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Friday, November 27, 2009

Clothes that make you go "Oh, my!": Black leather dresses and more!

Selamat Hari Raya Qurban to our Muslim friends! :)
And happy Public Holiday to all of us! :D

Speaking of holidays ...
I'm on my summer break, so my mall-crawling and trendspotting
has been switched and locked on a perpetual "Scan" mode -
which is why I've spotted a whole lotta patterns going around! :D

Pattern 1: Black PVC Dresses

From Oh My Clothes RM55
We saw Angelina Jolie first rock the black leather dress a few years back, and since then,
the little black (PVC) dresses have been the edgy pick for starlets everywhere!
No wonder the black faux leather is on the rise in our local malls and high-street brands -
but instead of getting them at RM99 or more, get your own version online
at less than half the price! :D

Pattern 2: Hoodie dresses

From Oh My Clothes RM45
Oversized zipped jumpers ala Lindsay Lohan & other Tinseltonian casual get-ups :)
We've seen the rather shapeless oversized hoodies, now we embrace the fitted,
minidress-version of hoodies, jumpers and sweatshirts! :D
Show off those legs or pull on a pair of leggings - it's your call! :)

Pattern 3: Lace is SO not over!

From Oh My Clothes RM42
Lace tops, lace dresses, lace tank dresses, lace camisoles, dresses with a hint of lace -
as a community we are on lace fever - and we just can't get enough! ;P

All the latest trends and more -
available at Oh My Clothes!

Free postage if payment is made within 24 hours!

As for all the items reviewed in this blog post, YSK readers enjoy:
1 item - 10% discount with FREE postage
2 items & above - 20% discount with FREE postage
(Promotion excludes sale/clearance items & free postage only if payment made within 24 hours)

Password: I'm a YSK reader!

Let's take a look at what else you can get discounts for! :D
Prices range from RM18 to RM59 only :)

What's the story behind the name, Oh My Clothes? According to the owner of Oh My Clothes, 21-year-old YX Oh, "When I was in high school, my friends and I have this weird habit of going "Oh My.." without finishing it off with the usual 'God'/'Goodness'. So this habit followed me to college and my college mates used to tease me about it. They will finish it off for me everytime I go 'Oh my..'. So when my sisters and I were thinking of a name for this blogshop, Oh My Clothes just popped into my head -.- And I chose it cause it means something personally as my last name is Oh."

You know the reason behind the name ...
now give yourself a reason to make your wardrobe happier today :D
Click HERE to start shopping at Oh My Clothes!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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