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Friday, June 19, 2009

Water Cooler Stories: The Blogger Behind... This Blog!

Good morning, sunshine! :)

I do love doing these Water Cooler Stories. This time, let's break the monotony with 8 fun facts about this blog and the blogger behind it, shall we? :D These are all questions that some of this blog's readers have asked me in the past, hehe, so these are like YSK's FAQ!

1. How do you decide what to review? There are so many things out there!
First, it has to suit that week's theme. :D Most of the time, I review things that I think my readers will like, are looking for, or might find useful. Price is also very important. Other times, I just review things that I like - and I would buy. :D However, I don't feel the need to please every single person who visits this blog - different people have different tastes, and what you wrinkle your nose at could be the same thing the next girl squeals in delight at. ;) My personal style is influenced by my own fashion idols:

Blake Lively | Lindsay Lohan | Keira Knightley

One of the questions I get asked the most is: "Why 8 items?"
As some of you may have noticed, all the weekly reviews on this blog is built around the number "8". :D Even this blog post revolves around the number 8. I have two reasons - one is that it's my favourite number, and the other reason is that there's an element of fun in being wildly superstitious. Hehe!

Pic credits

3. Hey YSK, what kind of clothes do you usually like?
I love all things colourful and floral! I think there's enough gloom and doom out there, and what you wear can really make a difference in how you feel. :D

4. How old are you? :P
I'm 21 this year. :)

5. What do you like to buy online?
Things that I can't get offline. Like vintage or vintage-inspired clothes. :D And things that I know are retailing for higher prices offline.

6. Why don't you update this blog everyday?
I'm sorry, darlings, but I don't have the time - and I don't see the need to. I prefer putting more thought into longer reviews once a week, so they appear like entertainment articles and not just blogshop updates - because you can already get your blogshop updates via the blogrolls on the sidebar. :) As well as daily updates on the vast majority of review blogs out there (there's a new one every week, I think! :P). Lastly, when I have more time and more inspiration, I space out my updates on weekdays - so that this blog can be a place for everyone to visit and relax from school/work with some light reading! :D

7. What's your favourite type of clothing?
Maxi dresses! :D You can wear them to uni, to work, for going out, fancy dinners, shopping, vacationing, whatever! ;) Different type of maxi dresses for different occassions, of course.

8. What's your favourite colour?
Yellow. :D The happiest colour of all.

Pic credits

Now to wrap this up with a shameless plug. :D For a peek into the things I hoard in my wardrobe (and now have to let go of!), check out this blog: Shop At YSK.

Otherwise known as Your Shopping Kaki: The Blogshop. :D

Next Update: Monday, 22 June

Find out the low-down about pre-orders & ready-stocks!
A bonus review not to be missed ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


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Books R Love said...

For some reason, when you mentioned the 'know the blogger' post, I was expecting (and looking forward to!) a fun, lengthy essay!

8 questions, too short babe :p Hehe

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