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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wardrobe Detox: Keep it simple!

The new year is upon us, and with it, comes new resolutions! :D If your wardrobe (or life) seems a little cluttered, there's a one-stop solution ...

Look to the stars. Like Jennifer Aniston.

LOL. No, I'm just kidding! But really, look at the outfits that everybody's favourite Friend wears - and you'll notice that although she never fails to be effortlessly stylish, there's a very simple vibe to the look that she's pulling off. :) So, when in doubt - keep it simple!

Where better to try your hand at simple style than at
Simpli-cious Online Boutique? :D

Some of their latest updates - simple apparel for Christmas parties and more!

Deliciously perky colours that blend in well together -
creating a funky but simple fun style :)

And how awesome it is that Simpli-cious is having a special promo
for YSK readers
with the password "Simply Delicious Fashion at Simpli-cious!"? :D
Free postage storewide & get 10% discount for items in this blog post
(except the 9 at the start of the post)
Your next purchase in future - get 10% discount as well!

Q&A with Clara
Co-owner of Simpli-cious

  • YSK: How did the story of Simpli-cious begin?
  • Clara: Simpli-cious is basically an idea of my gang of uni friends. We were really close friends even after work, and after working for some years, start to get bored of the routine daily work and decided to try something new and fun, and so we decided to start on online biz. Ended up there are 4 of us decided to venture into the online biz. It was really random, we try to seek for supplier and the first time we went were all close because we visit them during Sunday. 2nd time I went alone, and ended up bought back our 1st batch of clothes. The other 3 were not in KL, so I took some photos to show them, ended up the photos were used for the blog.

  • YSK: Tell us about the people behind Simpli-cious!
  • Clara: There are 4 of us!! Me Clara in charge of basically everything as I''m in KL, stock with me and I'm a customer support officer that time and I love designing stuffs, so emailing customers and the photos part goes to me. We have Huey Ween as the model and working on the coding part as she is good in programming!! (We already have our .com URL and working on our own shopping cart system), Siao Chen in charge of the finance/accounting part, and Seek Fuan give us moral and financial support, LOL!!

Clara & Huey Ween | Clara, Seek Fuan & Siao Chen
  • YSK: What kind of items do you sell on Simpli-cious, and the price range? :)
  • Clara: We mainly focus on casual and oversize items, like kimonos, oversize tops, cardigans that you can wear it everyday!! We set our price lower then RM60 so is affordable for everyone!! And quality is always guarantee and worth the price!!

  • YSK: Why "Simpli-cious"? What's the story behind the name, and the dash in the middle? :P
  • Clara: Simpli-cious is actually a short form of Simply Delicious. I'm the one who came out with this name as when I see some items that I like, esp fashion stuff the word delicious simply pops to my mind!! Simply Delicious seems a bit too long so we just make it Simpli-cious!! The dash is just to link up both the word, that's it!!
  • YSK: What is your favourite item you've ever sold on Simpli-cious, and why? :) Is it something you would wear yourself?
  • Clara: My favorite items is clover bear long top and the valerina series, yes is definitely something that I would wear fro myself and simply lovin it!! Love it because it is casual but not the usual/ordinary tee cutting, can easily stand out from others. :)

  • YSK: What would you say is something you will always remember from Simpli-cious? :)
  • Clara: Too many to mention!! The bazaars we went, the COD customers we meet, the time we went high and low sourcing for new clothes, all are wonderful memories. ;-p
  • YSK: What's your favourite thing about being a blogshop owner?
  • Clara: Well, is always full of surprise!! Like sourcing is like a shopping therapy too, and getting interviews and writing articles for newspaper, getting to know more about fashions news, is just simply awesome!! I really enjoy to interact with my lovely customers and always happy when my customer feedback telling me they really like my stuffs.

  • YSK: What will be seeing from Simpli-cious in the future?
  • Clara: We already have our own .com URL and now are moving forward to shopping cart system. Later on will revamp the blog template as well and will source in more lovely and quality yet affordable clothes!! This is our promise!! Visit us at www.simpli-cious.com! :)
What're you waiting for? :D
Go on and grab that simple delight from Simpli-cious,
and use that YSK Readers' promo! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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