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Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's not THAT kind of affair!

"Eh ... I'm having an affair."
"But you're not married!"
"It's not that kind of affair!"
"Ohh ... affair with clothes la! Ya ya I know, I read your blog dy."

I have all these colours! :D

Special Promotion for YSK readers
Exclusively at My Clothes Affair
Buy 5 pairs of tights (RM12 each) from this link and get your sixth pair for free!
Basically, 6 pairs of tights for the price of 5 (RM50) :D
Password: "I want to have an affair with MCA!"
*Special promo & free postage promo ends 3rd January 2010.

MyClothesAffair's jaw-dropping collection of
coloured tights (top row) and glass tights (bottom row).
And what's pictured isn't even all! There are more than a dozen colours in each collection!
Jealous much?! :(

It's not just an affair with tights, of course, otherwise it'd be MyTightsAffair (lol) -
they've got shoes, dresses, tanks, tunics, cinchers, bikinis on clearance sale too! :D

Just be sure to check out All. Their. Four. Sections! :P

But of course, I still blame MyClothesAffair for stirring up my obsessive passion for tights! :D
It's like that McDonald's mission from 10 years ago,
where for some funky reason you feel like collecting all the Hello Kitty toys.

Before I sign off for Christmas Eve ...
(a couple of posts scheduled for tomorrow as well,
something special for anyone staying home for X'Mas!)
Lemme just say: All I want for Christmas ...

... is a pair of sunny yellow tights! :P

You can click HERE if you want to buy them for me :D
Or click HERE anyway if you feel like buying something for yourself or your loved ones ;D
P.S: Eh by the way, I'm just kidding ya! Don't need to buy yellow tights for me :P

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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