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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A refreshing kinda quirky!

Can't stand those pimples? Acne-ridden cheeks spoiling your gorgeous outfits?
Tired of hiding under layers and layers of foundation and concealer?
Read on ... because D-Mask's top priority is skincare :)

Here are five products that have been selected for this review,
because they make a difference to your skin! :D

French Ampoules

What are these ampoules for? The short answer is... they're really good for your skin.
The long answer is... if you're seriously interested in protecting and improving your skin,
then click here to read everything you need to know. :)

French Ampoules
RM7 per bottle

5 bottles: RM32
+ FREE registered post
(YSK readers: RM30 including free postage)

10 bottles: RM60
+ 1 free container to put the extra ampoules
+ 1 free packet of mask powder worth RM4
+ free postage
(YSK readers: get an extra packet of mask powder for free!)

24K Gold Ampoules
RM20 per bottle

5 bottles: RM95
+ 1 free packet of mask powder worth RM5
+ FREE registered post
(YSK readers: RM3 discount)

10 bottles : RM190
+ 1 free container to put in the extra ampoules
+ 2 free packet of mask powder worth RM10
+ FREE Pos Laju!
(YSK readers: free 1 normal ampoule)

First Generation Mask Powder

Only RM5 each, and each packet can be used twice!
Whitening as well as pore-and-acne-reduction purposes.
Has to be used continuously for 3 months for lasting effects.
*Click here* for some incredible Before & After pics! ;)

Second Generation Mask Powder & Rose Toner
Pricing List
1x Mask Powder (only) = RM4
1x Rose Toner (50ml and comes with Spray caps) = RM12
1x Rose Toner (40ml, just like the photo above) = RM 10
1x Rose Toner (40ml) + 1x mask powder = RM12
2x Rose Toner (80ml) + 2x mask powder = RM22

There are 5 types of mask powder and each has a different function!
Some suitable for oily skin, others for dry skin, and some for sensitive skin too.
Just click here to read everything you need to know :)

The rose toner can be used as the activator of the mask powder
a.k.a the water to mix the mask powder with.
By mixing it with the mask powder instead of plain mineral water, you get twice the effect!

Difference between 1st and 2nd generation
1st: Best used continuously for 3 months, effects will be longer lasting.
2nd: Imported for saloons used only, a weekly application is enough.

30 ml = RM12 | 50 ml = RM24 RM22
Reduces "redness" of pimples, helps to clear off pimples.
Control as well as reduce the oil secretion of the skin - thus reduces pimples.
Only 3 days to take effect if you avoid eating oily food, and also drink more water!

5 ml (pictured above) = RM6 | 15 ml = RM16 | 30 ml = RM30
Softens the blackheads. Makes them easier to get rid of.
Sufficient to use only once or twice a week.

Start pampering your skin today.
*Click here to visit D-MASK*

But if clothes are more your thing ...
Check out some pre-owned clothes at D-Mask! :)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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