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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Behind The Scenes: B-Zenn

Because you've been waiting for YSK's Chanel-inspired Bag feature for months ...
we thought you deserve more than just one blog post in the name of Chanel-inspired!

All will be revealed tonight, including that long-awaited review! :D

YourShoppingKaki is giving you a series of blog posts leading up to the big bag feature ;)
Get to know two of the blogshops selling those Chanel-inspired bags -
and tonight, we're starting with B-ZENN.

As far as YourShoppingKaki can tell, they are the only blogshop selling
Chanel-inspired bags with a gold chain and clasp instead of silver. :)

Wanna know a little bit more before the feature is published later tonight?
The bag is priced at RM85, one of the highest prices online for Chanel-inspired bags,
but the gold colour is less common (a niche offer around!) and the quality is undeniably flawless -
if you can afford it, this is well worth the splurge! :)

Click HERE and HERE for more info from B-ZENN,
and expect more pictures and information on YSK later tonight. :D

For now, let's get to know the blogshop behind one of online shopping's
most unique Chanel-inspired bags!

Q&A with Clairine
Co-owner of B-ZENN

  • YSK: Tell us about the people behind B-ZENN!
  • Clair: Basically, it’s start off with two self declared shopaholics, who is Clairine, and my best friend Stephanie. I am a final year multimedia design student who does the blogging, in-stock, photo shooting, survey and build up the sites and I make sure it's well-designed. On the other hand, Steph is graduated from Business College, so she takes care of all shipping, delivery and relevant money stuff. But more recently her priorities have shifted to her job and it’s hard to concentrate. And so, I decide to take over and continue to share all my fashion stuff to all. Luckily, I got my mum!!! She did help me a lots in posting the parcel. Dun worries my babes, it’s still working good in b-zenn * haha* Before that, we always discuss, try, and pick only the good goodies and photo shooting, makeup in steph’s house. The picture will done nice editing by me after photo shoot) Photo shown below are not edited.

  • YSK: When did B-ZENN start?
  • Clair: There are about 3 months long in this industry and we’re still considered as NEW since 11th August 2009. But we spent quite some time in researching before we start off. =)
  • YSK: Why is your blogshop called "B-ZENN"? What does it mean?
  • Clair: “B-ZENN” basically originated from my friend‘s idea, and it’s kinda creative I think. It’s inspired from Alphabet B, which is found in women's stuff such as belt, bag, boutique, bangle/bracelets, and more. And what meaning of “zenn”, it’s actually inspired from ZEN (禅), which bring you the way of fashionate. What the true meaning? You need to find out yourself.*wink* come and search the answer in B-zenn !!!!
  • YSK: Why did you decide to start a blogshop?
  • Clair: At the beginning, I just want to earn my pocket money * hehe* and as current technologies, we all know internet , has wide range of networking which can reach all fashionista a lot’s pretty stuff without stepping out , that’s why I start my first blogshop. we are actually regular shoppers and online shoppers ourselves , and we saw there are a lot nice clothing that had publish in Japanese/Taiwan/ fashion magazine ‘s stuff to die for but the price can be quite expensive as well. Therefore, I wanted to indulge this interest of ours choice of fashion to you all. Moreover, we also did survey on the pricing on different quality material to make sure the price are affordable. ( so if you all notice the pricing higher meaning that it is good in quality , lol)

  • YSK: What kind of things do you sell?
  • Clair: For now, we sell stuff that make gal pretty & fashionable. We always try to sell quality stuff with reasonable price. If there is a range for the price, we consider our price range as medium range. which is affordable for almost everyone.

  • YSK: What's your best memory so far from running this blogshop?
  • Clair: Truthly, there are not pretty much memory far from now. But I was truly happy when I was received all my babes (customers) feedback. Awwww~ they are sweet, and increase my confidence in sense of fashion. ^^ I always do creating memory with my babes *wink* there are a mix and match with b-zenn product photo shooting contest hold in my blogshop till 10 dec and of course, I hope it’ll be one of best memory to interact with my customer. ( the most fashion will be the winner ) lol

  • YSK: What do you see in B-ZENN's future?
  • Clair: B-ZENN might be considered new for most of the consumers, but we aim to be the best online shop. B-ZENN is bringing in more goodies beside accessories. As for now “beauty/personal care section” is available. The most popular skin care “My beauty dairy” 我的美丽日记 Imported from Taiwan through main supplier. also had well tested by us. Moreover, we are also planning to open a section for man fashion. Please look forward to our “B-ZENN: MAN”. B-ZENN will perform a full site upgrade no sooner. Shopping Cart function will be available to enhance customers shopping experience. We always want to make our customers to look fashionable. Stay pretty & cool all the time. Hopefully we can get more web traffic and customers. Guys B-ZENN need your support to keep going!

One of six handpicked sources.
One of two interviews tonight.
The only one with that gold-coloured factor. ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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