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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8 Buys To Turn Heads

This New Year's Eve ...
everyone's going to be wearing the best of their wardrobes! ;)

New Year's parties are around the corner, and the stress for dress may be high!
Here are some quick buys that'll turn heads back to you for sure! :D

From JC Wardrobe RM52 | Pretty Clothes To Go RM39 (including postage)
There's little wonder why demure, feminine lace has hit
the runways and our wardrobes harder than ever before this season!
It's pretty darn timeless - not to mention sexy,
with that whole peekaboo, now-you-see-skin-now-you-don't effect! :)
These Oriental-inspired beauties of lace dresses are mind-blowingly gorgeous.

From Glam Paparazzi RM45
Studded bodycon skirts, these are sure something new! :D
The trendchild of the body-con, the bandaged and that rocker chic look!
Think liquid leggings, edgy leather jackets, stackable bangles piled on wrists. ;)

From Fancyland RM32 RM28.80 (after 10% discount for YSK readers)
It's all about the details!
The little things in life are the ones that sometimes matter the most,
and it's the same with what you're wearing. :)
A plain-looking something can be instantly glammed up with ...
a pop of colour (perhaps a sash or cincher), DIY sequins/studs, a patched-on badge (ala Blake Lively)
or embroidery like on the dress on the bottom right corner, available for you under RM30.

From House of Allure RM49 | RM40 | RM49
More popping colours and prints! :D
Instant LOVE!

From Modello RM25
I've been hankering for slashed leggings for a month (they're too funky to resist!),
but my mum insists they look like a cat crept into my laundry basket and then went a li'l crazy.
But for those of you who dare to wear and have the right places to wear them to,
here's a super-slashed pair available for quite an affordable price. :)
Also: Click here for a great way to wear them, here to learn to DIY them,
and here for ideas on layering them (e.g. wearing a different-coloured pair underneath,
or a pair of lace or mesh leggings under latex or cotton ones).

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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