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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top 8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys & Girls!

It's Thursday already! :P
Halloween parties are just around the corner -
are you ready with your costume?

If you're not, and you don't have any idea what you can pull off in 48 hours -
don't worry, because I've come up with some random ideas! :D

Aaaaand - would you believe me if I told you that you probably
don't even
need to buy anything new to make these costumes yourselves? :D
This review isn't so much as about buying new stuff,
it's about making use of the stuff you've probably already bought online! ;)

First up we have the Greek goddess look, and all you need are:
1) A braided headband or a plain headband you can sew leaves on to ;) Or even one of those floral headbands!
2) Gladiator shoes! Heels, flats, knee-high ones, bring on what you've got!
3) A white dress - toga, draped, a white saree, a long white maxi dress

If you'd rather go darker and edgy, try the classic Catwoman costume:
1) Liquid, PVC, or latex black leggings
2) Animal ears - preferably cat or devil ears - but you can without the animal ears too!
3) Fierce heels
4) A black corset or bustier top

Or maybe you'd like to be The Mysterious Woman In The Trenchcoat?
1) Trenchcoat - checkered, plain, whatever! There was a big trenchcoat craze a while ago, and if you haven't used yours yet, Halloween is the perfect time to make use of it! ;D
2) If you'd rather not show off your legs, then you can pull on some hosiery! :) If your trenchcoat is plain, patterned hosiery would look outrageously gorgeous too!
3) Shoes: Boots, Oxford heels - use your imagination :D

And if you've got absolutely none of the key ingredients above...
you can always fall back on The Sexy Schoolgirl:
1) A preppy skirt of some sort! Mini or not, it's up to you :P
2) A white shirt - your old school uniform, even! If you're bold enough, tie it up and show off those abs! :D
3) Optional: Stockings or high socks. White leggings would be cool too!
4) Wanna appear sexy without showing too much skin or freezing to death at a cold, cold party? Pull on a cardigan! :D

Okay - so you've got your outfit ready! :D
But what about your boyfriend or date for the night?
Or even the annoying little brother who insists on tagging along?

Here are some ideas for the MEN! :D

LOL. When I saw these I just knew I had to include them in this post!

The Scottish Hunk
costume requires:
1) Tartan or plaid scarves
2) Tartan or plaid cloth to wrap around and pin as a kilt (it's not a skirt!)
3) Loafers and knee-high white socks, according to the picture above :P

And since very few women want to be seen with a dude who wears his undies on the outside, let's try the Superman costume with a twist! You only need:
1) The Superman t-shirt that most guys have these days - or at worst, wear whichever superhero t-shirt you've got!
2) Formal collared shirt
3) Trousers
4) A half-undone tie
5) Geek glasses would be cool too!
6) Shoes - loafers, or at worst, sneakers will do! :P

An even easier costume - the Link Larkin from Hairspray one:
1) Hair gel - lots and lots of it!
2) Your dad or granddad's office clothes :P I'd say go retro by raiding your grandpa's closet!

And if you're really, really, really lazy - the Greek God costume is easy as pie:
1) A towel - preferably in white, but any colour will do - drape it around yourself like a toga - recommended to use safety pins to hold everything in place! Enlist the help of family or friends.
2) A hairband of leaves or just a string of leaves in your hair
3) You don't even need shoes. LOL.
4) Remember to wear undies!! ;) Just in case your friends undo the towel.

Happy Halloween, everyone! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

L said...

niceee :))
*thumbs up*

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