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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

But... who decides?

Twenty points to Gryffindor if you can take one look at these pictures and guess who the nominees for Blogshop of the Month: August are! ;)

Yup, you got it right! :D

Clockwise from top (left to right):
Shopaholics Unite!
The Cute Closet
Itsy Beadsy
French Kiss
Room 8008
Heaven For Angels
Tangerine Loft
Miss Shopaholic's Closet

Congratulations on being nominated! :)

The voting is divided into 2 rounds
Round 1
: NOW - 15 July
The 3 blogshops with the highest number of votes go on to contend for the Blogshop of the Month title.
Round 2: 15 July - 22 July
The blogshop with the highest number of votes in Round 2 is August's Blogshop of the Month!

*Note: Vote at the bottom of this blog!*

Thank you to those of you who e-mailed me and nominated! :)

For Shopaholics Unite!:
"Shaleneee! R the nominations full for blogshop of the monht?
i wanted to nominate Shopaholics Unite but forget til now!
http://shopaholicsu.blogspot.com/ I really love their stuff yah!
realli reallyyy nice pics. great blogshop! must go see, nominate it ya!
thanks babe! XD" - May

For The Cute Closet:
"I would like to nominate The Cute Closet (http://thecutecloset.blogspot.com) as the June's blogshop of the month. Has been a regular customer since last year, love their services and the products that they brought in especially the graphic tees. Hehe" - Sam

For French Kiss:
"Dearest YSK, I would love to nominate French Kiss as your Blogshop of the Month. =) The seller is really sweet, my friends and I have been at their booth at bazaars, and we're very impressed with their pleasant attitude. Hope more sellers will be as nice as them at bazaar! Kudos to French Kiss =) Their site is: http://francais-kiss.blogspot.com/. Hope you can put my nomination up!" - Shaz

For Miss Shopaholic's Closet:
"Hi Shalene, can I nominate Miss Shopaholic's Closet for ur blogshop of the month? I think they put a lot of effort into their photos, always with different oufits and accessories to give us more ideas. :) Thanx!" - Wei

For Itsy Beadsy:
"Dear YSK,
I just came across your announcement and I definitely want to nominate Itsy Beadsy!
I think they have really great photos of their jewelry and some shots are very creative too.
Do check them out at http://www.itsy-beadsy.blogspot.com
Thank you." - Jas

"i nominate heaven for angels because i shop with them a few times. really friendly seller. the price is reasonable." - Mei

For Room 8008:
"hi girl i wish to nominate Room8008 as the blogshop of the month, thanks!" - PSC

For Tangerine Loft:
"Hye Sha-lene.. :)
I read what u said about nominating a blogshop at ur chatbox just now.
I think I want to nominate a blog I really love. I'm one of the Tangerine Loft customers.
This blogshop is quite new, and sells off only vintage clothing.
Okay here's the why.
The first time I purchased at Tangerine Loft was a couple of months back, and I bought a dress at RM 10!
It's the most prettiest dress with the prettiest colour! The dress is also of good quality as the material is made of 100% silk.
When the parcel arrived, I didn't expect much as it was only a 10 ringgit dress, but when I opened the parcel, the presentation was really good!
The dress smelt really pleasing and it was nicely folded with a cute blog tag attached to it. Then the second time I purchased at Tangerine Loft, was to buy a vintage blazer. It was at only RM 25 (free postage), and to my surprise, the owner sent me a gift for purchasing with Tangerine Loft, and the gift was a vintage blouse! Can you believe it?? I got a blazer, and a blouse, at only RM 25??
And the owner, she was the sweetest thing ever. Always address her customers as sayang, and dear etc.
That's all I want to tell you.
Hope you can put up Tangerine Loft as one of the nominee. :))
tq!" - Ainatul

Who decides who the winner is?
You do! :D

All you need to do is cast two votes -
one for Round 1, one for Round 2.

Voting begins NOW! :D
Scroll down to vote! Bottom of website. :)

*Psst... leave a comment to nominate for September's Blogshop of the Month!
You can remain anonymous ;) Remember to say why you're nominating Blogshop XYZ*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


May said...

Hi! i wanted to nominate pearlcloset as September's blogspot of the month!
http://pearlcloset.blogspot.com/ I really love their stuffs because their stuffs really in good quality, low price, design is unique and also very hard to get it at other blogshop. Most important is their provide a very good service, it really a great blogshop! must go see, nominate it ya! Thanks- from May

Aileen said...

Hello. I would like to nominate Glossy Addiction for September's blogspot of the month! http://glossyaddiction.blogspot.com/.
The blog owner is super friendly and efficient. Whole deal done in less than 1/2 hour! A pleasant shopping experience...and not forgetting the gorgeous items on sale!

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