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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tech Support: How To Create A Linking Button

Hi guys! :)

Want to link Your Shopping Kaki? :D

Your Shopping Kaki

Save the picture above, or copy the code below:

Want me to link your blogshop? :)
1. Do link me up first, hehe! ;) It doesn't have to be the YSK logo above - it can be on a blogroll or as a text link.

2. Email me at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com once with the info below:
  • Email title: "LINK ME: (insert category)"
  • Blog name:
  • Blog URL:
  • Category to be linked into: (choose one from list below)
3. There are 10 categories to choose from:
  • General Blogshops: You sell mainly clothes that are brand new from suppliers. These are not clothes or items you have bought from retail stores.
  • Vintage: You sell mainly vintage clothes, bags, accessories, etc. Key word is "Vintage".
  • Pre-owned/Reselling: You sell second-hand items. Does not matter if you've used them or not.
  • Pre-Orders: You sell pre-order items that you don't have stock on-hand for.
  • Ready Stocks: Items from the pre-order category that you have stock on-hand of.
  • Bags, Shoes & Books: You sell mainly bags, shoes, and/or books.
  • Accessories & Custom-made: You sell accessories like jewellery, trinkets, and/or custom-made or hand-made items.
  • Plus-Sized: You sell mainly plus-size clothing.
  • For Dudes & Tots Too: You sell mainly items for men and/or children.
  • Lingerie, Swimwear, Cosmetics, Perfumes & Miscellaneous: Title is self-explanatory :D

If you want to create your own linking button:
Over the past year, I think I've received over fifty e-mails asking me the same question: "How do I create a linking button?"

One of my teachers used to say that when one person in a class has a question, that means twenty others are wondering the same thing - so I'm guessing, if I multiply the number of you who actually have emailed me asking the question... there's probably a lot of you who would like to know how to create your very own linking button. :)

So here's some tech support to the rescue! :D
This is my html code:

As of 23rd December 2009, I've switched to host my picture on blogger instead,
as my Imageshack bandwidth gets frequently exceeded and the image banned! :(

Whoops, please ignore the " | " line at the end of the first paragraph. Apart from the little screenshot typo, all you have to do is copy the same html code and modify three parts:
  • Where it says my website's URL, change it to yours.
  • Where it says "Your Shopping Kaki", change it to your blog name.
  • Where it says my image's direct URL (which I'm using Imageshack to host), change it to your own image's direct URL. It's the part that starts with "http://img73.imageshack..." and ends with "...linkingyourshoppingkaki.jpg".
I hope that helps any of you reading this. :) And if you have any questions at all related to a linking button, please leave it below as a comment so that others can see the question (and my answer) as well. :)

FAQ about blog update problems
Oh, and another question I get asked a lot is: "Why aren't my blog updates showing on your blogroll?" Well, first, make sure that I've linked you - if I've sent you an e-mail saying I've linked you, that means I've linked you. Otherwise, I haven't.

If I've linked you but your blog updates aren't being detected, try these steps:
  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Click the "Settings" tab
  • Click the "Site Feed" tab
  • Allow blog feed: Select "Full"
  • Leave everything else blank. Do not, I repeat, do not redirect your feed to your Feeburner URL. Unless your website is a dot com one, in which case you need a specific feed URL.
  • To be sure, test it out for yourself - add a "blogroll" on your blog's sidebar and link your own blog. Update a test post, hit refresh, and see if your update is detected! :D
Say "Yay!" if this blog post has helped you! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


glossyaddiction said...

here's to Sha-lene and her linking button tutorials! Thanks a mil for your detailed tutorial.

- EmmyCubic - said...

Hi, thanks so much for the tutorial. Finally i know how to do linking button for myself :D

Stylista said...

YAY!!! :)


Anonymous said...

It works! YAY!!!

San said...

How do u make the small box to put ur html code so that people can copy the code to their website?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi San, sorry for the late reply. The html code contains the small box - try it out! :)

Glitzy Bra Straps said...

Hi sha-leen, Im still having problem. The pic of mine wont appear. What shld i do?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Glitzy Bra Straps,

First, check if the URL to the picture is working. Remember that the URL needs to be placed twice in the html code.

If it still doesn't work, e-mail me your code and we can take a look to see what's wrong :)

Watermelon Seed said...

hi, i've linked you, kindly link me ya :) many thanks!

The Assemblage said...

Hi, we've linked you. This is a new site. Kindly link us back k? Thanks!

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Watermelon Seed & The Assemblage, would love to link you guys back - but please email me at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com to be linked :) Thanks!

Abraqedabra said...

This is helpful. Thanks! I've linked you and sent you an email already :)

tracy said...

hi, I've linked you.

this is my picture url

please check your email~

MilkyWay Closet said...

Yay....thanks for the useful tutorial!!

Miss GumGum said...

hi dear, can you show me how to do the small box below the linking button for people to copy the html code ?

Miss GumGum said...

hey dear,it's ok now, coz i'm done ! finally done a link button for my personal blog :) useful tutorial ! thanks a lot ! but i think you need to put more explanation for the tutorial :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Miss GumGum,
Glad you managed to find the solution before I even got to your comment! :D Which part would you suggest I add more explanation for? :)

PS: A reminder once again to everyone - the html code in the screenshot already contains both the linking button and the box with the code. I couldn't paste the code in my post because it automatically turns into the linking button & html box :P

Pinky said...

How can i let others people know i have link them??by email or they will notice automatically??
thanks for your help~

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Pinky, you'll have to let them know via email or leaving them a comment/message somewhere on their website! :D

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Sunday, December 20th, in an email,
pinkyshop-closet.blogspot.com asked:

"may i know how to create the box to show the link URL in blog? so that make others easier to copy my link.
I meant is categories of the Gadget in blogspot?
i had try text but it's not.
thanks for your help~~"

1. Go to "Layout"
2. Add page element
3. Select Add gadget
4. Select html/javascript. :)

Pinky said...

It's me...thanku very much.finally i successfully create the link url. thanks.cheers~have a nice day

♥ne.l♥ve.c♥ttage said...

Thank youuuu for the tutorials ♥♥♥

DHEEA RATU said...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing this!

But I've problem with the photo. It didnt appear in my blog. Why is that? Im using .jpg file

Hope you could help on this

blackbutton said...

may i know how to make the linking button..i dont have any idea at all to get the url as yours..

Hadi said...

hi, i've linked you, this is a new site. kindly link me ya :) many thanks!



Chellela said...

Hi, please link me ya,pre-loved blog chellela.blogspot.com

How can I link u in return?

whimsicalneeds said...

Babe, I've link you, link us back :)

Name of Site : Whimsical Talks
Site URL : http://whimsicaltalks.blogspot.com/
Category : cosmetics

Minibites said...

Hi, i've linked you already :)

Blog: Minibites
URL: minibitesonline.blogspot.com
Catogory: Accessories & Custom-made

Crazy Shopaholic said...

thank you so much for your tutorial on how to create a linking button! :) it was really, really helpful!

❤ Luna ❤ said...

Hi Shalene,

Linked ya already ;)

CHAOS said...

hi there,

I've linked ya already ;)

p/s: thanks for the helpful tutorial!

Hadi said...


Kindly link me..already link yours ;)

Blog Name : indie.lab
Blog URL : http://www.indiependentlabel.blogspot.com/
Category: Accessories & Custom Made

Thank you


aMulet said...

YAY~!~!. it;s really work..~! my very first time LOL!~~!

leeya said...

hye..thanx for linked me..i linked yours already..thank again!

KoreaLens4Eyes said...

thanks for the link tutorial! :)

Arin Zahari said...

I will add you on my new clothes shopping online store. Thanks!

Little Darlings Closet said...

Hi Sha-lene, i have linked you into my blog. hope that u link me soon ya. Thanks, you blog roxx..

M@Y said...

hi,already linked u n also send a linking button to your mail,http://welcomemaymayhouse.blogspot.com/,tq.

butique4u said...

Hi, I already link you. Please check your inbox as well.
Thank You. :)

Koleksi Anggun Puteri said...

already link ur website.pls link my blog.thanks

Rapture Studio said...

Thanx a lot babe.u been a great help!

anyway,link me


redbutterfly said...


ur post sure help in smoothen up my blog =)..i've been looking everywhere on how to make my own linking till i saw ur post..

i'lll love to linkk ur blog but 1 question plez..where to find your linking codes? cant be find even when i hit the Link Me button..

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi redbutterfly :) My linking code is actually at the beginning of this blog post that you've left a comment in :D It's in the little text box under the YSK banner. The instructions say "Save the picture above or copy the code below"

Tweet.Tweet said...

Hi yourshoppingkaki.com !

I am Tweet.Tweet.
Dy email you the info you needed, please link me back ya ;)
thanks in advance !

oh btw, how did Tweet.Tweet to know whenever the link is ON?


joey said...

hi shalene :) thank you for your guide im very love ur webpage and is help a lot for blogshop owner like us :)

dressie2gether said...

already link ur blog.pls link my blog.Thanks

Rosey Yahya said...

yay! this tuto help a lot...thanx YSK!

Secret Garden said...


We linked you (: Kindly link us back ^^


Euphoria said...

Dear YSK,

I'm not sure bout the ImageShack part...how do i know what is my image's direct URL?

MIyaco said...


I have linked you, please link my blog, thanks 0^*^0http://flowerangel88.blogspot.com

MIyaco said...

I have linked you, please link my blog, thanks 0^*^0http://flowerangel88.blogspot.com

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Euphoria :) It's the link to your image :) You can also upload on to Facebook or your blog and right click "view image" and get the website URL for the image link.

diya said...

Yay...!!!!! =)

Annika said...

hye, i've linked u already and sent u email. :D

Blog name: Tiny-Sprinkles
Blog URL:http://tiny-sprinkles.blogspot.com/
Category to be linked into: Accessories & Custom-made

link me yah:

thanks a lot.

missyou said...

can i know if i alrdy link you thn wat next step i want to do~thank you~

Preloved Empire said...

Hey there! Already link your blog...kindly link mine ;)

Blog Name : Preloved Empire
Blog URL : http://www.prelovedempire.blogspot.com/
Category: Pre-owned/Reselling

Thank you


Bag Babe said...

Dear, I've link you in my blog list, link us back thanks :)

My blogname: BagForBabes
Blog URL:www.BagForBabes.blogspot.com
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She's Collection said...

Blog URL: http://bsnssblog.blogspot.com/
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eida omar said...

i've linked you already

Blog name: Everything To Shop
Blog URL: http://everythingtoshop.blogspot.com/
Category to be linked into: General blogshop
Thank You :]

Elsie said...

Thank you

Elsie said...


Glorious Tastebuds said...


I've linked you to my blogshop
and I've send you email regarding advertising service.

thank you


Glorious Tastebuds said...


I've linked you to my blogshop
and I've send you email regards advertising service.

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Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
I have already linked you to my blog :)

Name: Fashion Delight
URL: http://www.fashion-delight-shop.blogspot.com/
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We sell female apparel nighties, etc.
Hope you can also review us.
Thanks :D

Lielle said...

Hi, I've already linked you to my blog.

Blog Name: Ephemeral Charm
Blog URL : http://ephecharm.blogspot.com/
Category to be linked into : Accessories & Custom-made

Thank you and Happy New Year.

xo Nostalgia Vintage said...

Hello there,

We would love if you could link to us or review our blogshop. We have already linked you to our blog as well. Hoping to hear from you soon! thank you :)

Blog Name: xoNostalgia
Blog URL : http://xonostalgia.blogspot.com/
Category to be linked into : Vintage

Christine kok sook han said...

Hi babe,

Is my golden pleasure if u linked us ya,and we ady linked u to my blog as well,hope to hear from u soon.

Blog name: Tinetines Boutique
Blog url : http://tinetinesboutique.blogspot.com
category to be linked into : general blogshops

Christine kok sook han said...

Hi babe,

is my golden pleasure if u can linked us ya,and I ady linked u to my blog also,
hope to hear from u soon,

Blog name: Tinetines Boutique
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FH shop said...


I have already linked you to my blog :)

Name: FH shop
URL: http://fhshop.blogspot.com/
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Toffee Toast Box said...

Hi Shopping Kaki,

Kindly link with us as we already added you in our Blog list. =)

Email title: "LINK ME: (General Blogshops)"

Blog name: Toffee Toast Box

Blog URL: http://toffee-toast-box.blogspot.com/

Category to be linked into: General Blogshops

Thanks alot & wish you Happy Chinese New Year !


Toffee Toast Box said...

Hi babe,

Can you kindly link with us here and we do already linked with you in Toffee site.

Email title: "LINK ME: (General Blogshops)"

Blog name: Toffee Toast Box

Blog URL: http://toffee-toast-box.blogspot.com/
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Thanks alot & wish you Happy Chinese New Year !


pretty-preorder said...


Store Name: Pretty Pre-Order
Website URL:http://pretty-preorder.blogspot.com
Category: Pre-Order Clothes

xoxo said...

hi,, i've linked u already and sent u email

Blog name: House Of Nara Wedding Gallery
Blog URL: http://houseofnara-bridal.blogspot.com/
Category to be linked into:
General Blogshops

link me ya..

thanks <3

scarfa holic said...

hi,, i've linked u already and sent u email

Blog name: Scarfaholic
Blog URL: http://scarfaholic2012.blogspot.com
Category to be linked into:
General Blogshops

link me ya..

thanks <3

Anonymous said...

Hi babe, i have emailed you to link up my blogshop :)


cantw ait! thanks

Bellezza Accessories said...

Hi! Thanks for linking me...and yes, I have also linked you!

Feli said...

I can't seem to get my html code for the linking button in text form, it keeps coming up as a picture, help!

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Feli :)

Can you paste your code here for me to look at it? The textarea html should keep it from coming up as a picture.

Feli said...

I tried it again a few times and it finally worked! Thank you so much! It's so cool to have my own button now :)

J Lee said...

YAY! :)

I've just sent you an email to get linked, so I'm looking forward to that. Thank you for what you are doing here!

- J

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