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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I like sandwiches.

But you probably wanna read about a different kinda sandwich. ;)

"Sandwiches and all the fashion goodies in my shop have one thing in common ...
nutrition. Fashion nutrition." - Livoon, Dresswich.com

Make your own sandwich out of dresses, tanks, accessories, scarves, bags, rings & bangles!
Prices range from RM8 to RM50 - kind to our pockets, kinder to our fashion diet. :D

Have a look at what's got me salivating! ;)

RM49 for funky dresses, including detachable waist vest | RM39 per skirt

Studded tank tops - RM27 | RM22

Peplum floral dresses & bow-back dresses at RM49 each

Bangles & bracelets - RM20 | RM20 | RM24 | RM22

RM25 | RM32 | RM47 | RM48

Now, let's hear from the happy couple behind Dresswich ...
the very, very pleasant Livoon & Julio! :)

Q&A with Livoon
Co-owner of Dresswich.com

  • YSK: How did Dresswich.com begin?
  • Livoon: Dresswich.com all started when I decided to settle down with my then-boyfriend (now husband :D). We just got to know we're expecting a baby, and building a family earlier than planned was a little shocking (yet joyous!) for the both of us. I was already handling an online blogshop with my friend and partner from Singapore - we were building our small online business in both Malaysia and Singapore, so it was normal for me to travel to Singapore at least twice a month. So, when I got the news that I was pregnant, I was more than ready to give up all the travelling and the online business. My new priority was my family and the little one inside me. :)
  • YSK: Oh my, congratulations! :D
  • Livoon: Thank you! :D I am now happily married and staying with my husband and in-laws. One thing that I am not giving up is to have a new chance to build my online boutique and a chance to work from home with my baby in my arms once I gave birth (expecting in May 2010). I guess I can say I'm not only doing this for my passion for fashion but also to have more time spent with my family in the future! :)
  • YSK: So what's your vision for Dresswich.com?
  • Livoon: We will continue providing new choices of stocks - from accessories to fashionable clothing, carefully chosen from our suppliers to ensure good quality. Most importantly, my aim is for Dresswich.com to be a fun and sharing platform to all online shoppers, not only being a basic online boutique but more importantly to reward valuable customers with exciting events, presents and valuable promotion from time to time.
  • YSK: Tell us about your Dresswich VIP Program!
  • Livoon: This is where the Dresswich VIP Program comes into the picture! By spending your first RM120 (accumulative under the same account) with Dresswich.com, you are entitled to become our VIP which will reward you in many, many ways - such as Birthday Vouchers, free postage fees, year-long discounts, points in exchange for our products ... and even time-to-time surprise lucky draws! Not only that, Dresswich.com is also coming up with a Freebies Corner for anyone to redeem free fashionable goods!
  • YSK: I heard you have a promotion for YSK readers ;D Tell us, tell us!
  • Livoon: Yes! :) To thank YSK's kind support and lovely readers, Dresswich.com has come up with a few promotions exclusive for all YSK readers. By saying the magic code "Dresswich Loves YSK" in the order form, enjoy 10% off for all items (valid until 1st December 2009 only). And better still, buy 3 piece to get 1 piece free of charge with the 10% STILL counted in your end receipt! (Higher price items will be charged)

These sound like awesome promotions -
so hurry and seize the day, until the 1st of December! ;)
I'm personally loving their studded bracelets ... will you beat me to it? :D
Click HERE to try!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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