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Monday, November 9, 2009

Studfest '09: DIY ideas tried & tested!

Singfest, Freedom Film Fest ...
Studfest '09.

What's life without music, art & fashion? :D

Studded dress by Diane von Furstenberg

Studfest '09 isn't so much an event as it is a phenomena.
Basically, if you see Serena Van Der Woodsen & Blake Lively wearing studs onscreen and off -
you know it's The Real Deal. :P

What if I told you that when it comes to studs...
you can make your own fashion dreams come true? :D

Chanel-inspired quilted bag from Bagz Pool, RM43 (RM49 including Pos Laju)
Studs from
Eff Bombs & ABitofEverywhere, about RM30 worth of studs in total (200+ studs)

See what I mean? :D

If someone like me can DIY a collection of her own studded things,
and by "someone like me" I mean that I'm really useless when it comes to
sewing, stitching, threading a needle, switching on the sewing machine, etc -
so this means that anyone can stud! :D
This is one fun project you don't need skills for :)

All you need are:

Studs and things that can be studded :D
(If you're looking to buy studs online, they're available at Eff Bombs & ABitofEverywhere)

Once you start studding, you'll realise that the possibilities are endless ;)
You can scatter those studs on to shoes, jackets, blazers, vests, dresses, tops, jumpsuits,
bags, shorts, belts, skirts, bracelets, necklaces, notebooks, keychains ...
Be inspired! :D

Pictures credited to Lookbook, fashion blogs, ASOS, WhoWhatWear & other hits on Google :P

There are no limits (until you run out of studs, that is!)
and it's just so much fun! :D


But before you do any studding, always remember that studs are sharp!
Once, in my carelessness (read: watching TV while studding something) -
the sharp pointy end of a stud went under my fingernail,
and there was like blood everywhere. :P
Hahahha I'm just kidding. But there was blood and it was painful!
So please be careful :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Skutik said...

Sha-Lene, hi! I was wondering how do you poke the studs thru the material? U mean u just use your finger/hands? No tools?

I think it's cool!

Thought of buying em but not sure how to DIY? :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Nina! :) Yupp I just use my fingers, hands and brute force :P

There is studding equipment you can buy online though. Or maybe in hardware stores. Haha.

Skutik said...

I used to 'kebas' my sister's DIY stud tools, and then a fren 'kebas' from me... now i don't know where to get the tools :(

I pity u lar, sampai bleeding ur fingers!

U think they sold them tools in hardware stores? Senang pakai hammer & plier jer... hahaha....

I ♥ Me said...

i DIY-ed my old denim skirt with the studs i bought frm eff bombs.

it looked brand new! but unfortunately, the studs actually rusted when i washed skirt.

when it rusted, the area around the studs will have the orangey-rust colour... totally spoilt my skirt.

but i still can wear the skirt and i love it.

my next project will be buying those super cheap rubi shoes and stud it!

L said...

hey. want some opinion. which looks better. silver stud on black or gold stud on black? i want to buy this cardigan from ladies fashion, the cardigan's colour is black. so i dont knw which to choose frm gold stud or silver.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi L,

I think both silver or gold would look nice - so it depends on which one you prefer! :) I personally prefer silver :D

But note the comment above yours - it looks like the studs will rust once it goes into the wash... so if you're gonna stud your cardigan, be sure you don't wash it! :P

Skutik said...


I just bought a few gun metal studs frm eff-bombs. Gotta give credits to eff-bombs for the efficient and fast reply & delivery!!! I just ordered online at 12:30pm and i get them at 2:30pm.... COD... hehehe... luckily my house just nearby Centrepoint Bandar Utama!

Once i got them studs, i decorated my hand gloves! They looked COOL! next project, putting them on my boots!

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