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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

8 Lines From The Bargain Bin Song

Every girl loves a good bargain.
Fact of life! :D

And the best thing to do with a bargain (next to buying it) is sharing it -
so here goes, 8 places where Your Shopping Kaki's spotted some good deals! ;)

From Ladies Fashion RM16 each or 2 for RM30
What review on bargains and sales would be complete without highlighting Ladies Fashion?
Not only is it THE blogshop that's notorious for its super-affordable prices,
they've also got an entire collection of RM15 bargains.
Exhibits A & B above: studded ruffled tube tops & ruffled toga tops!

From Hand Me Downs RM35 | RM12 | RM30
Ah, the glory of the second-hands! Some have never even been used before :)
Shimmery crocheted dress in pearl white, complete with fringe tassles -
brand new denim leggings, and a bubble minidress that's as cute as a button!

From Lush Serendipity RM30 | RM25 | RM35
Do you sniff a SALE? :D
Dainty floral miniskirt, a funky retro lace top, and a peplum floral skirt.
Flower power at its best! Also good news for petites :)
Add Image

From Doublewoot Sales RM26 | RM26 | RM30
Wahh, don't these look so comfy? :D
They look so cooling! Perfect for our insanely & increasingly hot weather.
Doublewoot's sales are really good - definitely keep an eye on their Sale Site :)

From Alphabet Closet Sales RM20-RM25 (incl.PosEkspres) | Alphabet Closet RM39
These are such bargains! There's nothing more disdainful more than fake sales -
(especially the kind with so many strings attached in fine print)
so I really appreciate it when someone has a real sale :)

From 1Dressaholic RM30 | From 1Dressaholic Sales RM18
Awww, they're closing down! :(
But good news for shopping kakis out there - their remaining items are super cheap!
Prices viciously slashed to clear stock. Everything must go!

From J's Fashion Diary RM23
So I got an inside tip that they've stocked the immensely popular lace leggings :P
While I always thought RM30 was the average price and RM25 the cheapest I've ever seen,
Jenny insists on pricing hers at RM23 to give her customers that extra special treat :D
Therefore I insist on reviewing this sneak peek here before she even posts them up!
Nor does she know I'm even reviewing her ... but how can I keep this news from you?
Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can email Jenny to place your orders already. Hehe!
This is such a STEAL. If only I could fit! Apparently it's a UK6 thing. :(

From Summeracres RM35 | RM27 | RM20
Whoa, another massive sale from Fiona - and the prices start at RM10!
These are so cute :) Definitely spotted them for higher prices elsewhere in the past.

Remember, whenever you sniff a good bargain that you're not grabbing for yourself ...
Share it by leaving a comment anywhere! :D
I believe in karma <3

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)
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