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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

8 Things To Steal This December

Was trawling around blogshop-sphere when I stumbled upon
this super-duper catchy poster:

Picture credits to Cocktails & Martinis

And was inspired to write this review. :D

Allow me to share with you 8 places to STEAL away
some really affordable on-sale items!

For that extra buzz of adrenaline rush,
click on the blogshop link to see what the original prices were -
and find out how much discounts you'd be enjoying to buy them now! :D

From Cocktails & Martinis RM25 each
Gasp-worthy sales alert!
Not only are these Last Piece dresses going for a fraction of the original price,
our favourite non-liquor-serving blogshop is really serious about clearing old stock!
Other fun flat-price collages on their site, including vintage-inspired bags for like RM30!

From d'boolat boutique RM18 each
Another blogshop dead serious about clearing old stock,
at prices that put ooodles of excitement in the plates of online shoppers! :D
I'm loving the florals (as usual!) but there's so much more on sale at their blogshop -
plus they're super duper nice - and oodles of plus-sized clothes available too!
I'm so excited, I've even started abusing the word "oodles". :P

From Poppy Mallow RM35 each
Argh! How adorable are these big-bow lace tank tops? :D
Comes in a palette of sweet and safe colours, the kind you can't go wrong with!
Adorable tucked into high-waisted shorts or jeans,
adorable over a pair of skinnies, adorable over a pair of shorts -
possibly even adorable under a black blazer for a formal event! :D

From Tangled Colours RM10 each
I have the dress on the far left, and I didn't even buy it for this cheap! Haha!
Fits Uk4-14, seen retailing in plenty of boutiques and blogshops - but nowhere for RM10!
And the pink pinafore dress and flower power geometry-inspired dress are cute too. :D
RM10-flat-rate storewide (except for half a dozen specific items). STEAL!

From The Little Azaleas RM35 | RM30
Mighty affordable Muslim chic, modest yet sensational. :D
Loving the exposed zipper long-sleeved top, the pattern really just pops!
Patterns on the floral goodies are pretty darn exquisite,
from the lace detailing on the bust to the poofy sleeves. ;)

From My Chocolate Legs RM29 | RM25 | RM19
Mostly brand-new pre-owned, these are vintage and contemporary goodies
that simply can't be passed over without a review! :D
From the black eyelet dress to the yellow tube dress, to the floral bustier top, and more,
items on this blogshop are totally affordable - and the only question is:
"Which one(s) are you gonna buy?" ;P

From Fashion Exhibit RM25 | RM29 | RM25
Aye, one of the best blogshops online for thrift-shopping! :)
Well-known for how affordable their price tags are, check out the studded tank top,
studded and chained tank top, and the Balmain-inspired studded vest -
all for under RM30. :D Feel proud that you can now bookmark this blogshop!

From Oops Treat RM39 | RM39
I'm not really sure about this, but if I haven't misunderstood their promo,
you can buy one normal-priced item for the full price (lace dress)
and buy your second item (any item except their latest updates) for 50% off
the original price (the eyelet dress on the right would be RM19.50 instead of RM39).
For 2 really gorgeous purchases, you only spend RM58.50 - in total, RM65 including Pos Laju. :D
That's not too shabby for a lace dress and an eyelet dress! ;)
Just an example combo, plenty of choices for you on their blogshop!

Whatcha waiting for? :D
Those steals won't wait for you!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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