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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Advertorial 16: Ministry of Clothes

Loving their tagline!
"We've got you covered"

Hehe! So let's cover their gorgeous goodies today! :D

Everything must go!
Bee Bee's leaving for Aussie in a few weeks -
so, calling all shoppers, help out your Ministry of Clothes! ;)

"What's For Sale?"

First things first - Ministry of Clothes is infamous for Tights & Leggings!
Hosiery in all delicious shades and thicknesses, stirrups or ankle-length,
patterned or plain - MoC can fill your T&L cravings! :D
Prices range from RM17 - RM25. Very affordable!

Second up - colourful kimonos! :)
Funky and girlish, abstract, or floral and boho - your call.
RM48 each - all last pieces. :D

Third category - dresses, dresses, and more dresses!
No, seriously - they have more dresses than shown below. :D

Try going smart-casual with the dual-toned ensemble on the far left -
but go for a bright obi belt or thick coloured cincher, that'll brighten this piece up!
And there's a gorgeous, gorgeous maxi dress for your taking -
as well as a nicely draped knee-length cocktail dress, available in a few colours!

Next up - a couple of unique pieces -
Bandeau tube dress RM49| Black tube top RM35 | Grey checkered cigarette pants RM55

Or would you prefer some colourful bargains? :)
Long halter tops as pictured below for only RM39 each, 2 for RM74, 3 for RM105!
Get a few girlfriends and split the spoils among yourselves! :D

Perhaps you're a bag lover instead? ;D
These envelope bags are classy and quirky!
RM39 only. I like the one in black. :D

Or are you the kinda girl who'd rather belt out your tune? ;)
Hehe cliche as I may sound, these belts and cinchers at MoC sure are stylish!
Visit MoC to see just how affordable they are! :D

Alright, second to the last item on the menu - skirts!
Go poofy with the Topshop skirt for RM42, the denim mini for RM45,
or the pleated little sailor skirt for RM37. :D

Last but not least, shoes!
Studded zipper gladiators - how could I resist reviewing this twice? ;)
Yours for only RM55 - but there are only 2 sizes left! :(
Hurry and go see if you're one of the lucky two girls to grab these glorious glads!

Oooh hey before you start shopping,
come get to know Ministry of Clothes a little better! :D

Q&A with Bee Bee
Owner of Ministry of Clothes

  • YSK: Who are the people behind MoC?
  • Bee Bee: MOC started with 2 partners - Bee Bee and Steffie but Steffie left for Australia in February so right now it's just me :)
  • YSK: Tell us about yourself! :)
  • Bee Bee: I'm Bee Bee and I am a shopaholic. Just throw me into a shopping mall/bazaar/market and I'll be able to entertain myself for hours X) I am currently studying in Monash so if you see a short girl running around uni carrying yellow plastic bags then that'll most probably be me :)
  • YSK: When did MoC first begin? Why?
  • Bee Bee: MOC was born on a hot Sunday afternoon in Bangsar over a steaming hot bowl of pan mee. Steffie and I have been talking about starting out own online stores for a long time but we never got around to do it. On that day we decided that it was time to stop procrastinating and so we went out to KL to buy our very first collection of clothes. There was no turning back after that :)
  • YSK: What was the funniest MoC experience?
  • Bee Bee: Haha our very first photoshoot! We had no idea how to pose properly for photos so we had all sorts of outrages poses. Most of the photos failed and we could only use 5% of the photos that were taken. All embarassing photos have been carefully disposed.
  • YSK: What was the 1 fave thing u've ever sold in MoC?
  • Bee Bee: Honestly I like a lot of things from MOC XD I own so many things from my own store that you can practically see my wardrobe for sale :X If I had to pick one item then I'll most probably the cotton leggings! They are so comfortable. I practically live in them! So far we've sold 100+ pieces already and that's not even counting the other 2 designs that we have!
  • YSK: I remember you did a charity project last Christmas, can you tell us more about that? :)
  • Bee Bee: Ah the charity project! The charity project was titled Project Christmas and the duration of the project was 1 month (25 November - 25 December). We decided to donate RM1 for every RM10 that we collect. We successfully collected RM600 and donated it to Pusat Pertubuhan Kebajikan Thangam Illam in the form of food :) Steffie and I were active in Interact Club in our high school days so we're very familiar with charity projects and we thought,"Why not have a charity project in spirit of Christmas?" It always feels good to help those that are less fortunately than us. Most of us are engrossed in our own lives that we forget how lucky we are to have proper food, shelter and love. It was good to know that we were able to help them even if it was in a small way. There were people who were unhappy with our project though. There were parties who thought we were being stingy for not donating more and also there were people who didn't think we would actually donate the money! Despite all that, there was a lot of support as well and the project was a great success :) *You can read more about it here*
  • YSK: Any last words before leaving MoC for a while?
  • Bee Bee: MOC is not closing down but it'll be going for a hiatus because I'll be going off to Australia for 6 months. I'll be back in January so that's when MOC will be making a come back ^_^ I just want to thank all our customers for their support in the past 8 months. MOC would be nothing without its customers :) I also want to thank the review sites for their features. It it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have been able to build our customer base and reputation:)
  • YSK: Are you having a promotion now? :)
  • Bee Bee: 2 words. 13 letters. CLEARANCE SALE!!!

So what're you waiting for?
You heard 'em - Clearance Sale. Now! :D

Here's a sneak peak of some of their many, many goodies to clear!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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