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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"8 Road to Recessionista Land" (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to Part 2 of our fun little Recessionista series! :D

Let's do a mythbuster test today:

Myth: You can shop even if you're broke!
Fact: Yes, you can!

I can see those question marks over your head already, hehe!
So let me give you the answers ...

1 - Picture credits & click to read their article on Clothes Swapping!

Swap the things you have for things you want -
sell the things you don't use -
and raid your mum's closet! :D

Easy peasy lemon squeasy, happy people! :)
And here are some places and ideas to start you off.
Enjoy! ;)

I read somewhere that in England, they have Clothes Swapping parties -
sort of like our bazaars, but everyone just brings clothes and swaps with each other.
Doesn't that sound like fun? :D
Maybe someday we'll have those here too!

But until we have those ...
Luckily we have plenty of blogshops that welcome swapping!
Check out the "Blogs That Swap" blogroll near the bottom of the sidebar for a complete listing.

From Bibliotaphic RM20 | IneedmoneyforPARIS RM50 | Swapz It RM45

Swap for books at Bibliotaphic - one of the best ways to share chick lit and more. :)
Help Sarah raise money for Paris by supporting her blogshop -
that purple Topshop sweater is sure lovely! A million ways to wear that one.
And let's not forget one of the pioneers of online swapping - Swapz It by Cher!

From Ku Suka Sarkas RM15 | RM15

Preloved branded tops going really, really cheap - and they're open for swapping as well!
The hankerchief tube top is so pretty - wear it for the beach or to hit the clubs!
On the opposite end of the wardrobe spectrum,
that white sweater is perfect for classes or cozy days in the library. :)

From Queeniee Bee RM25 | From Trash & Treasure RM58

Classic striped dress going for an insanely reasonable price at Queeniee Bee. :)
Original price was RM60! Buy it or swap for it, it sure looks worth it.
And omg, isn't that a really gorgeous red maxi dress? Brand new pre-owned!

From Wonder Wardrobe RM40 | From The Pin Cushion RM45

Go fancy with a chiffon-denim dress first made popular by Clothesbucket -
or Pin Cushion's brand-new pre-owned posh pants. :D
Both are up for swaps!

All righty, that's the end of the review for blogs that swap...
now time to pick up some basic tips on selling!

The thing about buying clothes and stuff online is that you take a bit more risk -
maybe it doesn't fit, maybe it's not what you expected, maybe it doesn't suit your skin tone.
But fret not! You can always try to re-sell it. :D
The important thing is to be able to let it go when something doesn't suit/fit you. :)

There are more preloved blogshops opening each day than any other kinda shop, after all. ;)
Even yours truly is guilty of having one to clear her wardrobe, hehe!

From One Day RM45 | RM45

Originally bestsellers from Pumpkin and The Hey Hey Hey,
here's one of the lucky girls who managed who snap them up - and now she's letting them go!
So if you've previously missed these gorgeous tops ...
don't blow your second shot at being their proud owners! :D

Aye, I'm pretty sure the denim jacket is still a staple piece in every girl's wardrobe! :)
This preloved one is going for only RM15 - definitely not a price you can get offline.
And who doesn't love that yellow vintage dress? :D

Speaking of vintage ...
If you're a fan of vintage, don't forget to raid your mum's closet!
According to the magazine article I've linked above,
"vintage" means anything that's older than 10 years. :D

If you're not a fan of vintage,
and if your mum doesn't want her vintage things anymore -
then do what these blogshops below have done:
convert old treasures into cash! ;)

From My.MuM's.Closet RM42 | From Heymother RM30

Lovely dress, very feminine and lady-like. :)
And I like those photos from Heymother, hahaha.
That blazer is uber cute as well!

From Cute Granny RM32 | RM40

Ooh, and last but most certainly not least -
Cute Granny is a haven of vintage goodies ... but even more interesting to note,
they also buy your vintage things to sell on the site! :)

So, there you have it -
swap, sell, or raid your mum's closet. :D
Suffice to say I've made my case that you can indeed shop even if you're broke! ;)

Next Week:
The finale of our Recessionista series!
A review not to be missed. :)
Useful general tips for shopping online, bargaining.
8 things that're going for wonderfully affordable prices by online standards!

And Tomorrow's Exclusive Blog Post:

Just in case you're curious to know some fun facts about
this blog and the blogger behind it! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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