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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mother knows best!

I reckon this week is about showing our readership that everyone matters - male or female, child or mother-to-be. :) Yesterday, we reviewed items for the delight of men's shopping carts - today, we look at maternity wear! :D

Now the happy mother of a five-month-old baby, Daphne Wong was frustrated with the maternity-wear options in Malaysia back when she was pregnant. She realised a lot of fellow mothers-to-be felt the same way - maternity clothes offline are super-expensive, old-fashioned, baggy, and just the sort of clothes your average fashionista would wrinkle her nose at! :( Thus, Celebrity Mum was born! :D Here, in an interview with the owner of one of the hottest maternity-wear blogshops online, get to know more about Celebrity Mum!

Q&A with Daphne Wong
Owner of Celebrity Mum

  • YSK: Tell us about Celebrity Mum!
  • Daphne: We are an online boutique specializing in maternity wear in Malaysia. At Celebrity Mum, we strive to give your maternity experience a new twist. We provide you with gorgeous dresses suitable for office wear, weddings, parties and casual weekends. All of our pieces are specially designed by designers. It comes down to the fact that we offer something unique and necessary: because of the old-fashioned and yet expensive maternity clothes in the market, most pregnant women prefer to just wear non-maternity clothings that don't fit well ... but now with celebrity mum, they can afford designer-inspired maternity clothes, at a reasonable price!
  • YSK: Maternity clothes are traditionally bought offline, especially in malls and boutiques. Why would you say shoppers are now turning to Celebrity Mum?
  • Daphne: I bet most pregnant mama face this same problem - we are frustrated with the maternity options in Malaysia! I have been searching high & low, sourcing from different countries, to bring fashionable maternity clothings that are reasonably price. Our pieces are classic pieces - sophisticated and absolutely stunning! You will feel more beautiful than ever in a maternity dress from Celebrity Mum. Our passion is to make you beautifully pregnant - like we always say, flaunt that baby bump!
  • YSK: What is the price range of your maternity wear?
  • Daphne: Our maternity wear ranges from RM49 for a maternity top and for a maternity dress, RM129 (which is very reasonable priced, if you were to see our quality). Take our Emma Turtle Neck Dress for example, it is being sold for USD108 in US, but here in Celebrity Mum, we are only selling at RM169, that's more than 50% off. We also wholesale maternity clothes - for example, by buying in bulk from us, blogshops that sell baby clothes can now expand to selling maternity wear! :)
  • YSK: What would you say to those who ask, "Maternity clothes are only worn for 9 months. What do you do with them after giving birth? Is it worth the money?"
  • Daphne: Ah yes, I have thought about this question! As the designs don't look like "maternity" wear at all, most of our pieces can be worn after giving birth. :) It is a wardrobe investment as much as it is a maternity investment! For example, the wrap dress can be worn whether you're 9 months pregnant or not pregnant as all, as the string is adjusted as your bump gets bigger. Some of our clothes are also nursing dresses, which means after delivery you can wear it for breastfeeding. :) Finally, these clothes are available in bigger sizes, like XL size, for plus-sized fashionistas.
  • YSK: Is there a physical boutique or meet-up location where interested customers can meet you to try on the clothes?
  • Daphne: We do not have a physical shop, that is why we can offer you reasonably price maternity wear. But if you are interested to try on our clothes, you can make an appointment and we will be happy to let you try on our clothes. We are located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. For those who prefer to sit back & relax at home while choosing your maternity wardrobe, we do have "Home Fitting Service" where we bring our "wardrobe" to visit you, all at the comfort of your home.

Here's a look at some of Celebrity Mum's impressive line of
celebrity-inspired maternity wear! :D

Special promo for YSK readers
Mystery gifts to the first 10 YSK customers who purchase from Celebrity Mum!
Plus additional 10% discount for this X'mas, so dress up & party!

Excited? :D
Be sure to spread the word among mothers-to-be!
Click HERE to check out Celebrity Mum today!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


waneeda said...

why u didn't do this review before? I've been searching hi n low for blogs selling maternity clothes. but now my baby is almost 2 months old now. *sigh* nevermind. will bookmark the blog for my next baby :P

Nakalicious Crew said...

this is something new...
i love the "Home Fitting Service" where we bring our "wardrobe" to visit you, all at the comfort of your home.Hassle free baby..
why you didn't do this 6 years ago..??
the clothes is pretty stylish too..
it's ok..no more baby for me thou!
may be will buy for my friends who ever get pregnant first..
all the best for you Celebrity Mum!!

CeLeBritY MuM said...

Thank you so much! Glad u love our clothes! Please do tell your friends about us @ Celebrity Mum ya! We will do our level best to serve all mommies! Our passion?? Making you beautifully pregnant1

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