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Saturday, November 21, 2009

It started with a DOT.

Lo and behold...
one of my favourite feature interviews to date :D

Prepare to get acquainted with one of our main partner blogshops,
with deliciously good long-term offers for YSK readers :D
Read on!

Q&A with Cecilia
Owner of Dot
  • YSK: Tell us about the people behind DOT!
  • Cecilia: It's basically run by ME! I'm the person who's doing all the sourcing, buying, modelling for the photo shoots, invoicing, checking email and spamming chatboxes. Haha.. So, the customers are actually talking to me when they email DOT for enquiries. I do have 2 helpers, one is my sister, Yuen Pyn and my hubby, Chee Wee. My sister is the photographer for all the shootings. My hubby is the shareholder and also my morale support. ;)
  • YSK: Why "DOT"? And what does "yixiaodian" mean?
  • Cecilia: Hrrmm... It was named after my daugther. Remember Princess Dot from A Bug's Life? Yup, I got the inspiration from it. My daughter was very young, say around 3 months when I wanna to start DOT. My hubby and me were cracking our heads to come up with a name. So, I thought why not we just named it DOT because our little girl reminds me of Princess Dot from A Bug's life and also she was so tiny, just like a little dot. Furthermore, i think that everything starts from little to, big, bigger and more, from a chinese saying: 积少成多. I do hope that DOT will become BIG one day, not just merely "DOT" but a well-known brand name. 'yixiaodian' is just a translation of DOT into chinese which means one little dot.
  • YSK: When and why did DOT begin? Was it a lifelong dream or a sudden whim?
  • Cecilia: Haha. I can't really remember when DOT began. Operating it as a blogshop is to fulfill my dream of owning a boutique. It begun as the ambassador of Cassettee in Singapore. At that time, I was still working full-time in Singapore. I didn't have enough time to go for sourcing and had totally no idea on how to operate a blogshop. So, if you trace back to my earlier posts in DOT, you can see I don't update them often like I do nowadays.
  • YSK: What has been the most memorable DOT experience for you?
  • Cecilia: My most memorable experience is the one that I gave a customer a wrong bank account number. Haha.. How could you give the customer a wrong bank account number??! Luckily, the customer was kind enough to transfer the amount to be given that she has received the items. She could just ignore me. Haha..
  • YSK: What kind of items or style does DOT offer?
  • Cecilia: This is a tough question. Basically, all the items that Dot offers are the ones that I would wear them personally. It's because that all the items are hand-picked by ME! I wouldn't sell anything that I wouldn't wear.

  • YSK: What's the price range of your items?
  • Cecilia: Dresses are priced between RM32 to RM60. Tops and bottoms are priced between RM20 to RM40. Jackets are priced between RM45 to RM55. Belts are priced between RM15 to RM25.

  • YSK: Who's the little kid in the pictures sometimes? :P
  • Cecilia: She's the little dot. She's my daughter, Jye Hsuan. She'll stand beside me whenever she sees me posing during the photo shooting session. =)

  • YSK: What can we see in Dot's future? ;)
  • Cecilia: Well, we hope to offer more apparels and accessories in different styles in the future. Lastly, we hope to have a physical boutique with our self-manufactured items. =) We are planning to come out with our self-manufactured items soon. However, we are currently in the planning stage. =)
  • YSK: What's your favourite item you've ever sold on DOT, and why?
  • Cecilia: It would be Stud Fever. I was super duper happy and excited when I first came across this clincher. I decided that I have to keep one for myself. It's because it reminds me of the "Roger" belt that Carrie Bradshaw wore in the Sex and The City movie. I'm a big fan of Sex and The City. If I manage to find anything that resembles the apparels that the stars wore in the show, I'll make sure that they are available on Dot. =)
Carrie Bradshaw & Stud Fever:

Other one-of-a-kind belts on DOT:

  • YSK: Do you have a promotion for YSK readers? :D
  • Cecilia: Of course! We have a collaboration with this awesome YSK website that we are giving out 10% discount for items reviewed by YSK. In addition, we are also giving out free postage via Pos Express for items not reviewed by YSK. All you have to do is to quote the password: "Dot Me!" and you are entitled for the free postage or 10% discount. =) This is applicable storewide unless otherwise stated, e.g. for sale or promotional items.
Here are some of the many items that YSK readers get to steal away at a bargain! ;)

You know you want in on those offers!
Especially before the next girl reading this gets to them first. ;)
Click HERE to get a head start.

Every DOT counts. :P

Happy Shopping! Your Shopping Kaki :)

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