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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bazaar Review: Chic POP Street Market #2

The review you've been waiting for ...
A review that's taken me 12 hours to write (lol!) ...

An explosively awesome event by Tongue In Chic! :D
Hands down the best bazaar I've personally ever been to. :)
Besides tonnes and tonnes of really awesome and unique stuff to shop for,
and lots and lots of shoppers - I've never seen a bazaar so crowded in a long, long time! -
there was also a Yahoo! Youreka! booth giving out free movie tickets to see 2012. :D
(Thanks again, the happy people at Itsy Beadsy for helping me get tix! *Big hugs*)

Technically, I was there to help out a friend who was a vendor - but after
off-loading and setting up (and learning how much hard work goes into being a bazaar vendor!),
I went around to take photos for a few hours :) As usual, it was fun but exhausting! Haha!
But a must! So that my readers have pictures to enjoy from a really enjoyable event! :D

Venue: Zouk, KL
Date: Sunday, 15th November
Time: 12pm - 7pm (but I was there from 9.30-7.30! XD)

The entire street market was divided into 3 places:
The Foyer (or Terrace Bar, I'm not sure), Zouk Mainroom, Velvet
It kinda felt like there were 3 bazaars in 1 building, which was pretty awesome :D

All the accessories' vendors were here. :D
Super crowded area since it's the first thing you see when you walk in!

This was where most of the vendors were :D

A very disco-feel place, featuring non-shopping booths like WAO as well!
One of the most popular items to buy were hard executive studded bags :D

Some miscellaneous photos I thought were interesting! :D
Can't call them Style Shots because practically everyone who went to the bazaar
were walking style shots! Seriously, the best-dressed crowd I've ever seen in my LIFE!
Haha, and you should definitely bookmark this page in TiC for super-gorgeous pictures,
because my camera wasn't very well-behaved in disco lighting at all :(

1. Those cool embellishments on Nareez turned a plain tee into a popping work of art!
2. Check out how Bila's used her studs to DIY a studded tank top & studded headband!
3. Look at what I bought! :P San from LahLahLand (who I bought it from) is holding it up for me. :D
My only purchase of the day! I hardly had time to shop, but it's oklah :)
I'm super-loving my new grey tank top and detachable eclectic rainbow vest! :D

Without further ado ...
Let's check out the vendors who were there! ;)
I tried to get a pic of everyone but I missed out some (couldn't find them)... sorry! :(

Women's Aid Organisation | Saint Corp
Two awesome booths. WAO is a women's rights group, while Saint Corp is doing
this awesome thing where they sell their own things for charities like animal shelther,
orphanages - right now they're raising money for Furry Friends Farm. :D Support!

Chic Charity
Tongue In Chic's own bit for the good cause! :)
Looks like I caught some candid shots of Karen from TiC. Lol. :D

Chic Picks
Tongue In Chic's handpicked pieces from around the region :D
What do you think, girls? Fashion's next "it" things? ;)

Beautiful Disaster
Celine was quite possibly the busiest vendor of the day! :D
Endless stream of shoppers at her booth, trying on hairbands and accessories :)

Deoldies | C Square
C Square's name isn't actually written like that, it's that "square" with the small 2 up there...
I don't know how to type it on my keyboard :P Anyway they'll be at the next Chic Pop event -
they sell preloved designer items and high street stuff :D Definitely check 'em out!

Emmet Garage Sales | Eff-Bombs (most famously known for selling DIY studs :D)

Like Seriously
I asked the Like Seriously trio to each pick one favourite item they were selling! :D
The verdict (just for fun!):

Oripop.com | Evey & Nat (only at bazaars, not online)

Pay Whatever You Like And Its Yours | MyFavouritees

Rob My Closet (Balmain military jackets in-store!)

So Beautiful (a shop in Sunway Pyramid)| Petite Lass

Take Me | Tea & Sympathy (A boutique in Bangsar)

Wheel Love
An awesome store in PJ! :D Upstairs is a tattoo parlour. Woot :P
Ground Floor, No.28, Jalan SS15/4,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: 12pm - 8pm [Check them out!]

UsUsUs Clothing | YMF

Awesome, awesome, awesome event.
Can't wait for the next Chic POP Street Market -
and this time, all I want to do is shop! :D
Don't you? ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Skutik said...

My dear - i was really looking forward to seeing you but i was wif my whole family and my son was wif me. When i went down to velvet area, my son started to be cranky. I guess because the place were too crowded and crampy! I have to leave that instant!

I didnt get to buy anything also! :(
I wanted to look for silver outfit for christmas but failed. Mabee next time!!!

1 thing i learned - next time i won't bring my son along!!! hehehe...

msquirk said...


Does CSquare have any website? If yes can you provide here? Thanks :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi msquirk! :) Sorry, C^2 doesn't have a website :( Maybe they will in future, hehe.

grace said...

those tongue in chic's hand pick r very nice, do u know it's by who? where can i get it? btw, i didn go tat day..

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Nina! :) Oh noes, I forgot to reply your text, sorry! >.< We were bummed we couldn't meet you, but next time definitely! :D

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Grace :) Those TiC handpicked items are handpicked by the TiC members I think! You can drop them an email to ask if you can still buy them :) Visit them at www.tonguechic.com :)

-k said...

Hey Sha-Lene!

Whoa, this post is mad comprehensive! You're making me look bad here! Nanti kena fired from job... :D

It was definitely my pleasure to meet you on that day and I'm so glad you had a good time at Chic Pop 2. Hope to see you some time soon!


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