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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Last One Has Begun: December's Blogshop of the Month nominees!

The nominations are in ...
and the vote begins NOW. :D

Throughout the month of November,
YOU will be given the power of deciding which blogshop
(out of the 8 wonderful blogshops below)
will win your hearts, a feature story & bragging rights.

YOU will decide who gets to be December's Blogshop of the Month!
Coincidentally, also YourShoppingKaki's LAST Blogshop of the Month award :)
Carpe diem, seize this chance!

And the nominees are ...

Vintage Biri-Biri | Creampuff Wardrobe

The e-mails that nominated them:
"No questions asked, Vintage Biri-Biri is THE BOMB! My frenz and i luv shopping from them at bazaars too!! Time for a vintage site to win Blogshop of the Month! :D" -Hanna

"Hi YSK =) I think Creampuff Wardrobe deserves a shot at your monthly Blogshop of the Month award because they're really professional, and new blogshops can look to them like a role model =P Just look at how their photographs are taken. They're gooood! So yes, I'm nominating 'em!" -Dev

Ugly Duckling Closet | Doublewoot

The e-mails that nominated them:
"Why is Ugly Duckling Closet called Ugly Duckling Closet? Their stuff is not ugly at all, lolz! anyway this is why i wanna nominate them as dec's blogshop of the month! they bring in really really really nice stuffs. =) and if they win i want to know why they gave themselves that name! =p" -Syazana
"Hello Shalene! Doublewoot is the best, I am nominating it for Blogshop of the month! Although their clothes are not as cheap as some other blogshops, I think they provide excellent service =D I think that's worth more than saving a few bucks." -R.

The Kooky Thing | Pearl Closet

The e-mails that nominated them:
"HI!!!! I Nominate thekookything!! :) I love her shoes and they are awesome quality, not too mentioned comfy too!! variety in design and also uber sexy and elegant. It's just as simple as that!" -liz

"Hi! i wanted to nominate Pearl Closet as blogspot of the month! I really love their stuffs because their stuffs really in good quality, low price, design is unique and also very hard to get it at other blogshop. Most important is their provide a very good service, it really a great blogshop! must go see, nominate it ya! Thanks!" -May

The It Girl | Ladies Fashion

The e-mails that nominated them:
"Shaleneeee! You havta nominate the it girl online! Have u seen their stuff?? they juz keep gettin better n better! especially if u compare from their startin days- they can win the most improved blogshop award too ehehe!" -Andrea
"Hi Sha-Lene! :) The blogshop i'd like to nominate for December's BOTM is Ladies Fashion. Their prices are fair (amazingly cheap, at times!), the quality is awesome, updates are frequent, the selection is jaw-dropping, service is quick and efficient, even their CODs are punctual (they so don't practice malaysian timing, which is a really good thing)! I've never been disappointed with any transaction made with them - and there have been quite a few! My first online purchase was from them, and well, I've never looked back. Except to their site la, which i've visited again and again and again. It's quite embarassing really - the first thing i do online is to open up their site (oh, and yours too btw haha) to check for updates :P Kate is a real lovely, patient and thoughtful girl. She knows i hate paying for postage so she reserves pieces that i ask for with no question of deposit or anything until i've finally made up my mind what to get - which can be quite a task with her wiiiide selection! (oops ok maybe if LadiesFashion does get nominated, that last sentence shouldn't be posted in the nomination email in case she gets inundated by similar requests by all her buyers haha :P) She replies every silly question and is open to suggestions and feedback. When people ask me if i can recommend any online blogshops i've shopped with, the first one i reply is always Ladies Fashion :) So yeah. More than enough said methinks :P Thanks alot, and keep up the good work! :) cheers" -wai yi

It sounds to me like all 8 blogshops deserve your vote -
but there can only be one winner!
So who'll it be? :D
Round 1
Voting period: 1-13 November
The 3 blogshops with the highest number of votes move on to the Final Round.

Round 2 (Final Round)
Voting period: 14-30 November
The blogshop with the highest number of votes, wins!

Scroll down to the BOTTOM of this website to vote!
The poll is below all the blog posts :)

Psst - as always, the winning blogshop always gives an awesome possum promo
for YSK readers as a thank-you gift too! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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