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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bazaar Review: Pink Bazaar - a charity event by KBU!

How was your Saturday? :D
Were you at the KBU Pink Bazaar, shopping for a good cause? ;)

Here are about 50 snapshots from today, hope you'll like them -
and do support our local bazaars by attending them when you're free! :D

A pretty well-organised and well-executed event,
kudos to the KBU Student Council! :D
Everyone was really, really nice too. :)
Plenty of happy shoppers today!

If I had to describe the Pink Bazaar in three words, they would be:
Food, Boobies, Shopping!

About 37 booths, all of them contributing 25% of total proceeds to the good cause! :)
Food, jewellery, knick-knack paddy-whacks, clothes, bags, shoes & more!

Performances, lucky draws, and dodgeball games too! :)
Even the boyfriends had fun :D

Pictured above: Kiirey.
That's like the prettiest pink dress I've ever seen in my life! :D

Pictured above: I don't know these shop's names :( Sorry!
If you recognise them, do leave a comment! :)

Pictured above: Quadruple Queen | Frugal Mugal
Rubi shoes (size 36) at Quadruple Queen for only RM30 per pair,
and Frugal Mugal has the most gorgeous vintage-inspired bags. Omg!

Pictured above: KBU's own charity sale corner! :)

Pictured above: Itsy Beadsy.
Plenty of reallyyy cool stuff! From cabochon floral rings to artsy pendants,
to the henna on Chris' hand (LOL. RM5 only, courtesy of the Rotaract peeps),
and the awesome car key-holder wrislet/bracelet thing!
Super handy for women all over the WORLD. :P
She mentioned it's not on the website yet,
so just email her to ask if you're interested :)

Pictured above: Booiey Fashion | Lomology
Look at the dress I asked her to hold up! :P
It's so unique and even more gorgeous up front :)
Anyway, really nice girls - with awesome stuff from
Jelly Lens to funky Lomo Cams
and clothes of all types! :D

Pictured above: Eff-Bombs.
That's Mei Ng right there, the owner of Eff-Bombs and the founder of Bazaar Hunters! :D
In other words, superwoman in pink. Hahahaha :P
Studded belts for about RM20 & a palette of imported casual clothes for cheeeaaap!
Oh and yes, studs. :D Heads up though:
Their studs won't be available online tomorrow,
only available at Chic POP Street Market :)

Pictured above: Epok Epok.
Lotsssss of cool stuff here! Plus how cool is it that a guy is the owner? :D
A vast collection of bangles that will lead bangle-lovers to a high.
And I'm loving their caged decor already! Pink zipper ribbons anyone? ;)

Pictured above: ilovesnackfood | wheel_love
One of my new favourite shops! :D
Bringing back the old school funk that should never be forgotten!
Definitely one-of-a-kind pieces (and they sell basically everything you can wear/use),
so check them out already! :) ESPECIALLY at bazaars.


Hahaha cute outfits ya? ;D
Those pink bow-ribbon-things are so adorable!

Hope you've enjoyed the photos! :)
All in all, a successful event and a fun charity gala!

Tomorrow: Chic POP Street Market -

and hopefully, a full event review tomorrow night itself with pics!
(unless I collapse from exhaustion first) :P

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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