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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"8 Roads to Recessionista Land" (Part 1 of 3)

Are you a shopaholic?

Is the following word getting in the way of your shopping?

If you've answered "Yes" twice ...
Boy, do we have a solution for you!

Forgive my corny intro :D
Your Shopping Kaki proudly presents ...

In times of economic turmoil ...
what happens to those of us who're addicted to shopping online?

What happens to the poor little fashionista? :(

No, don't say it!
You really think we have to stop shopping and start ... saving?

Nahh, don't worry! ;)
I believe there's a loophole around everything, so let's discover those loopholes together -
in this review and the next two! :D

Lesson 1:
Save money while you shop!

Let's be logical here, love.
If you're running low on spare cash, what do you do when you shop in a boutique?
Head over to the Bargain Bin, right? :D
Same philosophy online: go straight to the Sales Sites and blogshops with massive sales!

Clearance Sales, Mid-Season Sales, Annual Sales, Year-End Sales, Closing Down Sales (aww)...
There are so many, every day! You sure won't be deprived of your shopping fix. :D
Eg: Check out the "This Week On The Shopping Grapevine" column above this blog post,
where I list out the sales that I can find each week. :)

Here are 8 migh-ty affordable collections to start you off! :D

From Maybe Baby RM35 | RM25 | RM35 | RM25

Some pretty dang good clearance sales!
I'm ashamed to say I didn't discover them until now. :S
Many more gorgeous items on sale, and in many more available colours.
Go crazy, girls. This is the place to do it. :D
Plus, I honestly don't know if any of the sales items are still available,
because I'm about a MONTH late on this scoop... so do hurry and e-mail them!

From Mezzo By Niena Name your price!

Aye, what gorgeous clothes on sale! :D
Paisley cotton maxi dress, little black picnic dress with white piping, retro dress with a funky explosion of colours.
The best part is, YOU get to quote the price you think is reasonable! ;)

Some rough guidelines for Clearance Prices in my personal opinion:
Maxi dress - RM35-40
Short dress - RM25-35
Tops - RM15-25

From The Spring Attic RM24 | RM22

Speaking as a huge fan of belts and cinchers,
having been harvesting my own trophy collection for the past six months (hehe!),
I must say that this brown vintage-inspired belt is really unique!
The white stitching gives it that edge of detail, and the way it's weaved - wow. :)
Loving the crocheted dress on the right as well! Note the heavily rara-ed hems. :P

From Simply Alluring RM27 | RM28
*Psst... look in-store for coloured tights at only RM10 including Pos Ekspres!*

Hey, I feel like I haven't seen these colours in ages! :D
It's time to welcome back sunshine yellow and cerulean blue into your wardrobe -
and at those wonderfully discounted prices! :)
Grab 'em before the next Recessionista reading this does. ;)

From Kiss Kiss Bang Bang RM30 | RM33 | RM40

Mid season sales! I'm loving the black 'n' whites of these three goodies. ;)
If you've got the budget for it, get the turtleneck dress and high-waisted shorts together -
only RM70 for an altogether adorable & stylish outfit! :D
I particularly love that bag... it's really quite the Recessonista's trophy this time, at only RM33!
Would be a real fashion statement for uni. Also looks comfy enough to sleep on
during your most boring classes... but you didn't get that idea from me! :P

From La'Belle Closet RM25 | From Margarita Maiden RM40

For RM25, it's definitely worth trying out those Aladdin skirtish pants. :D
If you're tall and have got a model-esque figure, I reckon these pants will look awesome on you!
And just look at that sexy li'l halter dress, with those kitschy prints at the top! :D
It's adorable and figure-flattering as heck.
It's a new update, not even on Clearance, but I think it's worth RM40. ;)

From Miirage RM28 | RM15 | RM28

Steal, steal, steal! Pinafores for RM28? That's practically Sungei Wang price, love! ;)
Totally adorable cropped jacket and sweet little white dress going at insanely cheap prices too. :D
And I've seen these 3 outfits all over the blogshop-sphere, but nevairr at these prices.
Steal! Like, right now, before someone else gets to them first! :P

From Perfectly Spoilt RM25
(2 for RM44)

Lol! Aren't these tank tops just too cute to be real?
Floral goodness on the left, and an antsy one for when you're feeling antsy. :P
Get both for RM22 each - tankers are staple pieces for every girl's wardrobe! :D

Found your steal yet? :D
Check out the blogrolls on the sidebar -
there's LOTS more where those sales came from!

Next week: Part 2 of the Recessionista series
Find out how to shop if you're BROKE! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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