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Monday, June 8, 2009

Advertorial 17: Whose Beautiful Garbage?

Alirey's Beautiful Garbage
"Virgins to deflower, preloves to discover"

Alison + Audrey = Alirey
*Neither of whom are for sale, lol!*

Alirey's Beautiful Garbage, besides being one of the COOLEST blogshops around,
has the coolest classification system for their pre-owned items! :D

Virgin = Brand New
1st Base = Washed/Tried on
2nd Base = Worn. Not more than twice.
3rd Base = Worn. But still lovely.

This write-up is going to be on some of their many, many Virgin goodies!
Remember - pre-owned, but never used! ;)
Including the items from their ingenious Bird Stealing Bread project. :D

RM20 | RM50
Floral dresses Part 1! Hehe!
These prints are so schweet - and the maxi dress would be perfect for picnics! :)

RM60 | RM60 | RM40
Solid coloured dresses. Loving the pink slip dress and orange layer dress!
Perfect for cheering up those dull days.
And that blue dress in the middle's from their Bird Stealing Bread project -
looks pretty perfect for cocktail parties! ;)

*And if you still haven't got any idea what the BSB project is about -
visit Alirey's to read all about it now!
Could help YOU turn your unworn clothes into CASH!*

RM10 | RM5 per pack
Accessories! Lots and lots of quirky bangles, bracelets and necklaces on the site!
This nautical-inspired red-and-white one is particularly eye-catching ;)
And OMG! Are those BINDIs I see? :D
C'mon shoppers - show your love for exotic culture while showing your love for shopping!

RM40 each
Forgive my corny-ness, but don't you feel like these skirts can
help you skirt right past your troubles? :D
So cute and bubbly! If you've got the legs, flaunt them!

RM20 | RM15 each | RM40
Every girl needs her basics, and you can find all the spaghetti tank tops you need!
All well-known brands: SportsGirl, MNG, GAP.
And at those prices? Hurry, 'coz the next girl reading this could beat you to it! ;D

RM35 | RM30
Brand new vintage on the left, brand new pre-owned on the right!
Very, very, very prettyy. Casual, earthy, I like! You like? :D
Reminds me of Gaia. The Greek goddess, not the online game. :P

Little girls are made of sugar and spice...
Hot babes are made out of statement tees with cheek! ;)
RM20-RM30, never used.

The devil's in the details, baby ;)

What're you waiting for?
Alirey + You = Happy Shopper

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Alirey's awesome!!

excellent customer service :)

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