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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

No, you haven't won Jim Sturgess. :P

But SIX of you have definitely won something super awesome! :D

Allow me to unveil the winners of Your Shopping Kaki's contest for the month of May -
proudly sponsored by Youthopia
(a bazaar organiser formerly working under the label of Chics Closet).

We had 2 categories in the contest - thus, 2 categories of winners.
The winners were selected by a panel of judges from Youthopia. :)

*Cue: Drumroll*

And the winners are ...
... in no particular order ...

Category A: Blogshop Owners

  • French Kiss: I want to join Youthopia because ... on the 22nd of March 2009, Angeline wisely said - “We will not force you to join if you feel uncomfortable. But we always believe that opportunities are everywhere.”
  • Cuppielicious Madness: I want to join Youthopia because ... it's definitely the ultimate place to grow up with; which I choose with no regret that I can learn a lot from their experiences and their all nine philosophy.
  • Bellynbottoms: I want to join Youthopia because ... I wanna tell them how to save the Earth, sell them diapers right from babies' birth, cloth diapers - new way to go... also trying to clear my preloved stow.

Congratulations, you have each won a bazaar booth at LOT 10, KL for one day - absolutely free - in July 2009! :) Kindly pick either July 11 (Saturday) or July 12 (Sunday) and e-mail the information to youthopian@gmail.com. And shoppers, go and meet these witty slogan-writers in person at the bazaar! :D Check out their websites, they'll be sure to announce their participating dates there.

Category B: Shoppers

  • Deborah Tee: I love Youthopia because ... Youthopia bazaar is the hippiest most happening utopian bazaar with everything under one roof where shopaholics unite with comfort and love, no true Youthopian warrior would ever miss this
  • Suat May: I love Youthopia because ... it is everything awesome rolled into one amazing event! When you’ve got fashion, convenience, youth, variety and irresistible bargains under one roof, you know you’ve found the ultimate bazaar utopia!
  • Sherry Siok Sim: I love Youthopia because ... I get the chance to shop for my favourite jewelries and germs with affordable price, and get to know young entrepreneurs!

Congratulations, you have each won RM50 in cold, hard cash! :D Kindly e-mail youthopian@gmail.com for further information on collecting your cash prize. And hey - happy shopping! ;)

Thank you so much to everyone who participated so enthusiastically in this contest,
and if you haven't won something yet -
don't be fazed! :)

There'll be a contest every month on Your Shopping Kaki,
collaborating with blogshops, bazaars, and maybe even more! :D
We'll do different things each time, keeping it light and interesting! ;)

All in the good name of fun -
may shopping bring all of us closer together! :)

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions or ideas at all for future contests,
please feel free to leave a comment below (yes, you can remain Anonymous! :P)
or e-mail me directly at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com. :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Sherry said...

great :) I have email. I won $50 :)

Anonymous said...

No way!! You got RM50 cash??? Any more contest from them?

- Ai Dee -

Anonymous said...

it was really badly organised. first the dates was changed from july to august (& only notify the night before...imagine if didnt check email / sms them, maybe buta-buta go there like stupid fool)

then in August, we were put in the carpark area...other vendors who paid their money really angry bcos...no traffic of customers, burn their money only. Altho i got for free...still waste 1 whole day of my time!

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