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Saturday, November 7, 2009

8 winds to blow those Saturday socks off!

Holler if you love shopping! :D

It's a rainy Saturday, my neighbour's having a very festive wedding
so I can't concentrate on my boring books -
and in the spirit of cause and effect, this review was born :D

Also just wanted to make a quick announcement that...
I'll be at the KBU Pink (Charity) Bazaar this 14th November,
and the TiC's ChicPop Street Market this 15th November!
Holler if I'll be seeing you there! :D

From Elegant Extravaganza RM49
They just updated with half a dozen maxi dresses in different designs.
I think I was hyperventilating for two minutes when I first saw them :P
Seriously breathtakingly gorgeous maxi dresses.
Floral prints of all sorts!

From My Clothes Affair RM30
Plus-sized lace leggings!
No freaking wayyyy! :P

From JC Wardrobe RM49 | RM50 | RM42
Whoa, I've never studded cardigans like these before! :D
Fully-blinged one in the middle there is especially stunning -
will jazz up any plain old outfit for sureee.
And the layered (studded) tank top on the far right is super cute :)
Simple and casual with just the right amount of detailing.
Comes in white and grey too!

From Prettyful RM42 | RM25
A newbie on the block, and the stocks and styles definitely struck a personal chord with me :D
I think the model is wearing that animal-print studded dress the most gorgeous way,
and I personally have (and love!) that star-printed blue tank dress from PeekAtAlly's! :D
Oooh and since readers are always asking me how I wear maxi dresses,
these 2 pictures below describe exactly how I wear them too! :)
Except I don't have heels, so I wear them with flats or peeptoe wedges. :P

Both maxi dresses above are available at Prettyful for RM42.

From Captain Obvious RM25 | RM20
Haha, so I was visiting my own blogshop today,
to see what my friends have been uploading - yes I share it with 2 friends :P -
(Dawn and Mechell seem to be on an upload streak recently, LOL)
and I thought these two updates from Dawn are really good bargains!
The popular Topshop-inspired floral tank top is brand new,
and she's letting it go for only RM25!
And that white toga top is really cute, from MNG - and being let go for so cheap!

From Jessabella's Pluz Size Stealz RM40 | RM35
A highlight for the plus-sized and others looking for the oversized! ;)
Hands down one of my personal favourite blogshops to shop at,
Jessica's brought in affordable oversized checkered boyfriend shirts
in a palette of colours of designs :)
And that diamante underbust design's been quite the rage online,
and this is for the curvier babes looking for this piece! :D

From hide&chic RM32
One look and I knew this was gonna be one of those underrated beauties -
perfect to highlight here. :D It's got details you can't ignore:
acid-washed prints, toga styled, heavily ruffled, and comes in two stunning colours.
Versatile, goes with jeans, shorts, skirts or skorts -
this is a really beautiful top. Plus it's affordable! ;)

From Castelle Clothing RM32 | RM30
These are so gorgeous, it's ridiculous!
Intricate details, top quality metal,
incredibly versatile colours -
polished and edgy ...
I'm like physically upset that I'm not buying them right now.
Since I'm supposed to be studying and all that :P

From Pumpkin Preview Only - Prices Unknown
These are sneak previews! :D Which means everything's still available!
Outrageous studded chain bag and painfully chic blazer,
among an array of gorgeous updates this Sunday night at 8pm.
You know the rules of Pumpkin (-eaters) - be punctual and be FAST!

From Eff Bombs RM99
Yet another inside tip to share with you! ;)
Word on the grapevine is that they've stocked Marc Jacobs-inspired bags,
smaller than the one pictured above and complete with pockets -
even comes in different colours (like cool orange) and made of genuine leather!
Like OMG right? Leather for under RM100?
Only six pieces - be sure to keep an eye on their updates :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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