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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fairytale Versatility

I think once upon a time, some designer person sat down and said to himself/herself,
"I wish I could buy one thing and then turn it into a dozen things."

You'd think it was a fairy tale.
But it's fashion reality! :D

We've seen it with those popular convertible dresses taking the online world by storm,
and now we're seeing these on cardigans too!

The genius of Victoria's Secret - filtered down to the producers of affordable clothing -
and now, these cardigans can be yours for a tiny fraction of the price of genius. :P

Brought to you by the bringer of many exclusively manufactured items ...
Elegant Extravaganza

Not only can you rock the six looks above, you can also experiment and
try to emulate how the Victoria's Secret model has worn her soft cardigan-wrap!
If you had to have only one cardigan - this would be The One. :P

I've personally shopped at Elegant Extravaganza a couple of times,
and I have to say that when they say something is good quality, etc - they really mean it! :)
With them, it's not just adjectives for the sake of adjectives, haha -
after my (good!) experiences shopping with them, EE's definitely earned my trust. :D

For example - this is my latest maxi dress buy! :D

From Elegant Extravaganza RM68
Of course I got the one in yellow, since yellow is my favourite colour! :D

And what you didn't know: I actually bought this as a custom-made one from them, handpicked the colour (a soft, pale yellow that flatters all skin colours!), and made my dress at 51 inches (a few inches longer than the ones they're selling now), and they had it manufactured using lycra material with FULL polyester lining ... So, yes. This is the perfect dress. :P

Which is why it's totally worth paying more for! And the good news is that they made a few pieces to retail - including just ONE other yellow maxi dress, exactly the same as mine but shorter. It's heavy, high quality, beautiful, falls so well on any figure, fits up til UK14-16 - and it's actually a totally different material and quality from the other Victoria's Secret-inspired maxi dresses you see on other blogshops (and available for RM55 on EE as well: click HERE), although the design is about the same. This is the sort of dress you'd probably have to pay over RM200 for in malls! :D

They also made a dress version for those who prefer to wear it as a shorter dress! :) A less formal touch to the same beautiful material, design and quality. Doesn't this have CNY dinner written all over it as well? :P

Of course, the magic of Elegant Extravaganza doesn't stop there. :)
They're having massive sales right now - we're talking prices as low as RM5!
Here's a peek at what else they offer!

Are you excited to start shopping already?
Plenty of these items are around RM20 only! :)
And besides maxi dress, I reckon all the items are under RM50 :D

Click HERE to start shopping at Elegant Extravaganza!

*Psst... quick reminder:
Only 3 hours left until the end of glossyaddiction's FREE POSTAGE promo for YSK readers!
No minimum purchase required :) Just scroll below to the next post to read more!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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