shopping for Yuan Soap!

*Pssst... do browse around PattyBelle's site to check out other products too!
If something interests you, you'll want to visit YSK again later today
to find out about PattyBelle's GIVEAWAY of skincare products worth RM50! ;)*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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