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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Nakalicious

Do you like bags?
If you're still waiting up for my Chanel-inspired bag review,
chances are that you LOVE bags! :D

Well, anyway, don't worry about it.
I love bags too. :D

Which is why I'm thrilled to share with you this new bagaholic blog on the block!
From the people who brought you Ladies In The House,
check Nakalicious out! ;)

Aaaand if you read all the way to the end of this blog post, and if you do it fast,
you'll receive 30% discount plus a free gift!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the many, many bags available at Nakalicious! :)

Q&A with Rena
Owner of Nakalicious

  • YSK: Who are the people behind Nakalicious? Tell us about yourselves! :)
  • Rena: Fuh!! This the hardest question of all ... Where to start? Ok.. The back bone of Nakalicious is Pn Faridah a.k.a my mum. Besides that we got 4 Mrs Lee s and 2 Miss Lee who always giving me all sort of ideas of what kind of product that we should sell and what kind of promotion that will make women go beserk! We also got Mr Lee who in charge in accounts and delivery. He always make sure no product pending after customer making payment. And there's me ... handling all the promotions, events and emails. Their age all around 47 to 25 years old. That's why if you see our product it's not just for teenagers. ;)

Pictured above: Rena and her mum :)

  • YSK: Tell us about how Nakalicious began!
  • Rena: I have to blame Veron from Oh, Popsicles! :P The way she handles fussy customers like me made me realize it's not just about buying and making money. It's more about being disciplined and making people trust in you when handling their money. We registered Nakalicious on 24th September 2009 and made our first appearance at ASD's Halloween Party. Our website launched on 9th November 2009! :D
  • YSK: What's the reason behind the name "Nakalicious"? Any story behind it?
  • Rena: Nakal is just a word that people always refering me to. Besides that, there's no perfect definition for NAKAL. It can be used for adults, young adults and kids. Same goes for all the products that we sell!
  • YSK: What kind of products do you sell on Nakalicious?
  • Rena: At this moment..we have bags..bags and bags.. Prices start at RM49 to RM185. From tote..sling and shoulder..For daily use..work..partay or just hang out!!
  • YSK: What is your favourite item you are selling on Nakalicious right now? Why? Is it something you would use yourself?
  • Rena: Call me crazy but I love all of them!! So far my favourite is Curvy & Tod's Inspired Tote D'Bauletto. For Curvy we got 5 colours, Tod's inspired got 4 colours and 2 design.1 with croc pattern and the other one just simple.We restock more than 15 pcs for curvy and 30pcs for Tod's inspired. Now down to last pieces.. one colour for each product. It make me realize that~Women..we love to play safe!!

  • YSK: What can we expect to see from Nakalicious in future?
  • Rena: For now... quality, discounts, promotions - and more bags! May be just MAY BE we will start with some clothing or shoes (still not sure). 2014 :Our own boutique!! If world doesn't end at 2012!!

So... Are you ready to get Nakalicious? ;)
YSK readers, pay close attention now and read fast!

The first 6 customers will enjoy 30% discount + free gift!
Promo code: YSK30

The next 9 customers will enjoy 20% discount. Promo code: YSK20
The next 7 customers will enjoy 10% discount. Promo code: YSK10

Plus, enjoy FREE delivery if you make your payment within 24 hours!

Click HERE to start shopping at Nakal-icious now!
And yes, these discounts apply for those Chanel-inspired bags too :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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